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  2. downscc

    P3Dv4.5 Airport Data Missing or Old

    LM has deferred to 3d party developers to cater to this market. I'd just as soon LM devote resources to the FDE and rendering engines. Imaginsim has a perfectly fine ZSPD with SODE jetways.
  3. 331BK

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Is the issiue known, that the In Sim Weather Conditions are shown allways with ????&AO before the weather data begin ? That`s if you use AS and disable real-time weather data read when i enable real time weather data read the correct "ICAO" is listed.
  4. hillbilly20

    Are 737 NGX Beta Testers Required???

    OK thanks
  5. charlie130

    DCS: F/A-18C

    Hi Patrick. Hope your feeling better. Appreciate the work that's going into the Hornet. I only fly the release DCS, so the incremental updates are a bit slow for me. I found myself taking the Superbug up for a while recently. That's in P3d v4. Since I have been flying the Superbug for a while longer than the DCS Hornet, I am always comparing the two Sims. That way I can torture myself better! I know how complex the code may get to fully implement the HARM! But sure it will be worthwhile. My Simdirector missions, together with FSX@War, CCP planner and FSCAI, are a real pain to program in P3d, (they'd be easier in DCS Mission planner!) but give you a decent work out, in the Hornet. You may have seen my videos of the Caucuses, Operation Deliberate Force (Serbia) and the Hormuz mission, not to mention my Dambusters recreation, using the Bug and modern weapons! Each utilises the HARM in Pre Planned mode, then TOO and SP. PP needs accurate Lat/Long coords, via UFC or MU mission planner. Then launch and let the HARM do it's thing. They really got their code right. I know they didn't implement the HARM's "loiter" mode, but since the AI SAM in the TACPAC, system don't go silent, it doesn't really matter. The weapon always kills the radar, because it's always on. It may be going a bit too deep to have radars going silent, as we approach? The code must be busy enough! My point is really to say what a powerful aircraft the Hornet can be. With fully functioning HARM, JSOW, JDAM or even that superb ALCM and the Harpoon ASM, you can attack a defended target with just one aircraft! Well, there is only "the player", in P3d. The Targeting pod must be worth waiting for. The FLIR that locks to radar and HUD designated targets would be really nice.😀 Finally, glad the carrier radio is getting done! Only SSW had anything like a AI radio system and that didn't always work in P3d. They had some realistic radio sounds for CASE and the trap, but they didn't always "know" where you were? Javier's carriers may now look a bit FSX, but the ability to populate the decks with any level of aircraft is cool. That would be great in DCS. 😉 I am an old Falcon 4.0 flyer, so the new DCS Falcon is a future must have! But please bash on and finish the Hornet. She's a peach of an aircraft. Then I can stop flying the Superbug and moaning! Best regards David.
  6. Gary McCluskey

    Why PAX load is too low?

    I assume you mean the following screen when you talk about entering the load, etc? If so, I always use it. I enter the details, click the Genenerate Loadsheet, go into P3D, turn on the load in MCDU, and the fuel loads properly , but nothing else. MCDU won't load the fuel, and GSX doesn't either.
  7. I am trying to trigger a flow (for example after take off flow after calling Flaps 0, like we do in real life, I dont tell my PNF "after take off flow, the PNF does it automatically as part of his/her flow)...Trying to get this to work with the FSL A32X Thx John
  8. Sethos1988

    MA RealTurb North America

    Asked that very question in the comment section on fselite. Thought Active Sky already injected relevant turbulence based on METAR / terrain; That's why I'm afraid this just turns turbulence up 200%, as it already interacts with Active Sky based on the description, the claims it's realistic. Could easily just shake the plane about unrealistically, make a video of it crabbing and slap a price tag on it. That's why you need someone with real knowledge of this stuff to give it a look.
  9. kiek

    Invalid Models

    Please post the complete Log.txt, now I miss the liveries summary and your parameters.
  10. 757FO

    MA RealTurb North America

    no the documentation actually recommends using AS, it is compatible with it. I have not really seen any difference in terms of turbulence so far though... John
  11. Skywolf

    MA RealTurb North America

    Doesn't Activesky already do this? very confused about this addon. Maybe it is geared towards people who do not have ActiveSky or other third party weather addons
  12. w6kd

