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  2. 0Artur0

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    I finally bought it. I lost all cloud shadows when using EF in combination with ENVSHADE, even though it was advertised as compatible with other shader add-ons. So, I uninstalled ENVSHADE and now the VC is too bright in comparison to VC look when using ENVSHADE. I asked so many questions and when I thought I knew everything I bought it. Now I'm here again instead of flying. Very disappointed.
  3. robvanderwiele

    Updated or not?

    Hello, I can't find the updated AFD file for Corfu, I only see the GSX file for download. Regards, Rob
  4. takesix

    Unable to file flight plan

    I am still running into this problem regularly. If I create a flight plan, fly to the destination and park. I am unable to create and file a new flight plan to return to my original destination. I am unable to get clearance and I receive a message that my aircraft is not at this location. I am certain the file plan includes the proper airport. Excerpt from log: "Taxi to General Aviation Parking via Taxiways Bravo Golf Cessna Four November Sierra;" I then park, create and file new flight plan for the return trip, and request clearance. "Cessna Four November Sierra Request Ready to Copy;" Cessna Four November Sierra It appears your flight plan does not originate at this airport. Please correct and refile your plan. This scenario has happened and numerous airports, in different regions, so I don't think it is a scenery issue. My solution has been to take off and then request clearance while in the air.
  5. CaptainSaint

    scenery.cfg limit

    All of them aren't loaded, most of them are inactive. I have a lot of freeware sceneries and different regions.
  6. Skywolf

    scenery.cfg limit

    How long does it take to load 1099 enteries? what products do you have?
  7. Bobsk8

    Ethiopia crash

    I guess there alternative would be to ignore the crashes, not fix the problem, and let the crashes continue...???????
  8. charliearon

    Aircraft missing parts in external view

    One thought only.....since reinstalling FSX did you remember to uncheck DX10 preview in your Settings/Customize/Graphics area?
  9. Not sure if you already know but see here: Collect Performance for Flight Alex
  10. Dave_YVR

    ORBX May sale on

    What do you mean by no parking gates? This is the ORBX YSCB addon? There are 7 spots available for up to A321/B737 at the terminal and one large enough for a B767 on a stand just beside the terminal.
  11. I have FSX with Acceleration and a high end system. All seems to be running well except in external views the plane is always missing parts. It never used to do this but is doing it now after completely reinstalling FSX. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Tom
  12. Lest we think the Rift S is the only headset worth talking about right now: Just remember to take through the lens videos taken with a cellphone with large grains of salt. The image is actually a lot blurrier than in real life. These guys really need to use a jig and a real camera.
  13. I can't this bird to climb. I take off but no power I have it firewalled and less than 30 seconds I stall, I'm climbing out shallow, gear up and flaps up is there something I'm not doing right? I have flown this bird a lot in the past and it has worked great. In fact, it has been one of the best Carenado jets for me. I don't get this stuff. I'm taking off from Aerosoft's KASE (Aspen Extended) can anyone help me?
  14. Dane Watson

    P3Dv4.5 Airport Data Missing or Old

    Agree, and I would add how can you fly on VATSIM effectively if the airports are outdated and do not match the controllers up to date data - like in my case with CYYC Calgary
  15. CaptainSaint

    scenery.cfg limit

    Hello! I have seen other people having this same problem, that the scenery.cfg is capped at 1099 entries. If you add the 1100th entry, then P3D crashes on startup. Is there a reason for that? Could it be removed somehow or in the next hotfix? Best wishes!
  16. Dreamflight767

    P3Dv4.5 Airport Data Missing or Old

    I've been complaining about the old & missing airports in both FSX and P3D for a long time. Most people tell me to go pound sand when I suggest LM invest in updating the airports. I believe the exact words "a waste of resources". Well what good does it do to fly a sim that's missing airports? And not every airport has a developer that's updated the sims current layout or built a new airport that has been open.
  17. Dane Watson

