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    Just Planes/WorldAirRoutes SWISS A330


    JustPlanes has once again released another exceptional DVD featuring SWISS A330 on a round trip flight from Zurich to New York. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights of this trip.


    Our flight starts off with a presentation from the flight dispatcher who will be solely in charge of preparing the flight routing and other details for our trip to New York. The dispatcher starts off with a description of the software that is used in flight planning and a detailed step by step description of how each portion of the flight planning process is done. The presentation that I found to be the most enlightening was the discussion on North Atlantic Tracks and how they are created and what factors will influence which track you choose to fly on a given day.


    Following this presentation we join Captain Covolan as he makes is way to the Swiss crew dispatch area of the Zurich Airport. It might be interesting for you to note that Capt. Covolan’s preparation for this flight actually started many days ago when he would have received his roster. Preparing for a flight of this nature calls for mental preparation far in advance since regulations require that you receive the adequate amount of rest prior to flying. This fact was something seldom mentioned by pilots and I was quite glad that Capt. Covolan took the opportunity to mention this. After meeting his first officer and reviewing the routing and weather condition for the flight, Captain Covolan makes his way to the aircraft where he completes a very informative external walk around of the aircraft.


    Returning to the cockpit, we join the flight crew as they make their last minute preparations for the flight. During this segment, many of you Airbus fans out there will enjoy the brief cockpit overviews on how the APU and engines are started. After all the preparations are made we depart from Zurich on a beautiful sunny day for our 7-8 hour flight to New York. Highlights during the cruise portion of this flight include many engaging discussions with the flight crew on a wide range of topics.

    Some of the topics discussed cover the departure and arrival procedures, differences between the A330 and A340 and the experience of being able to fly both aircrafts at any given time. Surely this segment will capture your attention and it will enlighten you on how exciting the day to day life of a SWISS pilot can be.

    Another highlight is the presentation by the cabin crew. During this presentation you will learn all about the various services you can enjoy onboard any SWISS aircraft. Of particular interest as the stunning meals that are served on board these aircraft.


    The arrival into JFK was a special treat. It is not often that we have the opportunity to have cockpit footage while landing and taking off at JFK so this is a definite highlight of this entire DVD. The approach to runway 4R was very scenic yet uneventful. After landing and taxiing to the gate, the crew being their layover with a bike tour of Manhattan. The segment was a welcome detour from a long flight packed with aircraft related information.

    On our return trip, the departure from New York was even more stunning than the arrival. More stunning views can be seen throughout the return flight to Zurich while over the Atlantic and while on approach to Zurich. If scenery isn’t really your preference, you would be happy to know that the return flight is also packed with more cockpit presentations and discussions on the A330 and A340 differences.


    Publisher: Just Planes
    Format: DVD/BluRay
    Reviewed By: Marlon Carter
    All in all, this was a fantastic DVD and I am looking forward to seeing more DVD of SWISS from Just Planes! – Recommended!

    What I LIke About SWISS A330
    • Great scenery
    • Creative editing and camera views
    • Features a very unique aircrafts
    • HD and widescreen format
    • Fantastic Airline and Flight Crew

    What I DislIke About SWISS A330

    • Nothing....
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