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    If you decide to try FFTF with the FSUIPC run= facility, you can also add an affinity mask ("AM=") to the command line. I find it works well on my hexacore 8086K to run FFTF on core 1 (the second physical core). Regards
  13. Christopher Low

    SimWings Heathrow Professional and ORBx TrueEarth GB South P3D v4

    Well, I decided to try the "brute force and ignorance" approach. I copied all of the autogen files (84808 of them) to the SimWings Heathrow Professional folder. This effectively replaced the SimWings autogen surrounding the airport (536 files were replaced)......and now I have complete autogen all around the airport. Not exactly the most efficient method, but at least it proves that it can be done.
  14. w6kd

    Mesh Drawing - "popping" Issue

    Mesh morphing is, and always has been a fact of life with ESP-based the LOD level changes, the higher-resolution mesh changes the geometry of the depicted surface. Even with the best of add-on mesh products, it fact, I've pretty much gotten away from add-on mesh products because it exacerbates this problem to the point of aggravation. The only way to really avoid it would be to use the highest LOD all the time, which would just clobber performance even if you were able to force it. Regards
  15. 1st fltsimguy

    LOD Radius Hard Line Projection of Autogen

    Good point on visibility. I use REX Sky Force, which at this point I have to reinstall, its in the queue. Perhaps this is why I did not notice it recently. I can make those adjustments in REX.
  16. w6kd

    LOD Radius Hard Line Projection of Autogen

    If you use ActiveSky, you can effectively mitigate this issue by setting your visibility so that a realistic haze layer mostly obscures the LOD line in the distance. The visibility in your screenshot is not typical of what you see looking out the window of a real acft...if you set your max vis to 12-15 nm you'll find you have to look for that LOD line rather than having it assault your senses as in the screenshot. Regards
  17. Ralf Maylin

    Active Sky For XP-11?

    I have the same combination running here. Although I own almost everything weather related, I like X-Vision and ASX most.
  18. Ray Proudfoot

    ORBX May sale on

    I’ve just followed a NZ777 (AIG model) into 19 and fps stayed in the 30s and higher. The one I need to sort out is Canberra as the AFCAD has no parking gates. Strange as the statics are medium so there should be some. Any 3rd party ones available?
  19. Thanks for the reply, I was an admin (the only one) but i for what ever reason didnt have permissions to edit or do anything in the P3D setup., I found a tutorial to do so online which sorted everything out.
  20. Today
  21. 1st fltsimguy

    LOD Radius Hard Line Projection of Autogen

    Oh heaven, I thought it was me...and then I searched and found this!  This just sucks. I mean really sucks that this is this bad, I thought that it used to "fade" in - in the distance.
  22. 1st fltsimguy

    Mesh Drawing - "popping" Issue

    opps wrong post
  23. Hello pilots, I have found a error, that this building disturb jetways. Any solutions? (P3Dv4) My EDDM sceneries are at the top look here: Thank you in advance Ferias
  24. 1st fltsimguy

    Mesh Drawing - "popping" Issue

    I have already posted that I am trying to rebuild my P3DV4.5+ because of a hard drive failure. While thing are going slowing its getting done but I have encountered several issues along the way that I can't recall the solutions. As I fly in hilly or mountainous terrain, my mesh is "popping" into its full extent as I move forward. I am using FreeMeshX. I believe that this issue is caused by not have several layers of mesh at lower LOD such as 7,8,9 and so with LOD 10 (FreeMeshX) the sim compiles the higher resolution mesh as it comes into a certain distance. I believe before I had a bunch of IS this correct and what mesh combo should I have to remove this issue please? Bryan
  25. deetee

    Comms window won’t open

    All sorted, managed to move the window back. The cruise in fact was fine, just me having a senior moment. Many thanks for your great support! 🙂
  26. charliearon

    In which folder is fs9.exe

    I have moved your topic into the FS9 forum where you stand a better chance for an answer. Just making an edumacated guess, I would say the FS9.exe is located in your Main FS9 folder. That location depends on where you installed your Sim. Default location would be under Program files (bad choice) or if you did the right thing, then under C:/FS9 maybe??
  27. Jens Tijtgat

    Why PAX load is too low?

    You have to use the external load manager application where you can put in fuel load/distance/etc (you can find it in your start menu under Aerosoft). Then in the options MCDU you can click on initiate loadsheet and start the boarding/instant boarding.
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