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  2. Sorry to hear that. I hadn't tried either of them, just knew that they were available from something I read a while ago. Did you try the freeware app?
  3. SledDriver

    Any reason NOT to upgrade to P3D 4.5 now?

    Cool. thanks.
  4. eslader

    Fast and easy to fly GA Plane

    GA is generally anything that isn't flown commercially or military/government. The Twotter was/is mostly if not entirely flown for-hire, so it wouldn't usually be GA. OP, I, too, would recommend the Vertx DA-62. If you're not interested in following proper procedures, you can go from cold and dark to in the air inside of 5 minutes, including taxi time. If at some point you want to go deeper, you can. It's decently fast for a piston twin, and it's absolutely gorgeous. It has very few weaknesses, and most of them are in the advanced/very advanced realm that you wouldn't be interested in anyway.
  5. SunDevil56

    Any reason NOT to upgrade to P3D 4.5 now?

    Some excellent information to help you along can be found here....
  6. Sethos1988

    Chaseplane stutters?

    Also had that one session, where every time I panned the camera, I would get this insane stuttering under 4.5. So I upgraded to the experimental channel and next time I flew, it seemed to have been resolved.
  7. Thanks y'all I did find a comment about this that the beacon comes in when the ignition is turned on, and when I did a test flight in FSC it did not ding me for this! As I just bought the plane and GTN750 I have been doing the easy Ctrl-E to start engines and that did not require turning on the ignition. So I think we're good to go. Thanks!
  8. Yippy Ki Yay, moth.. erm.. no this isn't a Bruce Willis movie.. Lovely old taildragger. I have a freeware 195 I pull out of the hangar now and again.. I sense that the yellow and red paraglider guy is stalking you...
  9. SledDriver

    Any reason NOT to upgrade to P3D 4.5 now?

    Ok Thanks all. I think I'll be giving it a go soon. As new P3D user, this is my first update I'll be appying. Can you tell me what happens to my scenery addons config and .cfg tweaks during the update? Do they all get vaped and need re-entering?
  10. My CPU is at 100%, i even uninstalled OpenCl and my FPS just keeps on draining, 30, 20Fps!
  11. GSalden

    Any reason NOT to upgrade to P3D 4.5 now?

    You could try V4.5 and check your minimum franerate in very detailed scenery. If that is 35 or higher it does not matter if you use Vsync with 25/30 hertz.z Perhaos with V4.4 you had 41 ... I am on 4.5 and although I need to tweak the clouds extra ( Fs2002 look sometimes ) I really like the more realistic look and improved nightlighting...
  12. Matthew James de Bohun

    Chaseplane stutters?

    I seem to be getting really bad stutters with Chaseplane at the moment. In the cockpit view it's not to bad but the external views and also the replays especially are really terrible at the moment. This is anywhere and not just the usual fps heavy places like Heathrow. I'm running P3Dv4.5. Anyone else experiencing similar issues?
  13. n4gix

    Moment Plane crashed at Lukla Airport

    It was just fortunate that the helo pilot was already to take off! I sure bet he had to change his underpants afterwards...
  14. downscc

    North Pole Scenery Issues

    I have Pilot's mesh installed, but over the pole there shouldn't be any mesh elevations because it is all ocean. The ice cap is just a landclass tile as far as I know.
  15. Thanks for the links, I already had the second one and won't be downloading the first. Will look for it from another source as I don't want to sign up for something I have to pay for. But thanks.
  16. okupton

    Any reason NOT to upgrade to P3D 4.5 now?

    I haven’t noticed any fps loss in 4.5. Runs well and smooth as butter for me.
  17. HighBypass

    Fast and easy to fly GA Plane

    How are you getting along with the King Air? - I too was going to suggest the Cessna 337, but I'm a little late to the party.. :)
  18. unc1rlm

    AI Controller 1.4a question for P3dv4.5

    I have moved on to V2.0.. I am getting this? Any help appreciated, BobM.
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  20. phrygian

    Any reason NOT to upgrade to P3D 4.5 now?

    I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere Rex Enviroment will work in P3D 4.4 and 4.5.
  21. HighBypass

    Circle to land... madness!

    A not so crazy Colombian I see. Thank you for your insight Luis and I apologise for my ignorance regarding the spelling - I blame a certain famous Space Shuttle.. I have an updated El Dorado Luis Carlos Galan Sarmiento International Airport by Gabriel Marin from around 2013. It does have both 13L & R ILS and it is more up to date than FSX. I will have to visit Bogota more times to see if I get the choice of the 13s.
  22. stripealipe

    Fast and easy to fly GA Plane

    Not sure if it falls into the GA category (excuse my newb ignorance), but i love flying the Twin Otter by Aerosoft. Really fun to fly and has some really nice repaints too.

    Any reason NOT to upgrade to P3D 4.5 now?

    I upgraded to 4.5 client, content, scenery, the day it came out. Personally, big bubbles, no troubles. I'm not an FPS counter but I haven't had any problems. Reasonably smooth depending of course on where and what I'm flying.
  24. OK, this one is different from the issues with Beta. Most likely cause, incomplete installation of MCE dlls into X-Plane root folder. Go to X-Plane 11 main installation folder and check yopu have <MCE dlls> folder containing 2 subfolders, with about 21 dlls inside each. Otherwise you're likely to get a simulator freeze with ANY aircraft. If the <MCE dlls> folder is missing or has no dlls inside it, please proceed as follows. Go back to downloaded unzipped file and look under \Resources\Files\X-Plane\ folder. Copy entire <MCE dlls> folder and paste it to \X-Plane root folder\
  25. Jim Young

    P3dv4.5 most difficult CTD ever.

    Those errors are not P3D or P3D related. The Events are very common and Googling " The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID", will find a fix for this error but so far I cannot get it fixed. I understand they the event will not harm your computer and to just let the event go unfixed. The FSUIPC5 utility is for P3DV4 and appears to be installed properly. We are not nearing the point of a complete reset of your computer. So far I see no errors for that would cause P3DV4 down.
  26. olderndirt

    Ultra Weather XP 2.5 Released

    A thing I've noticed is a blueish tinge to clouds - what did I not do?
  27. Pugilist2

    Sunset flight MYF-L35 = Awesome Flight

    Super shots! I really enjoy flying in the evening.
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