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  2. Russian invasion? But the perfect plane for those woods.
  3. here is one that has been out for a while.
  4. abranpuko

    hello, a new idea...thanks!

    thanks for your answer! i hope someday, all planes, little and bigger, can have their transponder always ON until arrived at gate. i will not switch off ground traffic, i love to feel that plane is real and is moving NOW, at the same time im moving in my PC. thanks again! holds abraham.
  5. oscarbcn78

    Tiles / Squares on ground

    Reinstalled again correctly and problem solved! Thanks!!
  6. RichieFly

    Short of Breath maybe?

    I'm sure I'm taking this the wrong way (not you, Mr. Poster) but offensive initials not allowed is wrong with people? I'm sure this guy would get ever more views if he nailed his feet to the floor and recited how hard it is to run when your feet are nailed to the floor. Yes, Mr Einstein. You can expect that air pressure decreases with altitude. And, golly-gee, it sure is cold up there. I'm sorry, but I am completely worn out by exibitionism.
  7. HaraldG

    Yakovlev Yak-18T

    No doubt what is the nicest plane in the row at #2... And the sound...!
  8. Bonjour à tous, Voila je vais essayé d'expliquer mon problème, car j'en ais ras le bol d'avoir ces longs moments de pauses en vol. Je suis sous Windows 7 pro 64bits, alors, oui, je sais que FSX est conçu pour 32bits..OK J'ai tout essayé avec la fameuse dll "uiautomationcore" La version 6 ou la version 7 pour 32 bit ou pour la 64 bit La quelle dans la racine FSX ? La quelle mettre dans: C:\Windows\system 32 ??? la quelle dans C:\Windows\system WOW64 ??? etc etc. j'ai presque tout essayé. Et voila en plus de détailles ce qu'il se passe. Avant de commencer je désactive tout l'antivirus Bitdefender Apres avoir sélectionné un avion je le place dans un aéroport comme d'hab; pendant le chargement de l'avion et des scènes ou une fois l'avion au parking, FSX stop provisoirement et va dans la barre des tâ clique dessus + "enter" et tout revient dans l'ordre. Puis bien souvent rebelote dans la barre des tâches, et ceci sans intervalle régulier Toujours..... un clique et "Enter" et ça repart.. Bon je suis en vol (J'utilise les avions PMDG et QulityWings et Majestic Software Dash-8 Q400 PRO) tout semble se passer correctement, temps x4 puis un moment pause jusqu'au message Windows n'a pas pu blabla écran de veille . Avec l'écran noir je tape deux fois sur "Enter" et ça repart...pas longtemps et ceci plusieurs fois "penibeule". Souvent j'ai ceci (image jointe qui est en arrière plan de FSX. Et cette image a un rapport avec FSX puisque elle ne disparait qu'avec la fermeture légèrement temporisé de FSX. Voila si quelqu'un peu me venir en aide, ou m'expliquer d'où vient cette image, je suis preneur. merci d'avance PS: Ne soyez pas surpris si vous voyez ma demande d'aide sur d'autres forum, j'ai vraiment besoin d'une info. Amicalement.
  9. Bob Ainscough has done a good job of explaining this number back after v4.4 came out. The maximum setting in the cfg file is 128000. The UI will reset this number when you change any setting on the Display screen. The maximum for the UI is 64000, very high = 53333.33. I have been using 45000 for SCENERY_DRAW_DISTANCE for a couple of weeks and that is what I'll stick with for now. This setting has a huge impact on frame rate. It has to do with loading of scenery objects, not textures. The textures are part of the object.
  10. You will have all your GPWS and bitchin betty sounds untouched as they seat in the Gauges folder while with TSS you replace Sound folder in Simobjects/ SkySim Md11 directory only.
  11. pegruder

    Native P3D v4.5 Vr - 'Wobbly' looking image?

    Disclaimer I haven't tried yet. But this is more the entire image. I think I know what you're talking about with the wobbly shadows as I've seen that, thought it was distracting and moved on. This is if I pan my head the vc gets this weird distortion very briefly. I might want to say it may be low fps related but not sure. Flyinside when I have poor performance just gets choppy this seems wobbly I guess. Flyinside used to be really good but this last version seems really bad fps. ie when I'm in 2d I have 40 fps easy but in headset it's 7fps. A year ago I had Flyinside it was 15fps in 2d and 30 to 40 in headset which was nice. Not to mention lines and other artifacts in FI now.
  12. With a 30Hz display can I change it back to 60Hz for running a game for example? I've check this cooler doesn't fit, so I'm going to use the 280mm H115i.
  13. Leaving Manaus, bound for Quito (the new one at 7910 feet elevation!).
  14. astro_liam

    ATR missing documentation

    Excellent thank you!
  15. Wel.. Stuff it. I've altered the htail incidence to 0 (it was 2) . The horizontal stab looks better now compared to the real plane. I'll leave the nose up attitude alone for now . Messing with cruise lift scalar can ruin your entire day lol. I believe elevator trim effectiveness alters how sensitive any applications of pitch trim are; too large a number and the aircraft will just climb or dive by one click of the button.. Tell me Kris.. Does the TSS sound deal with the engine sounds only? I'd rather it didn't mess with bitchin betty and other cockpit call outs - I quite like those! Thank you for the comments so far gents!
  16. John_Cillis

