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    Just Planes/WorldAirRoutes Iberia A340-600 Iberia A320/21 & Royal Aviation L1011/A310


    Marlon Carter takes a look at 3 DVDs from Just Planes featuring aircraft from Iberia and Royal Aviation including the A340, A320 and the L1011. Join the crew on the flight deck as they travel to destinations including Moscow, Paris, Madrid and Las Vegas. See first hand how real world airline pilots operate.


    Iberia A340-600






    This DVD features the A340-600 operated by Iberia. It starts off with clips of the A340 in action and one can’t help but be amazed at the immense size of this unique aircraft. Shortly afterward we jump into our featured flight from Madrid to Peru.


    Some of the highlights of this round trip you will enjoy are the crew briefings, walk around presentations, cockpit presentations and the very scenic views out of Madrid and on approach to Peru. Delving into some more detail, one of the segments I enjoyed the most was the very extensive cockpit presentation and discussion by the Captain on the company navigation manuals and details on the company and fleet.


    You will also enjoy the cockpit tail camera view which was used for taxiing the A340 in and around Madrid and Peru. Overall, I think this is one of my all-time favorite Iberia DVDs and I can definitely see myself viewing this over and over again. Great job Just Planes! – Recommended.


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    Iberia A320/321






    Just Planes takes us on yet another captivating journey onboard flights to Moscow and Paris on the A320 and 321 operated by Iberia. We start off as is the norm with preflight briefing by the crew for our first round trip to Moscow. After the crew finishes their paperwork, its now off to the cockpit where we have a clear viewing of the pilots as they complete all of their cockpit preparations including the MCDU setup.


    Other highlights during the flight were discussions by the Captain and First Officer on various procedures and a presentation on the cabin service onboard the A321. After our return flight to Madrid, Just Planes takes us on a tour of Iberia’s maintenance facility and their Engine Shop where the viewers have an opportunity to see how engines are cleaned, repaired, assembled and tested. This is definitely a portion of this DVD that you do not want to miss!


    Our final round trip takes us from Madrid to Paris onboard the A320. Highlights of this flight were the walk around presentation by Laura our First Officer, scenic views from the cockpit and an interesting pilot eye camera view on landing at Paris Orly.


    In summary, this was a fantastic DVD and there was never a dull moment largely due to the friendly crews who took every opportunity they could to share their knowledge and experience with us the viewers. -Recommended


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    Royal L1011






    This DVD features another unique airliner operated by Royal Aviation. The L1011 was an aircraft which was deemed to be ahead of its time with its many innovations.


    In the first portion of this DVD we travel onboard the L1011 on a round trip from Toronto to Las Vegas. Some of the highlights you may enjoy are the segments on flight preparation, cabin service, discussions by the captain on various systems, cockpit presentations and the amazing views from the large cockpit windows of the L1011.


    The final segment features the A310-300 on a round trip flight from Toronto to Stansted. Some of the highlights that may interest you were the walk around presentation, oceanic clearance and ETOPS presentation and a very thorough cockpit presentation by Capt Sharp.


    Overall I thought this was a very interesting DVD and one that is definitely worthy of your consideration.


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    Summary/Closing Remarks


    Once again, these DVDs were an absolute pleasure to watch and I think anyone who loves aviation will enjoy them. At a cost of $25-30 each they are a bargain. These are perfect for days when you what to see or do something aviation related but also want to enjoy the comforts of home. Just Planes has really stepped up their editing and production of their DVDs and I am sure we will continue to see more innovations in their future products.


    What I Like About the DVDs

    • Scenic Views
    • HD Format
    • Creative editing and camera views
    • Features very unique destinations and aircrafts

    What I Don't Like About the DVDs

    • Nothing....

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