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  2. Phantom88

    What is DCS

    ***Mini VR Update*** "Hey everyone, a little update. The map VR optimization changes are being integrated into the next DCS World version: 2.5.5. This will be for both the Caucasus and Persian Gulf maps. Nevada map VR optimization will come after.2.5.5 will not be this week, but not too much longer now. As a few version, it's not as simple as a regular Open Beta, there needs to be a lot more testing and checking to make sure that all 3rd party modules are working.Thanks"
  3. Doh! I watched it anyway.
  4. Thomasso

    The best traffic and ATC combo?

    Sure, no problem! Please see the images attached. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the default livery files. šŸ˜ž Thanks for the Ai Companion though šŸ™‚
  5. Hope it actually comes out but not holding my breath. How's that Huey coming along? Glad your commercial business is going well though and GL in your future endeavours. šŸ‘
  6. matteospacca

    Help with 4k TV

    Using a Gigabyte Aurus that has a fixed water cooling with an external fan. Iā€™m using last drivers updated via the gforce experience app.
  7. Great news, so looking forward to the Dodo 206 in P3D V4!
  8. Buffy Foster

    Two hard weaks

    And huge thank-yous to the people to have worked hard to share helpful information to help us find our way through all of it! \o/
  9. awf

    REX Sky Force technical update 2.2 available

    working great šŸ™‚
  10. For the really really REALLY newbs who might be just receiving their first VR headset: A much coveted Rift S
  11. onebob

    FPS Loss- Unlimited vs. Locked FPS- P3dv4.x

    I think you have to set the ' Framerate Limit ' to zero to switch on scanline. just tried that, entered a framerate of 10 and it change the framerate to 10. bob
  12. MDFlier

    AIG Wrong planes at different terminals?

    Just load up littlenavmap and zoom in to the gate and hover your mouse cursor over it for a couple of seconds. A tool tip will pop up and the airline codes using that gate will appear.
  13. This is how I have to look at it. First I am using VR only for simming. XP11 (native), P3Dv4(FlyInside) and AFS2(native). So whatever headset I get to replace my Rift CV1 will need to be able to work with those simmings/support software. Next is audio since I fly on PilotEdge. I want headphones or speakers close to the ear. I understand some VR headsets dont have audio as part of their products. Same goes for the mic. I dont want to replace my Rift that has both headphones and a built in mic with having to try and add those to a VR headset that doesnt. So far the Rift S is still in the running as a possible replacement headset. Next of importance is clarity. The removal of the screen door effect and god rays are the things I feel would be the most important feature beyond if the unit will work with my sims. FOV is the wild card. Yes I would love to have the Pimax FOV range for all VR headsets but if the above items arent met then FOV can take a back seat for now. Lastly are some of the newer features as options. Pass through cameras or flip up headset as seen on the coming Vive Cosmos would be a great feature to have for using checklist and scanning my simpit. I dont need hand controllers (yet) but do like the ones that strap to your hand allowing you to not have to hold them all the time over those without straps. Inside out tracking vs lighthouses or IR trackers, I dont care as either will work for me. My only worry about the inside out and setting up the room is must the user set up a rooms dimensions to use the Oculus S or can they just jump in and get at it. My simpit is very tight so my "room" is about 1 foot to 1.5 squared for me to move my head around. So I dont need to create a room as I am basically just sitting still. Lastly is the OLED vs LCD. I do like the dark darks that come with the OLED. If the headset I get next is OLED then great but if its LCD and the other items are there then its not a deal breaker for me. I'm happy to see VR in 2019 is finally seeing some advancements, huge in some areas and better refinements in others but I'm going to sit on the sidelines a bit longer before going with a new headset to see what the masses take to and which ones get supported for my sims. Its just nice to know there are a few more better options out there with more in the works.
  14. Maury Pratt

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Jim, though it's been many years since we last worked together, I recall fondly each time we published reviews of new editions of Microsoft's flight simulator and pioneering add-ons, and with Tom's leadership organizing annual expositions across the country to bring enthusiasts together with one-another and with developers. Along with so many others I'm adding my encouragement, based on personal experience, that with today's medical knowledge you can expect to recover fully. I'm a survivor (at least so far) of stage 4 melanoma that had metastasized to both lungs and a kidney, diagnosed some three years ago. Throughout the past year I've been in full remission. After a year of infusions my immune system was "educated" to recognize and destroy melanoma cancer cells. Because of immunology research and related advances over the past 5 years or so, I'm here today. Along with simming friends I've made here in San Diego I look forward to even more amazing advances in simulation realism.
  15. Ray Proudfoot

    The best traffic and ATC combo?

    Jay, I am a registered user but have you tried these yourself?
  16. Did you set the speeds in the MCE UI? I don't think MCE is able to read them from the MCDU.
  17. JoeFackel

    GSX update on the way

    It was a sneaky way to say: no update yet.
  18. The REX-Milviz WX radar for P3Dv4.5 + HF1 is now available from REX Al
  19. SunDevil56

    GSX update on the way

    Same here. Before the update comes i'm going to do the same thing, and thanks for suggesting it. I assume that would mean backing up not only the cfg ini's, but also any compiled exclude files..?? Anything else..?
  20. threegreen

    Ethiopia crash

    I've watched several of the videos that have been posted here which showed how difficult it can be to trim manually via the wheels. Question: Were those demonstrations done at speeds close to Vmo, basically at the speed that the Ethiopian aircraft was flying at when they attempted to trim via the wheels? The Lion Air flight that continued with manual trim to their destination shows that at normal flight speeds, trim control via the wheels is possible. Which would suggest letting the airspeed run away was what put the Ethiopian crew into a state where there was basically no way to trim the airplane other than trying to switch the trim system back on with manual trim becoming impossible. This seems like a significant mistake to me, agreeing with what others said. This in turn I think makes human factors something that needs to be seriously looked at. The Lion Air crew that crashed didn't know about MCAS, let alone about what happens when that AoA vane fails and MCAS kicks in when it's not supposed to in it's old, flawed design. Making the mistake of not switching off the system as a result of confusion arising from an unusual stabilizer runaway pattern and all the warnings going off making no sense, I think it's no surprise the crew made the mistake. The problem in the Ethiopian case though is that, as has been pointed out, they were informed about the system, what happens when it goes belly up as well as about what to do to tackle the situation. This included what types of warnings occur and that they are limited to the Captain's side (including the stick shaker). It seems, however, they were still caught by surprise enough to forget about throttle and speed which proved to have serious consequences. That's where I'm unsure about human factors. One would tend to say they were informed and knew but failed to work it out nonetheless, hence making pilot error a contributory factor in the overall cause of the accident. That's as far as theory goes. In practice, is it reasonable to say a crew who has been informed but not specifically trained can be expected to avert that kind of accident?
  21. JasonW

    REX Sky Force technical update 2.2 available

    Still not working over a network for me. šŸ˜”
  22. jabloomf1230

    The best traffic and ATC combo?

    You might want to check out the AIG forums as there's a user there who has updated the aircraft.cfg files for many of the common AI aircraft like for example, FAIB. These updates make the takeoff and landing characteristics more realistic. You might need to be a registered user at the AIG forums to view the thread.
  23. Been teased for a while. Nice to finally see it in action!
  24. DJJose

    REX Sky Force technical update 2.2 available

    After the SF update, the build number is now 2019.0514
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