    P3Dv4.5 Airport Data Missing or Old

    Dan I would agree with you if there was a third party developer that offered a complete update of the full P3D airport database. If there is one out there let me know please as I would purchase it immediately. I subscribe to Navigraph as well as faAerodata but that's only for AIRAC Cycle updates not airport data.
  18. Today
  19. What is(are) the trigger(s) for the cabin crew to announce "blabla... we are going to serve meals...blabla" (US female voice)? I used to have it on FSX but cannot achieve to have it for P3D V4.4 I must admit that because I am short of time, I start FS2Crew with "RWY entry procedure" before taking off.
  20. I was looking for the Balearic Islands for P3Dv4 because the old Aerosoft FSX ones don't work and I didn't feel like springing for the P3Dv4 Aerosoft versions. Well, I downloaded the photoreal scenery from one of the familiar freeware websites and installed it. It might look good from 30,000 feet but at the 2,000 to 5,000 AGL altitudes I fly they just don't cut it. The 1 dimensional cities and towns look a lot like the patchwork quilt my mom made for my bed when I was a kid. And 1 dimensional airplane shapes painted on the tarmac don't even make a bump when you taxi over them. So I opened my wallet and bought the new Aerosoft Mallorca, Ibizia and Manorca sceneries and I gotta say they are pretty nice. Three dimensional buildings that you crash into instead of land on top of. Having said that Antonio Mauirizio and Holger Sandman's Ozx Grand Canyon and Death Valley are superb and work well on my P3Dv4 system. Photoreal for ground textures when they blend into the stock textures are pretty nice. The only minor beef I have with Death Valley are too many trees in the Furnace Creek area. I'm very familiar with Death Valley and have visited and hiked there quite a few times and the only trees at Furnace Creek are on the golf course. But photoreal for cities and towns and parked aircraft on the tarmac are not for me. Noel
  21. downscc

    P3Dv4.5 Airport Data Missing or Old

    LM has deferred to 3d party developers to cater to this market. I'd just as soon LM devote resources to the FDE and rendering engines. Imaginsim has a perfectly fine ZSPD with SODE jetways.
  22. 331BK

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Is the issiue known, that the In Sim Weather Conditions are shown allways with ????&AO before the weather data begin ? That`s if you use AS and disable real-time weather data read when i enable real time weather data read the correct "ICAO" is listed.
  23. hillbilly20

    Are 737 NGX Beta Testers Required???

    OK thanks
  24. charlie130

    DCS: F/A-18C

    Hi Patrick. Hope your feeling better. Appreciate the work that's going into the Hornet. I only fly the release DCS, so the incremental updates are a bit slow for me. I found myself taking the Superbug up for a while recently. That's in P3d v4. Since I have been flying the Superbug for a while longer than the DCS Hornet, I am always comparing the two Sims. That way I can torture myself better! I know how complex the code may get to fully implement the HARM! But sure it will be worthwhile. My Simdirector missions, together with FSX@War, CCP planner and FSCAI, are a real pain to program in P3d, (they'd be easier in DCS Mission planner!) but give you a decent work out, in the Hornet. You may have seen my videos of the Caucuses, Operation Deliberate Force (Serbia) and the Hormuz mission, not to mention my Dambusters recreation, using the Bug and modern weapons! Each utilises the HARM in Pre Planned mode, then TOO and SP. PP needs accurate Lat/Long coords, via UFC or MU mission planner. Then launch and let the HARM do it's thing. They really got their code right. I know they didn't implement the HARM's "loiter" mode, but since the AI SAM in the TACPAC, system don't go silent, it doesn't really matter. The weapon always kills the radar, because it's always on. It may be going a bit too deep to have radars going silent, as we approach? The code must be busy enough! My point is really to say what a powerful aircraft the Hornet can be. With fully functioning HARM, JSOW, JDAM or even that superb ALCM and the Harpoon ASM, you can attack a defended target with just one aircraft! Well, there is only "the player", in P3d. The Targeting pod must be worth waiting for. The FLIR that locks to radar and HUD designated targets would be really nice.😀 Finally, glad the carrier radio is getting done! Only SSW had anything like a AI radio system and that didn't always work in P3d. They had some realistic radio sounds for CASE and the trap, but they didn't always "know" where you were? Javier's carriers may now look a bit FSX, but the ability to populate the decks with any level of aircraft is cool. That would be great in DCS. 😉 I am an old Falcon 4.0 flyer, so the new DCS Falcon is a future must have! But please bash on and finish the Hornet. She's a peach of an aircraft. Then I can stop flying the Superbug and moaning! Best regards David.
  25. Gary McCluskey

    Why PAX load is too low?

    I assume you mean the following screen when you talk about entering the load, etc? If so, I always use it. I enter the details, click the Genenerate Loadsheet, go into P3D, turn on the load in MCDU, and the fuel loads properly , but nothing else. MCDU won't load the fuel, and GSX doesn't either.
  26. I am trying to trigger a flow (for example after take off flow after calling Flaps 0, like we do in real life, I dont tell my PNF "after take off flow, the PNF does it automatically as part of his/her flow)...Trying to get this to work with the FSL A32X Thx John
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