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  2. RXP

    Transponder Mode

    Thank you for sharing. This sounds relatively easy once you get the initial directions: in which file do you add the 'Auto' section?
  3. I have another one for you with your 2x 2080i (Ohh boy) and oh yeah, by the way, your old 980 was much better than my 1060? well, I tried one from a old friend to figure out if my good old Sandy Bridge was capable for VR and guess what? The 980 was a NO GO but the 1060? (collected second hand by the way for 100 euro) did it with at a glance in VR... Have a nice evening.... haha
  4. SunDevil56


    Ok, thanks. So just run the installer and it acts like an updater..??
  5. JLuis

    1st Flight

    Thanks for your review.
  6. Nemo

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    Does not help here (PNW area). Anyway, flying in other areas helps too.
  7. Don't try to turn the tabel.... you can't, 30fps fluid P3DV4 on a 2600K with a 1060 with all high settings is ALL THAT MATTERS in this topic. For the money you have trow to FS to yell taht you have the fastest... the biggest.... Fine to me, I fly real planes for that money...
  8. Yes! You can find here : or waiting until July 4 or black Friday to get some discount. Like me.😀
  9. That's the one I'm waiting for too. I'm not a fan of ortho-based scenery (even the Orbx stuff), so I like where this project is headed.
  10. MattDavies


    A long shot, but right click PTA > Properties > Compatibility & change it to "Windows 7" compatibility. Press apply, and restart the app as administrator.
  11. It don't but gives a idea, 30fps fluid P3DV4 on a 2600K with a 1060 with all high settings is ALL THAT MATTERS in this topic.
  12. Ar you jealous , if a 2600k with a 1060 was as powerful as a9900k and 2080TI in the sim i must be stupid that i not keept my 5..4ghz 2700k and keep the 980ti thas stronger then a 1060.
  13. I'd rather wait for this
  14. Does this ever go on sale?
  15. Yes. you are a bad loser.... You are sick that I collect 30 fps in P3D with my old 2600K rig and 1060 while you paid over a 1000 dollar for a 2080 whahahaha That's your problem and not mine... Ohh, wait You have 2x 2080i...nearly 4000 Dollar for GPU and now you are very, very sick... Oh boy, I have said and wrote it many many times here... My Rig is BIGGER and BETTER than yours... Yeah, Right.... at a cost.... haha and 10% gain in performance.... whow... So, back on topic for the real question, Overclock your system to collect good Flightsim performance with you 1070 GPU unless you want to throw your money under the bus as the most adult boys do here on AVsim.
  16. We must be looking at different versions of the TBM..It does not come even close to the visuals of the 350.
  17. Many thanks for your findings and sharing it with us Tom...
  18. NO NO , very easy when you do the tests in GPU bound senarios , then the sim is another ballgame i dont see any simrealeted test there, hook up 2X2080TI and run the tests you see the difference.
  19. bbuckley

    Transponder Mode

    @wings138 I fly PE all the time and I wrote this LUA script to take the RXP 750 transponder modes and pass to the PE P3DV4 client. I coded it so the both the Altitude and Ground modes are seen by PE as Mode C on, since the 750 automatically transitions to Ground mode after landing but PE wants to see Mode C on the ground on all movement areas. To implement simply put the LUA file in the Modules directory and add an Auto section as follows. Bruce [Auto] 1=Lua RXPGTN750_XPDR_MODE_C
  20. Not sure how that video supports your case. The 8700k destroys the 2600k in almost every test in that video except for gpu bottlenecked games (not flight sims)
  21. Wink207

    Ethiopia crash

    This is the best post I have seen on this subject for at least 3 months.
  22. Can someone tell me what the beep every few seconds is after engine shutdown, its driving me insane. Its like the takeoff warning noise but just the single beep.
  23. Hello, I recently purchased the QW's 787 but I am having a difficult time programming the flap axis control using the registered version of FSUIPC that I am familiar with. I did a search and didn't find much so it's probably on my end but I have not found the culprit yet. The issue I am having is if I assign the flap axis to FSUIPC and calibrate that axis accordingly it ends up being an all or nothing affair. In other words if I assign the flap axis to lever on my Saitek Throttle or GF TQ6 and then cycle it through it's range of motion the flap lever in the virtual cockpit will not move at first but, you can hear it cycling through the steps/settings, once my hardware lever reaches the top or bottom of its range, then all of a sudden the VC flap lever will move to that limit either fully retracted or fully extended but it will not stop at any of the steps/settings in between. I'm running the latest version of QW787 available from Flight One. Curious if anyone else, have a similar occurrence?
  24. Christopher Low

    Flight1 Citation Mustang and FPS

    So, are these obstacles displayed on your Mustang G1000 without having to actively select the option? If so, this is the part that confuses me. They were presumably disabled in default mode when I used the plane.
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