    Australian Air Traffic Services 1933 - 1960

    In 1980 I spent an evening with two girlfriends I met in Connecticut, plus one of their boyfriends, a cool doctor, helping to rebuild the New England Air Museum at Bradley Intl airport near Hartford CT, which was damaged by the Windsor Locks Tornado. Earlier they had paid for me to go up in a six place Piper Cherokee near Mystic Ct, after we had visited the Aquarium there. While we were at the air museum we walked out near the main runway, and saw a 747 take off right over our heads, the noise was amazing and breathtaking. Then we walked back towards the museum and watched two A10's taxi by, that was impressive. The airport patrol came to pay us a visit, but did not question us once they realized we were with the museum. Later that night, they took me home (I had spent the previous night sleeping in the two girls home but they did not molest me, lol, since they both had boyfriends). I had come down ill with a bad sore throat, they took me to a bar where I had Sherry to help curb the pain, the only time I ever had it in my life. Then they took me to their doctor boyfriend's office where he gave me a free liquid antibiotic after diagnosing me with a bad throat infection. That antibiotic did the trick, he knew I had to fly home to SFO the next day and did not want me to suffer with ear problems on the non stop UAL 747 flight. I remember having a beer at JFK while I looked at the New York skyline in the distance before my early evening flight was to leave. On the flight home, somewhere past the Mississippi, I saw a line of thunderstorms to the north and never saw such beauty in my life. The lightning would spark in one cumulonimbus, and as if the clouds were talking to each other, each successive cloud would light up for fifty or sixty miles. Those two days in a row of flying, one in the GA Cherokee the other in the 747, were among the most sublime real life flying experiences, other than my lessons as a light sport and trike pilot, that I ever had, all sparked from my night helping at an air museum. I recovered quickly from my illness, thanks to a free doctor's visit. Years later, in 1997, my wife's uncle in Mexico, also a doctor, prescribed me antibiotics for a similar infection, the last one I ever had. Since it had to be given once by injection, my father in law, trained in giving injections, gave me the shot. He and my wife laughed since he pretended to be a mad doctor, we thought it was funny but in two days my infection was wiped out, again he knew I had to fly home so the antibiotic was urgent to prevent ear problems on the long flight from Zacatecas to Denver, then on to Phoenix. Years later we repaid my in laws kindness by paying for them to enjoy time with us in Puerto Vallarta. That was a funny trip because my wife first flew down with my daughter to my in laws in Zacatecas. My daughter did not know I was going to surprise her by meeting up with my in laws, her and my wife in Vallarta. I could only get a few days off from work, so I flew down by myself and they took my daughter back to the airport and she was so "yiddle" they just gave her some excuse for the trip. I came out of customs where they had her waiting, they distracted her then whispered "who is that?". I heard her shout "DADDY!" and she ran about ten feet and jumped up into my arms, lol. I do not think my spine has ever recovered but it was worth it as we drove in my in laws car back to the Riu Vallarta, a wonderful all inclusive resort, where my wife and in laws and daughter were staying. Later, on our flight home, our flight was almost cancelled by a mechanical issue. A young airline mechanic who worked for another airline, who wanted to dead head on our full flight, volunteered to help. I heard the pilots ask him if he was certified to help with the warning light issue, and he said he was. I told my wife not to worry, we would soon be off, and we were, the mechanic was rewarded as promised with a seat back to Phoenix. John
  17. I don't know anything about that general, a good air cooler like the Noctua NH-D15 is going to be large, and can pose a problem fitting into smaller cases, or onto some motherboards if you're using RAM modules that have tall oversized heat sinks. An AIO water cooler is usually pretty flexible w/r/t making it fit...the H115i or one of the 240-360mm Kraken coolers should do the job. A 30Hz display used with VSync imposes a hardware limiter on the sim's core at 30 fps, and it takes a fair bit of load off the CPU as a result of no longer attempting to crank out display frames as fast as possible. Without the load of AA, with a 30Hz 4K display you'd probably see better performance--smooth at 30 fps with lower average CPU load, leaving it more headroom to absorb workload peaks. A 5 GHz hex-core 8600K should be able to hold 30 fps unless you're just slamming it with high autogen or traffic loads, which certainly can be managed. I can't recommend a particular TV...that technology changes almost monthly, and my last deep-dive into it was more than 3 years ago when I got my current display, a 55" Samsung JS8500. It's also going to be region-specific, depending on what retailer options are available near you. Regards
  18. I purchased the DA62 on the 19th April and downloaded to my P3D4 Sim but on the finish of loading the config app did not appear. The aircraft loaded OK and I can fly it but the configuration application does not work. If I click on the config app icon I get an error message "attempt to index global tP3d version info a nil value Stack Traceback 1!(project>on start up Line 134 in main chunk)." I have no idea what this means. I have E-Mailed Sean at on the 19th and awaiting reply. I did install to the default location and AV was off and ran program as administrator. Hopefully some one will know what the problem is and can offer a fix! best regards
  19. Juergen

    RAAS Pro not loading in P3Dv4.5

    Bryan, That was it. Tested and it loaded and worked. Thanks for help
  20. Today
  21. Shader tweaks. Will this have any influence on PBR textures? I remember PMDG stating that shader tools/tweaks may negatively impact how their PBR aircraft looked. or is this something else?
  22. I have an AERO 800 windowed gaming case, can you recommend a cooler that will fit this. If not this, is watercooling better than air cooling. I have looked at the Corsair H115i, will this do? I know it fits my case because I have seen it on youtube. So a 4K display would not affect FPS if I tuned of AA? Can you recommend a high-quality one? Thanks, Ollie.
  23. Bert Pieke

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    Be patient and fly some nice VFR in pretty scenery! I am rediscovering all my favorite airports in V4.5. and they have never looked better
  24. Hi, I have to say I am having the same problem with 4.5, I can see that the lights indicate things are intermittently being used but I cannot see anything happening. I cant even get the contrails to preview for some reason.. thanks, Mike
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