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  2. ErichB

    REX Environment Force

    I joined the Discord Q&A last night. It looks and sounds pretty impressive. Tim and Reed are pretty passionate about their work and that counts for alot.
  3. ivota

    VCALC Alert

    When I engage VCALC, there is a alert message to inform me on GTN display. Is there option to engage sound alert too?
  4. qqwertzde

    Which weather textures should I get?

    Cloud Art produces dynamic texture changes, which is very nice. However, IMHO the best cloud textures are from REX. If you can afford it, you can run all three programs that you have mentioned. Only open REX to install textures, then run Active Sky while flying. Having said that, REX will release a new product on April 30. I understand that it will have some similarity to AS Cloud Art, so that program together with AS may be a good option. I would wait until other users describe their experience with the new product. Peter
  5. Sethos1988

    Which weather textures should I get?

    Having used pretty much all of them, I'm with Active Sky + SF3D. Best combo.
  6. itsjase

    Which weather textures should I get?

    Active Sky + Sky Force 3D is a killer combo in my opinion. Big upgrade from ASCA.
  7. GeeBee

    Slow to Climb?

    See here - You can clearly see (despite the awful video quality) a few things. The CL is always at max forward for takeoff and climb. The PLs are in the second notch (just before the red band) for takeoff and climb. If you use a throttle quadrant, you can feel the second notch, just before the red line. This gives 90 to 100 percent torque for take off, and once FADEC is set to CLB, it goes to around 80 percent. Once at cruise, the PLs and CLs are brought back to the central notch / auto position which gives around 60 percent torque. If you only advance the PLs to the central notch, you only get 68 percent torque, which is woefully insufficient to take off and climb out. This also exactly what happpens in the Carenado on my system.
  8. I’m slowly migrating to P3D, but I currently don’t have any weather addons! I’ve learned that active sky is the best weather engine, but I want to know what addon would give me the best textures? Things like Sky Force 3D, Active Sky Cloud Art etc...which is the best? Thanks
  9. As Pilots LEAM is a LatinWings development, have you tried e mailing them? Their e mail is in the manual.
  10. 0Artur0

    30hz vs 60hz

    Thank you! Last two questions... the number can be whatever (1 or 1000, doesn't matter at all?... it says the number is "scanline index" but I have no idea what that is or what it does)? Last one... what is this actually (does it produce similar results as 1/2 refresh rate setting in FSX)?
  11. Flyfox

    Please post the resolution

    I fully agree with you. You might change „resolution“ to „solution“ in the title in order to avoid misunderstandung your post.
  12. westman

    Upgrade Options

    i have tested AMD 1800X in P3DV4.4 with differnt GPUS ,1060,1070,1080,1080TI the best experiance was with the 1080TI runing 4K 30hz , the Ryzen set at safe 4.1ghz and fast mems (3600mhz C15) its very little diff betwenn 1800x and 2700X if you run same memspeed and clock inside 1%.. a good 2700x can do 250mhz higher clock can give a 5% boost in P3D 1-2fps with a base of 30fps. compared to INTEL i prefer the AMD before the I7 4790k at 4.8ghz ( poor loadtimes) prefer the amd before X99 I7 5960X at 4.5-4.6ghz the AMD feels more fluid and good loadtimes. 8700k 8600k 9900k 9700k 7920x 7980xe is better in P3D thats the one i have tested in P3DV4.4 not tested the 6700k and 7700k in P3D V4.4 think it was with 4.1 therfore a not count them in. when i tested it was with the same 1080TI exactly same P3D settings with same scenery etc. probaly i get critic from both INTEL and AMD "blue or red side" but that a can take. its easy to bass out that there Ryzen SandyBrige or Haswell is the best without test it themself only see some suspect genaral gaming YouTube vids that not have anything to do with Flightsim P3D or XP.
  13. Bert Pieke

    30hz vs 60hz

    In P3D set fps to unlimited and vsync off. In RTSS, create a profile for Prepar3d, select Scanline X/2 and set the number beside it to a non-zero value. That is it.
  14. 0Artur0

