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  • Pilotseye Hurghada B737 Review


    Publisher: PILOTSEYE

    Description:  HURGHADA B737


    Reviewed by: MARLON CARTER







    Air Berlin 737-800 Retirement


    After decades of flying a specific type of aircraft, it’s always a sad moment to see the retirement of an aircraft that has had a close connection to the men and women who fly it. In this programme, we will be following Captain Florian Deiters and First Officer Michail Tounas, as they fly one of the final flights of the B737-800 operated by Air Berlin from Munich to Hurghada.

    As is the case with most aviation documentaries, we begin by joining the crew in the cockpit of the 737-800 as they complete their departure briefing and other flight preparations. For anyone who is interested in what takes place in the cockpit prior to departure, this segment may be especially insightful. Another interesting segment is the pushback process which was captured from a perspective that is seldom seen by the travelling public. With cameras mounted on the tug itself, viewers for the first time will have the opportunity to see the entire pushback process showing how the aircraft is connected, elevated and controlled by the tug. This was a very insightful segment of this programme and I think everyone will find it intriguing.

    After taxi and takeoff, we have the privilege of seeing some of the most stunning views from the cockpit of the 737. During our flight to Hurghada, the Captain discusses many interesting topics such as how he got into aviation and the joys of flying the B737 Classic and NG models. In the typical Pilotseye cinematic fashion, viewers are transported from the cockpit to the Air Berlin hangar as our F.O and Capt. Recount their tour of the B737 exterior to point out some of the significant changes to the 737 over the years.

    After a smooth night time landing in Hurghada, we rejoin the flight crew as they prepare for their return flight to Munich. For this leg of the trip, our F.O engages the viewers with a discussion on how he got into aviation which was ironically linked to a cockpit visit on a 737-200 when he was just 9 years old. Being inspired at such a young age, little did he know that he would one day fly the B737 NG.

    After an uneventful landing, not only does it bring this intriguing programme to an end, but it also brings an end to the operations of the B737 for Air Berlin. With the operations of this aircraft well documented in this visually and sonically stunning programme, enthusiast and Air Berlin staff will be able to reflect on and appreciate the years of service that this aircraft has given to the airline. In addition to providing moments of nostalgia for years to come, this video documentary will also be a source of entertainment for aviation enthusiast around the world for years to come.

    If you would like to obtain a copy of this video, Pilotseye has provided Blu-Ray, DVD and Video On Demand services via Vimeo. The price of the Blu-Ray and DVD options are £22.84 and £23.64 while the VoD rental option is $14.90 USD for 1 week access. 



    Edited by Chuck_Jodry-VJPL

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    Once more, this Review is priced incorrectly. £15.02 for a DVD? Where from? Most certainly not from Pilotseye website as it takes one to Amazon, where, surprise, surprise, it's £10 more. And loathe buying from Amazon!

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