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  2. ganter

    July 11th development update

    Yes Bert but I assumed that was a nod to Aces Studio.
  3. Krakin

    July 11th development update

    All I know is I can't wait for the 25th 😂
  4. @Paulvanuf The genuine RealityXP GTN 750/650 Touch offers VNAV functions (when using GTN Trainer 6.50+). The Reality XP GTN Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement (AFMS) settings offer the choice between VNAV and VCALC. The VNAV function works perfectly fine and guides you through vertically in your flight plan but it is not coupled to the autopilot. Besides, LPV and its derivatives are vertically coupled with he autopilot for landing.
  5. charliearon

    July 11th development update

    Those aren't flamingos in the pictures.....they're mosquitoes! At least that's what I remember about Florida when I was there in 1969
  6. Download completed....Xplane 11...opens up on runway....SHOWING NO ACTIVATION WINDOW....SO, aircraft sits on runway, no sound, no control, engines running, strobes on. Can we get help for paid for and licensed. Yes.... thank you*
  7. pracines

    pc or xbox??

    Yes me too, my older Jetline PC is running like some of these newer systems I hear about today. But I do my part as well; keep it clean, neat, and tidy too. smooth as baby oil - high settings - long 16 hour flights - tons of add-ons - stable … all the benefits of a Jetline owner.🤸‍♂️😂 Intending on ordering a new one soon for MSFS 2020 or P3Dv5 depending on the facts to come. As usual I will keep the current one and other much older systems, running strong well into the future.🤑 XBOX for a flight sim - no, not even it was free.👨‍✈️
  8. Mengy

    July 11th development update

    Yep, this is the most likely scenario in my opinion. They are good at modeling too so I don't see it as a bad thing.
  9. Plz. What is the conclusion. Does vnav work or not with the rxp?
  10. 30K

    ATSU and FS2Crew?

    I'm not trying to start a hassle but, checking the METAR requires three mouse clicks: ATC COMM -> AOC MENU -> WX/ATIS / METAR. I don't see a need for the F/O here.
  11. Bert Pieke

    July 11th development update

    Have you seen the registrations on the airplanes in the trailer?
  12. I experienced the crash on exit sometimes with the Boeing aircraft. Totally random. With the A320, I never had a CTD issue. Interesting indeed, what the event viewer says.
  13. You would have to buy the data every month, per subscription, if you want to stay up to date. Are you sure you want to spend that kind of money?
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  15. forshaw

    Can P2ATC auto generate a Flight Plan?

    Hello Dave; Thanks for the confirmation and clarification, I appreciate it. Since I mostly do long haul flight with the heavies (PMDG / iFly 747-4 and -8) I will use a route planning tool and then import as you stated. I am currently using an add-on ATC/Planner app (i never mention another app name on another forum) and I am not very happy with it due to basic "fundamental" issues. Looking to try something else. Thanks again. Regards. Forshaw.
  16. Karelpatch

    Flight Planner w/ vertical weather profile

    Came here to ask a similar question. So far for US flights I’m using an iOS App called Aerovie. It’s a not very expensive monthly subscription for a professional app that compares to ForeFlight in many ways (but of course not as good for flight planning) and they have vertical weather profiles with icing, clouds, turbulence... Everything coupled with very complete radar layers and TAF discussions. Unfortunately it’s limited to the US.
  17. Hi Stewart, i guess the gauge scale is a little incorrect! To test it, i changed the fuel quantity with the payload manager to 50 and to 100 gal. 50gal should be 334lbs and 100gal should be 667lbs, so the popup-labeling (and the blue gal-scale) is correct but the lbs-scale is incorrect. One of the many cockpit texture issues that has to be corrected by yourself (if you are practiced in customizing textures)...
  18. Ok im still at work as soon as i get home ill send it Cheers
  19. I tested fsuipc mouse macro on P3D v4.4 and Majestic Dash8 Pro and It's working. MCE scripts are able to start APU and control other buttons without the need to open 2D panels. It may also work on FSL A320. Roberto
  20. FPStewy

    Offline ATC Setup Times

    I think it went from 7000 to 2000 but I watch piloting video's on youtube "Piloting BOEING 757 out of ICELAND" and it's not an issue bleeding speeds with the speed brake when needed and as soon as I'm at 240 it's Flaps1. I'll redo it again and try to make a video of it.
  21. kingm56

    REX Addon??

    I'd recommend waiting until next month before making any major purchases; after 13 years, Microsoft has returned to the genera and releasing a new simulator next year. In August, they’ll release a roadmap. I just don’t want you to spend thousands of dollars on a platform that may be degraded in a few years.
  22. Simicro

    REX Addon??

    Welcome back mate! Flightsim pause happens to many of us one day or another. I was in your shoes last november. For "weather" please note that REX 4 Texture Direct does not have a weather engine. Sky Force 3D does even if I don't use it. I use Active Sky for P3Dv4. I recommend Sky Force 3D for the clouds and skies. There is no water or runways textures though.
  23. Does anyone know if Garmin will provide you the most up to date database if you pay them? I know it's expensive. I think I read you have to own an actual unit? I was thinking about calling them, but I'm not in the mood to get laughed at by Garmin. 😉
  24. Potentially, yes, but nothing is guaranteed until we get our hands on the product. The last two attempts failed to balance those two elements equally. MS Flight had good visuals but no depth. DTG's Flight Sim World had what looked like a "serious" approach with regard to depth, but the visuals were lackluster. One of the main complaints was that it didn't look different enough from FSX. If Microsoft is putting a serious push behind the new MFS and aiming for more than just the console market, it could satisfy both desires in the sim community. We'll see how it turns out.
  25. ark

    FSW Happenings...

    Although there can always be unexpected delays I think we are really getting close to the release of the Lear 35 update. All that remains are a few things to 'touch up' and some beta testing to make sure all is ready to go. In addition to the amazing texture updates by Wickedbacon that I'm sure most of you have been following in another thread here, the update will also have coding improvements and significant sound updates. The sound updates will greatly enhance immersion and realism thanks to FSW's chief pilot Joe who went out of his way to record and install 'real' sounds from the actual Lear 35 that he flies as his day job (actually, it seems most of his on-call medivac flying is in the wee hours of the morning!) So IMO this is going to be one super L35 update! Al
  26. Hi Brendon, Send me a Support Ticket. Since I can't reproduce the crash on exiting P3D issue, you're going to have to help me isolate it. Cheers,
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