    30hz vs 60hz

    Never heard of it. I'll try it... but what does it do? Do I leave all the other options on default? I just set the scanline x/2 and that's it?
  15. Bert Pieke

    Configuration of GTN750

    When you substitute the RXP GTN for the F1 version, select "No Bezel" in the VC..
  16. virtuali

    GSX update on the way

    We already have an automatic mode since the last update. The only thing that it doesn't do, is the handling of doors automatically. As explained so many times, this was a conscious design decision ( we had automatic door handling on the 1st GSX Beta, back in 2012, but it had a lot of issues with 3rd party airplanes, so we cut it out), because while it might work for default planes, on complex 3rd party airplanes, precisely the ones you say you use, you cannot just operate the animation variables, without any care of what that might cause to the airplane systems. For example, opening a door by forcing its animation, one that you are not supposed to open, maybe because the relevant system is not set up correctly ( Easy example, the main cargo door on the PMDG 747-F, which requires a spare Electrical Bus ), might easily confuse the airplane itself, because it might lose sync between its internal status and the actual status of the door, which was changed externally. Or, it might simply not work, because the airplane code might actively prevent this, so we'd end up fighting against the airplane, with issues like flickering animations, or doors constantly opening/closing, since GSX would start to compete against the airplane code to do the same, opposite, thing. That's why, we always said the handling of door was best left to the airplane developers, who know better how and when they can deal with this. Some of the best developers out there understood the issue, and took the chance to make their product even better, by adding the interaction between GSX and their doors, so the FS Labs and Aerosoft Airbus, and I think the Leonardo Maddog X all supports this, since GSX has published variables developers can check to know when GSX expects a door to be open or closed. Of course, we cannot force every developer out there to do the same, it's their airplane, their code, and their choice what to do. Funny enough, some developers said they don't want GSX to "control" their airplane, because it could be dangerous and we cannot possibly anticipate all the issues, which is exactly the opposite of what it's supposed to happen: it's *because* we DO NOT want to control their airplane, that we ask if THEY could add code to their product, for the precise reason we *know* it could be dangerous IF we tried to do that from GSX. However, if you look at the Linda forum here on Avsim, you'll find there are some modules which adds GSX doors automation for several airplane products that don't have this in their code, since they read the information from in GSX docs, and did some clever programming to achieve that.
  17. Jude Bradley

    Please post the resolution

    I couldn't agree more.
  18. Hi, That "pause" is deliberate. The FO is looking at the pressure. As for "on", it's the same speech recognition system in all FS2Crews, so I can't explain why "hone" works for you but not "on". Both "tons" and "ton required" are in the speech grammar file, so it's merely an accent issue. Some tips to improve speech recognition: 1. Delete your voice profile and create a new one. Then re-train your voice. 2. Keep your mic away from your speakers. 3. Speak like a news announcer on TV. Clearly and distinctly. Cheers,
  19. Today
  20. ShezA

    What happened to SunSkyJet?

    Should work. Not sure why it is off. Will check.
  21. byork

    No FO Sound Again

    When you start P3D, what is the aircraft you see on the Free Flight screen? Default plane should always be a default plane, never a 3rd party plane. This helps prevent loading issues. Maybe this is it?
  22. virtuali

    GSX update on the way

    You meant to say: "the Global SODE-jetways upgrade that will allow you to enhance 20.000+ default airports automatically, and hundreds of 3rd party airports with tons of pre-made customization files made by users". We made the visible passengers, only because it's a feature that is so obvious that advertise itself, but the most important feature of GSX L2, of course, are the jetways.
  23. virtuali

    GSX update on the way

  24. Nemo

    Please post the resolution

    Fully agree. Nothing more frustrating than the "got it resolved" answer with no further explanation. It happens way to often.
  25. starpilot

    GSX update on the way

    It could be great if you could make a gate inside the terminal so that passengers went out to the plane instead of always having a bus in the air ports without moving gate Thomas
  26. Boeing or not going

    North Pole Scenery Issues

    Anybody seeing this do you have a mesh product installed?
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