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    Just Planes/World Air Routes - SriLankan Airlines


    A review by Marlon Carter.


    SriLankan Airlines




    SriLankan is a new addition to the list of airlines featured by Just Planes. In this program we will fly onboard their fleet of A330s, A320s and the SriLankan Air Taxi Twin Otters on floats! The destinations covered in this program include Colombo (base airport), Frankfurt, Male, Mattala, Kelaniya River, Pollyolla Reservoir, Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong!


    The list of destinations is numerous and this is a good indication that this program will be 4 hours of nonstop excitement!






    Our first flight takes us from Colombo to Frankfurt onboard the A330. Some of the highlights of this segment feature crew briefings, cockpit preparation, and scenic views from the cockpit. In addition to this, there were also presentations by the Captain on the flight progress that covered our departure and the procedures that were followed. The return leg of this trip features a night time departure from Frankfurt with a new flight crew.


    While enroute to Colombo, there were many spectacular views from the cockpit in addition to the usual interaction with the pilots. The most memorable view included a marvelous sunrise and the beautiful view of Sri Lanka while on approach for landing.


    The next exciting trip takes us to the beautiful destination of Male and Mattala. On this trip, the First Officer is in command of the A330 and he does a fantastic job in covering the cockpit preparation procedures in step by step manner.


    Some of the items that are covered in this presentation are the overhead, pedestal and center panels along with the setup of the FMS. After the departure, we make our way to the stunning island of Male and then onward to Mattala before making our way back to Colombo. During this flight there were many highlights worth mentioning but I was most impressed by the stunning beauty of Male and Mattala. These destinations eerily remind me of the Caribbean and I am sure many of you will enjoy this segment.


    After our return to Colombo, we take a break from the larger airlines to focus on the operations of the Twin Otter on floats from Colombo Dandugama to the Kelaniya River and Pollgolla Reservoir. Words cannot describe the amazing experience of flying the Twin Otter into and out of these amazing destinations. What made these segments even better were the exterior camera replays that gave a thrilling perspective of these flights. In the end, this is surely a segment you will enjoy the most.


    The presentation that follows takes us away from the cockpit to focus on the operational aspects of SriLankan Airlines. In this presentation, the Chief of Operations discusses the vast history of the airline, services and plans for the future. This presentation was nicely complimented with a tour of the airline’s business class lounge which was very impressive to say the least.


    Moving back to the cockpit, we join our flight crew as they prepare for a flight onboard the A320 from Colombo to Singapore. Some of the highlights of this flight include an exterior walk around of the aircraft, cockpit preparation and a discussion of ETOPS regulations while enroute to Singapore.


    For the return flight to Colombo, it was necessary for the captain to load some extra fuel due to the bad weather that was expected at our final destination. While the approach to Colombo was very cloudy, the weather cleared up quite nicely as we became established on final.


    The final flight on this program takes us onboard the A330 for an exciting trip from Colombo to Bangkok and then onward to Hong Kong and back to Bangkok. This flight featured similar highlights to the previous A330 flights with the exception of a cabin service presentation. This presentation gives the viewers an opportunity to see the great service provided by the friendly cabin crew and I was very impressed.


    My final highlight came while landing in Hong Kong. During the approach and landing the skill of our pilots were nicely showcased as they landing in low visibility and heavy rain.


    Prior to viewing this program I had only heard of SriLankan Airlines but knew very little about the type of service it provided. In the end, I was very impressed with operations of SriLankan Airlines and I certainly hope that they would be willing to open their doors in the future for Just Planes to film even more exciting flights!





















    Additional information is available by clicking here.

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