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  2. UAL744

    Book review/recommendation

    Hello everyone it's been a while but may have heard of this book or not, but there's a book I would highly recommend; Highest Duty: My Search For What Really Matters by Sully. It's a really good book, with lots of parts of Sully's life, from his early childhood in Texas, to his service in the Air Force, to his early years as a commercial airline pilot, from the meeting and later marriage of his airline sweetheart Lorraine, to the transition from loving husband/pilot, to loving father/pilot, to the trauma and horror of 9/11, to the fallout of 9/11, and the events of January 15, 2009 that are now known as the Miracle on the Hudson! When I read the book for the first time, I came across one quote from the book that I think every aspiring pilot or current pilot should know and remember, and should be included in this review. "Not everything can be forseen or anticipated. There isn't a checklist for everything." His account of the events of flight 1549 are vivid enough that the reader will have pictures in their heads of what was actually happening that cold January day, and the account of that flight from his point of view is very gripping and the reader will be unable to stop reading until the end. You should buy that book, it's worth every penny!
  3. Yep, reducing the overall weight does the trick. I was at about 8,000 lbs takeoff weight with 1 hour of fuel. I don't know who I am going to rescue all slimmed down, but at least I got it off the helipad without a problem. I will increase the gear load and see what happens, but thanks for looking into to this further.
  4. @Lorby-SI , Oliver you wrote the flashlight app and it is not working , I think you are the best placed to see what is missing or wrong in the SIM or the system... It runs and the little green dot flashes on and off , the Lamp on and Lamp Off boxes remain greyed out and a small msg window pops up canot connect to sim... Jorge
  6. tjstreak

    P3Dv4.5 Airport Data Missing or Old

    What is YYC? Simaddons sells Canadian scenery. However I did not see YYC on their site. Is this still available? Does anyone have a link?
  7. georgiosgiannoukos


    Well, have no idea, as soon as I gain altitude FPS climbs up to 35-40. During landings as touching the ground drops again Geo
  8. RE: Point #9 I also find that I get very high EGT on start up even on only moderately warmer days. I routinely see temps over the starting limit with an OAT of 30C/80F or slightly less. I've been flying around the Caribbean and I'm wondering when I'm going to get my first hot start. In cooler temps I was getting more reasonable EGT temps. An idea for more realism would be to take into account relative wind e.g. headwind=cooler start and tail wind=hotter start.
  9. Wise87

    Aboard the first Boeing 747-400

    I always enjoy going to the Delta Museum. I have family in Atlanta and hit the museum every chance I get. I love it when they have the Surplus Sales. You can pick up some cool stuff at great prices. The 767 and 747 display is my favorite things to see.
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  11. there is a pst at P3D forum with this problem... Jorge
  12. Jason_Peters

    New System Build Advice

    Yep, that's the stuff. It's on the way! Glad I chose wisely... really struggled with the RAM decision. Yeah, I thought about that. But, aesthetics won this round. I really want to put my case up on my desk this time to show off the build, hence the largely unnecessary, but super-cool RGB lighting stuff. My previous case, a Corsair Graphite 600T, is huge and resides under the desk hiding my nice build and trapping heat from the top mount H100i. I'm hopeful the Kraken X62 will be up to the task and keep the temps reasonable, fingers crossed...
  13. Hello again,, Thanks to everyone for their quite helpful replies. Some very interesting points provided... much appreciated. Mike
  14. Darrylacw579

