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  2. it's $45usd at the .org😁 will buy tomorrow👍
  3. av8r13

    maddog problem

    thanks Jason, i did try to completely uninstall the maddog and downloaded the latest complete version which came out a few hours ago. unfortunately, i have the same issue. i can see the space where the 2 lighting knobs are suppose to be, but there is just an empty space
  4. Flaps-up

    Canada Charts

    @PecosPete I made some progress but in the end was not able to pull it all together. It is too bad because I now have the GTN working again in most of my smaller GAs, including the PA-31 (one of my favourite planes).
  5. Thank you very much for your help, I wouldn’t solve this in a thousand of years.😀it is a small area on that ND where you have to hover your mouse to be able to use the course selector, I was keep looking for a switch selector, Thank you
  6. itsjase

    Hard cloud edges in valleys

    It's a combination of luck and angles. Just like most good screenshots are 😉
  7. never mind, found problem. short between the headset.
  8. JasonPC

    maddog problem

    I'm not having that problem with the latest hotfix. If I remember correctly the 4.5 compatible version was not an incremental update but rather a complete reinstall. They do have a couple hotfixes that were incremental. I would try reinstalling the full version and any hotfixes (if not included in the full installer).
  9. What type of cable are you using between your monitor and video card? I had a few of these abominable crashes last year after I upgraded my monitor... and went to a DisplayPort cable. Went back to an HDMI cable and no problems since. HTH or I'm just lucky, Greg
  10. jabloomf1230

    What AI traffic works with VOX ATC

    The AIG schedules and AI manager are freeware, but AIG is happy to take a donation via PayPal to support their servers, just like AVSim is. I forgot to mention that MAIW has the same type of automatic installer for worldwide military schedules and aircraft.
  11. SledDriver

    Hard cloud edges in valleys

    Any ideas how this was done then? ...from this site: He says Tomatoshade. I use PTA. Anyone know if this is something TS can do which PTA can't, or is this blatant Photoshopped misrepresentation/dreamland? Cos I'm not seeing any hard lines up against those hills.
  12. Well its no wonder your frames are so low at high settings. I mean your running 4k and then 8xssa, when anti aliasing isnt needed at 4k i think the most u need is like 2x unless you play on a big tv, plus theres a few other settings i see there that are really not needed that high for full realism and they're more of a treat rather than necessity. But hey its all up to the individual
  13. av8r13

    maddog problem

    i have also posted this on the maddog forum, but was wondering if anyone here has this problem. after updating to 4.5 and updating the maddog with the incremental 4.5 updates, i now have an issue with the overhead panel. the 2 knobs for overhead lighting have disappeared. anyone else seeing this?
  14. Captain Kevin

    .PTP files

    Read the manual for the paint kit, the instructions on how to do so are in there.
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  16. itsjase

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    Capping with RTSS should technically give you 100% free stutter very similar to vsync, and it does in every other game I've tried it with, but... On further inspection I actually think Sled might be onto something. It seems that limiting framerate, whether through in-sim limiter, Nvidia Inspector, or RTSS, doesn't reduce CPU usage at all. Which leads me to believe that something is up with P3D. Uncapped running at 70fps, 100% core0 usage. Capped at 30fps, whether through RTSS or in-game: Still 100% core0 usage. In any other application capping the framerate with RTSS also reduces cpu usage. But doing Sled's trick of disabling and re-enabling the cores causes it to work as intended. This is really quite strange. For reference, I've used RTSS frame rate limiter in 100s if not 1000s of games, and in every single case they reduced cpu+gpu usage. Prepar3d is the first time I've ever seen this behaviour.
  17. Joe, our resident L35 expert/ pilot has a HSI unit in the L35 he flies along with the HCP-74 HSI control unit pictured below. Two handy features (among others) of this HSI controller are: 1. If you push in the heading bug adjustment knob, the heading bug will be synced to the current aircraft heading, i.e., the bug will move to the top of the HSI. 2. If you push in the course adjustment knob when tuned to a VOR station the HSI course arrow will move to point directly at the VOR station (like a RMI needle) and the CDI will center. The tail of the course needle then indicates the current radial the a/c is on, and if you turn to the heading pointed to by the head of the course needle you can track directly to the VOR station (sim must be in VLOC mode). So to experiment with the above heading bug and course arrow features I’ve implemented and made them accessible in our current Lear35 as G1000 MFD Softkey7 (heading Sync) and G1000 MFD Softkey8 (course arrow points to VOR/CDI centers). So by assigning a couple of keys and/or buttons to these softkeys you can activate the respective features. If interested in experimenting with this, PM me an email address and I'll send you the modified Lear cab file with some simple instructions. Al
  18. That's the one I mean, from Shortfinal Design aka mrX. And some will wait for Orbx. If those guys stand behind their product why not give us better screenshots instead of dropping their price?
  19. Dave_YVR

    No AI traffic at KLAS

    GSX doesn't add or do anything that could affect AI traffic. I also have FSDT KLAS, KLAX and GSX2 and ALL of my airports in the Las Vegas and Los Angeles areas still have crazy amounts of traffic.
  20. Good idea guys may as well get P3D rather than pay for AI
  21. JLuis

    DCS on sale at Steam

    Only Steam Edition:
  22. zmak

    volume control

    Thanks, I just did a windows install and forgot about the do nothing tab. Its selected now so problem should be solved
  23. It is sad to read this, but I believe until 2020 they will be released...Meanwhile, I will buy Airfoillabs King Air 350 on the next sale from ORG. (July 4). My big problem now is to keep 2 sims. A lot of o money to spend in addons. I would like only to use a sim. I am trying to use more X-Plane 11 than P3D. 😣
  24. Noel

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    Well I don't use any external applications and I have 100% stutter-free video always. What is the mechanism by which RTSS does its frame limit? A long time ago I began thinking what was needed to smooth out a video performance issue I was having and thought an external limiter would improve this. At the time I was getting video jumps where suddenly video streaming would speed up as if it hung a bit and needed to catch up. Someone found one, it worked quite well. But nothing has compared to the sort of fluidity I've had w/ vsyncing to a 30Hz screen. This was the beginning of 100% freedom from stuttering to the extent the sim can produce 30 fps. Now if RTSS could deliver thru a comparable mechanism the same perhaps I can restore 60Hz my display and still have the same 100% perfect video performance. It's always better to have a high screen refresh all else being equal.
  25. jabloomf1230

    volume control

    Yeah its a bug introduced in a recent Windows update. It has nothing to do with VOXATC. Here's a thread about it on the official Prepar3d forum: One user said it can be fixed by:
  26. Does anyone know how to fix this? After I updated P3d V4.5 and then FS2crew V3.3 The crew Announcements stopped working.
  27. SledDriver

    Out of nowhere... DXGI-ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG crash

    What I'm reading seems to suggest later drivers cause the problem. It first happened here on 419.67 after several happy weeks on P3D as a newbie, so I updated to 425.31 and the problem continues. It's rare, but annoying.
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