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    Just Planes/WorldAirRoutes Ethiopian Airlines B737-700/800 & Q400


    For the very first time, Ethiopian Airlines has opened its doors to Just Planes in order to create a series of DVDs aimed at aviation enthusiast around the world. The first release features the B737 and the Dash 8 Q400 on various flights within the African Continent.

    Let’s have a look at some of the highlights of this DVD.



    After a very majestic introduction that featured various aircraft from the Ethiopian fleet, we start off with a very insightful presentation by the company’s CEO. In this presentation you will learn about the history and future goals of this intriguing airline. One of these goals is for Ethiopian Airlines to be a four star airline with five star service delivery.

    The company also plans on expanding its fleet and its destinations in the near future in order to be a global airline. Many of you would find this segment very interesting and it was a fitting start to this program.

    Our first flight from Addis to Lubumbashi starts off with a preflight by the Captain which is followed by a thorough walk around of the 737-800. During the flights that follow, viewers are given the opportunity to not only see the procedures involved in flying the 737-800, but you will also learn a great deal about the aircraft itself.

    For example, during the cruise portion of the flight from Lubumbashi to Lilongwe, the Captain gives a very interesting presentation on how the Autopilot is used for various phases of flight. Other interesting segments include the cabin service presentation that highlights not only the food but also the beautiful sky interior of the B737.


    The next segment of this DVD features a roundtrip flight from Addis to Mombasa and Kilimanjaro. The destinations featured in this segment are all very intriguing and new to Just Planes. However, what made these flights even more interesting is the fact that it features the checkout flight for a new captain!

    While for obvious reasons this flight did not feature many presentations, it was very insightful into the operations of the 737 and it also provided a fine testimony to the high standard of training received by all Ethiopian Airline pilots. Other highlights worth mentioning are the beautiful views from the cockpit during cruise and landing.

    Another highlight that many of you will enjoy is the final landing at Addis where the runway lights go out forcing our flight to do a go around.


    The final segment of this DVD features the Dash 8 Q400 to Gondar, Lalibela and Axum from Addis. These flights were a fitting end to a fantastic program. It features an external walk around of the Q400, approach briefings and stunning scenic views from the cockpit. For those of you who are particularly interested in this aircraft, you will surely be pleased with this presentation.

    After looking at this DVD it is difficult not to be impressed with Ethiopian Airlines and Ethiopia itself from a scenic point of view. This being the first DVD presentation from Ethiopian Airlines, I can definitely say that Just Planes and Ethiopian Airlines are off to a fine start!

    I am eagerly looking forward to the 777 and 787 DVDs that are soon to follow! A must have DVD for 737 fans.

    Additional Information

    Summary / Closing Remarks

    Publisher: Just Planes
    Format: DVD
    Reviewed By: Marlon Carter
    I am always impressed with the new formats of Just Planes DVDs and this one is no exception. This DVD also comes in Blu-Ray format and at a price of $30.00 it is well worth it.

    Ethiopian Airlines seems to be a rising star among airlines and I am certain we will see and hear many good things about this airline in the future. The presentation was superb and very entertaining.

    What I Like About the DVD
    • Great scenery
    • Creative editing and camera views
    • Features very unique destinations and aircrafts
    • HD and widescreen format
    • Fantastic Airline and Flight Crew

    What I Dislike About the DVD

    • Nothing….
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