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    Viking Aviation Photo Air Kenya & Air Austral


    Marlon Carter takes a look at a video production from Viking Aviation Photo covering some African air hauls via Dash 8 100 and Dash 7 from Air Kenya, as well as cockpit videos from B777 and B737-800's flying for Air Austral.


    Air Kenya






    Air Kenya is an airline based in Nairobi Kenya and it operates both scheduled and charter services. Today we join an in-depth look at the operations of this small airline as we fly onboard both the Dash 8 100 and the Dash 7. Here is a breakdown of the flights we will be taking on this nearly 3 hour long video.

    DASH 7
    Wilson - Keekorok
    Keekorok - Mara Serena
    Mara Serena - Kichwa Tembo
    Kichwa Tembo - Safari Club
    Safari Club – Wilson


    DASH 8
    Wilson - Lamu Airport
    Lamu Airport - Malindi
    Malindi - Wilson

    The DVD begins with a company presentation from the general manager who is also a pilot. During this company overview you will learn a lot about the history of the company and its current operation. Following this presentation we join our flight crew which consisted of the GM flying in the right seat and another Captain in the left seat.

    Prior to departure, the Captain takes us on a very thorough external walk around of the aircraft which I thought was very insightful. Joining the GM in the cockpit, he takes us through a very extensive presentation of the Dash 7 cockpit which was a definite highlight of this DVD.




    The flights onboard the Dash 7 into the Maasai Mara was very intriguing and it offered a unique look into the operation of aircraft in and out of dirt runways. Typically we are used to seeing and experiencing landings and take offs from major or regional airports but this DVD takes it to another level.

    Landing on a paved runway with variables such as weather can be a challenge but landing on a dirt runway that is far from being smooth yet alone level, is even more so a challenge to the average pilot. Both pilots did an excellent job at ensuring that the viewers had the best seat in the house (besides theirs of course) in order to see the unique terrain and wildlife that this region has to offer.




    Moving on to the Dash 8, the flights were equally as captivating. Some of the highlights included scenic views from the cockpit on takeoff and landing and the perfect view of the pilots as they carry out their duties.

    All in all, this is a DVD I can definitely recommend as it is both exciting and informative.

    Additional Information


    Air Austral 737-800




    Viking Aviation Photo has filmed Air Austral DVDs before which featured the B777. This time we hop onboard the B737-800 for flights between the airline’s main base of Reunion Island to various destinations. Here is a breakdown of the flights that are featured in this DVD

    UU255 RUN Reunion Island - TNR Antananarivo, Madagascar
    UU256 TNR Antananarivo, Madagascar - RUN Reunion Island
    UU611 RUN Reunion Island - DZA Dzaoudzi, Mayotte
    UU611 DZA Dzaoudzi, Mayotte - HAH Moroni, Comores
    UU612 HAH Moroni, Comores - DZA Dzaoudzi, Mayotte
    UU612 DZA Dzaoudzi, Mayotte - RUN Reunion Island

    After our introductory video footage we join the flight crew as they prepare for their round trip flight to Madagascar. This trip will no doubt be a highlight for Boeing fans since during this flight the Captain provides an extensive overview of the cockpit setup and various operations of during flight.

    The presentation that stood out the most in my mind was the FMC presentation which was basically a step by step walk through of how the FMC is set up for each flight. During the flights, the pilots provide a lot of useful information on the 737 and its complex systems. After landing at Madagascar, the First Officer does a very detailed walk around that takes you to nearly every square inch of the 737 exterior.




    The return flight featured a cabin service presentation which was strictly a visual presentation. During this segment you have the opportunity to observe the duties of a flight attendant which I must say is no simple task. After landing back at Reunion Island, there is a short presentation that features action from the ramp which is then followed by a company presentation by their marketing and sales manager. This presentation covers everything you need to know about the operations of Air Austral and is very insightful.


    The flights that take us to Dzaoudiz, Moroni and back to Reunion featured stunning views from the cockpit of these lovely islands. Another highlight was the cabin service presentation which gave a clear view of the top notch service provided by this airline to first class passengers.

    Pilot updates and explanations are standard on each flight and this leaves the viewers up to speed with each phase of flight and the procedures that are involved. Our final landing back at Reunion was uneventful but I must say that if you have never seen the approach into Reunion airport, you are missing out! This is a very beautiful island and it looks even better in HD!


    In the end, this is one of the best 737 DVDs/Blu-Rays out on the market and I think you should definitely give it a try.

    Additional Information

    Summary / Closing Remarks


    Publisher: Viking Aviation Photo
    Format: DVD / Blu-Ray
    Reviewed By: Marlon Carter

    These DVDs were a pleasure to watch and I think anyone who loves aviation will enjoy them. At a cost of 24.99 Euros each they are a bargain. These are perfect for days when you want to see or do something aviation related from the comfort of your sofa.


    What I loved about these DVDs is the outstanding quality and unique camera angles that give you the full perspective of the 737 cockpit. Another point worth mentioning is that the speed at which this DVD was filmed is not the same as your standard DVD. These DVDs are very fluid and they give a much more true to life perspective (Almost as if you were really there).

    Viking Aviation Photo has once again delivered two fantastic DVDs/Blu-Rays that all will enjoy.


    What I Liked About the Videos

    • Scenic Views
    • Creative editing and camera views
    • Features very unique destinations and aircrafts
    • Friendly pilots

    What I Disliked About the Videos

    • Nothing….
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