    Black Screen with PMDG 737 NGX

    Same issue for me, ive contacted Chris at PMDG, lets see what they suggest or recommend. As of now; they're suggesting these steps initially, but didn't work for me yet: perhaps someone else can try and report back? 1. Manually delete the contents of C:\\Users\\<your username>\\AppData\\Roaming\\PMDG\\PMDG Operations Center 2. Manually delete all the files except for OpsCenterUpdater.exe from C:\\Program Files (x86)\\PMDG Operations Center 3. Download: 4. Install the downloaded Microsoft Update. If you receive a notification of newer version installed in your system ignore this step and proceed to No5 5. Exclude the OC folder from your Antivirus scanning and disable other protective software and Run the OpsCenterUpdater.exe file, which will download fresh copies of all the deleted items
  15. Great tip Joe. Thanks.............Doug
  16. Hey guys. Took about 5 years off from the hobby and just jumped back. I'm currently running the FRF ATLv2 scenery on my machine. Does anybody know if there is an update somewhere for this to add concourse F? Alternatively I'm looking for the FS9 version of ImagineSim's 2012 ATL version which has F. But every link back to the website appears to be dead for FS9 products. Finally if nothing is available from what I mentioned just wondering if any other good scenery's. Thanks so much.
  17. Interesting to note that I have those exact same wands, minus the Thomson writing, of course. Now I'm sure you're probably wondering why I would even have them in the first place when all I do is drive trucks for a living, but I have actually used them before. Twice, I've had deliveries where the dock doors were inside an unlit building, so I would place them on the ground in a vertical position for guidance. The more common use would be if I was helping another truck driver with backing into a spot. These trucks are so loud that sometimes, you're yelling at the driver to stop and they can't hear you, so the whistle on the wands really come in handy....unless the driver REALLY isn't paying attention, in which case I find myself repeatedly slamming on the whistle whilst simultaneously waving the wands. It definitely makes it easier to see, especially at night, since a lot of these trucks are barely lit.
  18. I'm sure glad to hear that because I just ordered one today. This will be my absolute first experience with VR. I've never even looked through one. I have no idea what to expect. It may scare me so bad, I'll run out of the room 😜
  19. I was actually on board N661US yesterday afternoon. You don't realize just how big a Boeing 747-400 actually is until you're standing right next to one from ground level.
  20. If this is the memory you're contemplating: G.Skill Trident Z RGB Series DDR4 3200%2c CAS 14&amp;cm_re=32GB_G.Skill_Trident_Z_RGB_Series_DDR4_3200%2c_CAS_14-_-20-232-560-_-Product Then you should jump right now and try not to make anybody make you feel guilty about the deal! Samsung B-Die that can be overclocked like a scalded cat!! Very good stuff. Also, since you seem to be able to go a number of years between builds you should be fine going with 32GB instead of 16. By the time you build again 32GB may be too little! If it were my build I'd be going with a bigger case that can easily handle a 360 radiator. The 9xxx series CPU's are almost always heat limited rather than power limited. They just run warm... keeping it cool should be a major priority. Better cooling will of course help with the overclock, too. HTH and good luck, Greg
  21. Yesterday, I took a trip out to Atlanta to have a look at the Boeing 747-400. N661US, in particular, was the first Boeing 747-400 built and participated in Boeing's flight test certification before being delivered to Northwest. Now, let's jump on board. The nose section of the Boeing 747-400. The first time I've ever sat in a First Class seat. Go figure we're not actually flying anywhere. The first time I've ever been in the upper deck of a Boeing 747-400. If it looks like I'm out on the wing, it's because....I'm out on the wing. You really don't get a good grasp of how big the Boeing 747-400 is're actually standing right next to one at ground level. I can fit right under it with room to spare. This is considering I'm 5'12". There's a look at the engine. I may have parked my MDX somewhere behind the plane. Now my MDX doesn't look so big in comparison to the big wing of this jet. The view from the flight deck. We clearly aren't going anywhere.
  22. and it looks that something is changed somewhere as after that I installed V3 to V4.5+hf and none worked... Jorge
  23. But my issue started running with the Hotfix...
  24. WAL187

    Manfred Jahn DC3/C47

    I stumbled across a video from ehviator that showed a more modern cockpit (gauges, gps, seats, etc.). Does anyone have any information on this?
  25. Jason, I asked myself the same question when I built my new 9700K system and finally opted for 32GB (2x16) for future proofing. I don't regret it even though I never see all that RAM being used, but I often see up to 15GB in use when running P3D 4.5 in dense sceneries, and since I hate to be running close to the limit, the overhead makes me happy 😉 Best regards,
  26. Times have certainly changed over the years. I didn't join the forums here until 2009, so I'm assuming most people are not familiar with the original Air Kevin livery when the airline was started on July 30th, 2003. The following screenshot was taken some time in 2004. At the time, I was running FS2002, and the graphics at the time weren't really all that great. I have no idea how, but somehow, somewhere, I recently stumbled across this screenshot once again. Fast forward to today, and I'm now running P3D V4 with the latest and greatest....or at least, it was a year ago, anyway. You can see how much better this old livery can look on a much more advanced simulator, even if the livery itself wasn't much. Okay, so maybe I don't actually use that livery anymore and only just recently painted it up just to see how it would look with the latest and greatest. This is the present livery I'm using. With the original design in 2007, there have been three minor changes to this livery to get it to where it is now. This would be the livery that most of you here would have seen.
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