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  2. w6kd

    Ethiopia crash

    Those extreme forces were largely a consequence of letting the airspeed run away from them. If you've got full nose-down trim and you let the jet continue to accelerate almost to Vmo, yes, extreme force will be required to turn the jackscrew manually against those heavy air loads. A runaway trim resulting from the more common causes--a stuck relay, bad switches or a wiring fault, would also be expected to recur if the system were left activated. The MCAS may be a new mode of causation for runaway trim, but the corrective action and the implications for flying the aircraft are pretty much the same no matter what causes it. The implications of an out-of-trim condition as the result of a runaway for control of the aircraft (e.g. the poor airmanship of pushing the airspeed to the far limit of the flight envelope with a known flight control problem) are the same as well. Why this is so difficult for some to understand...
  3. SunDevil56

    GSX update on the way

    Thanks Bob, that's what I thought. So once it's released, the live updater will install it, is that correct..??
  4. Sethos1988

    REX Sky Force technical update 2.2 available

    Nice, thanks for the heads-up Rasterfahnder.
  5. Version 5.0.2019.0514 Via download in SF or here for registered users:
  6. rservice

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    My prayers are with you and your family Jim, and thanks for all the help you have given me and others over the years Blessings Ron Service
  7. Good evening, Adam! I just wanted to thank you for your work, making some great presets (in my opinion) for the PTA. I downloaded the Adam_PTA_266_02 version, from your page, and it looks and works great. Thank you very much for your effort and dedication. A greeting.
  8. eslader

    Help with 4k TV

    I've noticed when playing certain games (Looking at you, Assasin's Creed Odyssey) that my 1080Ti heats up markedly. If I put my bare foot on the chassis next to the card, it gets uncomfortable after about 30 seconds. These cards, it seems, run hot when maxed out. If your case doesn't have a good side fan, consider installing one. Mine had a broken one that wasn't needed in my old builds, but I replaced it for this build and the GPU temps dropped by 12 degrees C under load (and the cooler it runs, the faster it runs). One of the problems with the ATX form factor is that with the longer cards, you're often forced to put the card on the bottom slot in order to clear the RAM or the CPU's heatsink, and that means you have 2 or 3 vidcard fans crammed up against the bottom of the case and losing cooling effectiveness. Even in my very large full-tower case, this is an issue. I suspect my next upgrade might require water cooling just to get around that problem. As to the 100% even at HD resolutions, who made the card, and are you running their drivers, or the stock nVidia ones?
  9. Howiefly13

    Start as Administrator!!

    Hi Jean-Luc. I will be back home this afternoon and will definitely let you know if this works.
  10. Pugilist2

    Cargo Departure From Fairbanks

    Super shots of the MD-11 in the winter!
  11. matteospacca

    Help with 4k TV

    Thank for all the info. The point is that if I use a TV instead of the monitor GPU usage goes up to 100% and stay at 100% no matter what. Even if a set my PC to render 1080P 30HZ instead of 4K it still cooks the GPU
  12. nhagag

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Jim Wishing you the best and my prayers for a speedy recovery. Thank you for all your services as admin and your gracious support. Bill Hagag
  13. dnz0427

    More AI Traffic

    thank you
  14. cchiozza

    How to Backup Settings ?

    Sent a ticket but no response.
  15. Also had a similar problem with Amazon DE. Just went to Saturn and picked up one. First impressions: a significant improvement when compared to the Rift! Text is considerably sharper. The lack of external sensors is also a huge plus.
  16. Dedl

    Ibiza X for FS9

    Hi Dillon, I understand your pain very well - Aerosoft Germany has been a FS9 hater for a long time - so that don't surprise me much. Have you tried to get the box second hand? I found some boxes searching for "Balearen X" at E-Bay Germany: Perhaps there is something simular i Florida? Good Luck... Dedl
  17. Tango11Alpha

    Century autopilot

    I have now found the Century III Manual on the manufacturer site and I can see it's not like the Cessna and will only hold on a reached altitude. Now swapped over to the Mooney Bravo which does have an autopilot like the Cessna. Thx Bob
  18. Luis Hernandez

    Ibiza X for FS9

    Looks like we're drifting off topic, but what installer did you use for the QW 757? The one from the Purchase Agent or the old wrapper? I understand the Purchase Agent does not support FS9, but the wrappers still do so.
  19. ph-cxz

    issue regarding gsx config.

    i did that already as i suspected that would be the only change necessary.
  20. I just got word from amazon UK the rift s is on back order. I was supposed to get mine today but now have to wait a week.
  21. fakeflyer737

    GSX update on the way

    Its out already?
  22. w6kd

    GSX update on the way

    Just to be clear, the update hasn't been released yet.
  23. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting real world Braniff service from SKBO El Dorado International Airport located in the Fontibón district of Bogotá in Colombia to SEQU old Mariscal Sucre International Airport located in the northern part of the city in the Chaupicruz parish within 5 minutes of Quito's financial center Starting engines!! Dig beautiful color! Check out the cool needle on top of the tail! Starting long taxi to short of runway 13R Entering into taxiway S Entering into taxiway M yep very long taxi! Still taxiing Entering into runway 13R for take off Airborne on climb to FL340 although Google earth map show NO evidence of two lakes next to runway 31R Wing view of Fontibon suburb of the city Nose view of La Paz suburb of the city where you can see above the plane green park callled Abraham Lincoln!! Still on climb to FL340 Making little left turn adjustment to head to GIR and the destination Nice view of engines!! Passing SKME Lieutenant Colonel Luis Francisco Pinto Parra Air Base located in Melgar, Collombia Passing Sumapaz river that is considered one of the hundred natural wonders of the world Intercepting GIR and passing snow-capped peaks of Los Nevados National Park You can see Pacific ocean! You can tell that you are getting closer to the destination when ground begins to rise higher even though the plane is still at FL340 Because of regulations of the forums not allowing more than 20 screenshots per post, please be kind enough to go to this hyperlink to view rest of the exciting flight. Here is the link: Thank you for viewing. Stay tuned for next exciting flight Regards, Aharon
  24. Bobsk8

    Ethiopia crash

    Friend of mine is a check pilot for one of the largest airlines in the US. He told me weeks ago, that what most likely happened was that MCAS caused a nose down trim together , with a slew of cockpit warnings. The pilots eventually disabled the electronic trim by using the cutoff switches, and then as was mentioned in many discussions on this issue, they were unable to manually re-trim the aircraft due to the extreme forces required to do it manually. So as a last resort, with nothing else working, they turned the trim cutout switches back on again. so that they would at least have assistance in trimming back to level flight. This probably worked briefly, until MCAS kicked in again ( which they knew nothing about) , and caused more nose down trim. Not enough altitude to use any other method, so a crash was the guaranteed result. Why this is so difficult for some to understand, is what confuses me.
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  26. JoeFackel

    GSX update on the way

    You just have to use the Live Updater.
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