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  2. Maury Pratt

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Jim, though it's been many years since we last worked together, I recall fondly each time we published reviews of new editions of Microsoft's flight simulator and pioneering add-ons, and with Tom's leadership organizing annual expositions across the country to bring enthusiasts together with one-another and with developers. Along with so many others I'm adding my encouragement, based on personal experience, that with today's medical knowledge you can expect to recover fully. I'm a survivor (at least so far) of stage 4 melanoma that had metastasized to both lungs and a kidney, diagnosed some three years ago. Throughout the past year I've been in full remission. After a year of infusions my immune system was "educated" to recognize and destroy melanoma cancer cells. Because of immunology research and related advances over the past 5 years or so, I'm here today. Along with simming friends I've made here in San Diego I look forward to even more amazing advances in simulation realism. Maury Pratt Avsim Board of Directors Emeritus
  3. Ray Proudfoot

    The best traffic and ATC combo?

    Jay, I am a registered user but have you tried these yourself?
  4. Did you set the speeds in the MCE UI? I don't think MCE is able to read them from the MCDU.
  5. JoeFackel

    GSX update on the way

    It was a sneaky way to say: no update yet.
  6. The REX-Milviz WX radar for P3Dv4.5 + HF1 is now available from REX Al
  7. SunDevil56

    GSX update on the way

    Same here. Before the update comes i'm going to do the same thing, and thanks for suggesting it. I assume that would mean backing up not only the cfg ini's, but also any compiled exclude files..?? Anything else..?
  8. threegreen

    Ethiopia crash

    I've watched several of the videos that have been posted here which showed how difficult it can be to trim manually via the wheels. Question: Were those demonstrations done at speeds close to Vmo, basically at the speed that the Ethiopian aircraft was flying at when they attempted to trim via the wheels? The Lion Air flight that continued with manual trim to their destination shows that at normal flight speeds, trim control via the wheels is possible. Which would suggest letting the airspeed run away was what put the Ethiopian crew into a state where there was basically no way to trim the airplane other than trying to switch the trim system back on with manual trim becoming impossible. This seems like a significant mistake to me, agreeing with what others said. This in turn I think makes human factors something that needs to be seriously looked at. The Lion Air crew that crashed didn't know about MCAS, let alone about what happens when that AoA vane fails and MCAS kicks in when it's not supposed to in it's old, flawed design. Making the mistake of not switching off the system as a result of confusion arising from an unusual stabilizer runaway pattern and all the warnings going off making no sense, I think it's no surprise the crew made the mistake. The problem in the Ethiopian case though is that, as has been pointed out, they were informed about the system, what happens when it goes belly up as well as about what to do to tackle the situation. This included what types of warnings occur and that they are limited to the Captain's side (including the stick shaker). It seems, however, they were still caught by surprise enough to forget about throttle and speed which proved to have serious consequences. That's where I'm unsure about human factors. One would tend to say they were informed and knew but failed to work it out nonetheless, hence making pilot error a contributory factor in the overall cause of the accident. That's as far as theory goes. In practice, is it reasonable to say a crew who has been informed but not specifically trained can be expected to avert that kind of accident?
  9. JasonW

    REX Sky Force technical update 2.2 available

    Still not working over a network for me. 😡
  10. jabloomf1230

    The best traffic and ATC combo?

    You might want to check out the AIG forums as there's a user there who has updated the aircraft.cfg files for many of the common AI aircraft like for example, FAIB. These updates make the takeoff and landing characteristics more realistic. You might need to be a registered user at the AIG forums to view the thread.
  11. Been teased for a while. Nice to finally see it in action!
  12. DJJose

    REX Sky Force technical update 2.2 available

    After the SF update, the build number is now 2019.0514
  13. bpcw001

    GTN 750 and P3D v4 time acceleration

    Cool. Thanks for considering this.
  14. cyyzrwy24

    Before I uninstall and wreck more.....

    Thanks Oliver...I'll do that once off this afternoon....If any issue I'll contact you....👍
  15. jt233

    Made my first livery

    Made a new post and followed the screenshot guidelines. Thanks
  16. egguzman

    GTN 750 on a Tablet?

    Hi Bob, I haven't notice any frame drops with my IPad. Maybe a little but it is manageable, to me anyway. Maybe on some low-end tablets it might cause loss of frames so it might depend on the processor on the tablet/Ipad. I am using a relatively new 2017 Ipad with 32gb and a quad core processor so that might be why I have pretty good frames. Also, when using it my router is near me so I am getting a good WIFI signal as well...
  17. fakeflyer737

    REX Sky Force technical update 2.2 available

    Most confusing product line I've ever come across. Thanks for the update though REX.
  18. Ray Proudfoot

    The best traffic and ATC combo?

    Here’s something you might want to try. Download Ai Companion and let it build its indexes. Then with Live Data showing right-click any entry and choose View in Simulator. The view will change to a spot plane view of that aircraft and you can delight in the great detail on these aircraft.
  19. robs

    Voxatc over the network

    Did you ever get your smoke? Mind giving us a light if you did?
  20. Nemo

    Two hard weaks

    ... many of us including developers had a hard time: REX Environment Force, REX SkyForce and in between the P3D4.5 Hotfix. Maybe this was a bit too much and emotions went high and resulted it heated discussions. But now with the efforts of developers and many user statements and critics it has come to an end. I'm now enjoying the new visuals together with a good performance. It is an exciting and demanding hobby.
  21. Ray Proudfoot

    The best traffic and ATC combo?

    Tomas, glad it worked so well. I’m curious what your settings were. Can you remember any you changed that were significantly different to what you had before? The default Ai are held in a BGL in P3D\scenery\world\scenery but the name escapes me. The Ai are stupid, not intelligent. Sadly nothing can be done about the braking distance until LM change something.
  22. Lorby_SI

    Before I uninstall and wreck more.....

    Hopefully it is just an issue with your config files. Before you do anything drastic, create a backup of your config files with P4AO and send the resulting ZIP to me. Address is on the last page of the P4AO manual. I can take a quick look, check if anything obvious is out of place. Best regards
  23. Mace

    Autopilot popup panel enhancements

    I assume the real VS wheel clicks? If yes -- count me in :) How about the HDG knob? Does it center the bug by push in real life?
  24. lol xDD Mine`s arriving tomorrow but I´m off town for work. I hope they call me to arrange a new place for delivery. I´m pretty happy with the S reviews so far. Cheers Carlos
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