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  2. @lownslo Greg, thanks for all that awesome advice! Printing it out. Now it's a little more intimidating but I'm sure I can work through it.
  3. That's supposed to day "chafed" wire.
  4. Thanks for the comments. And yes happy birthday John!
  5. paulyg123

    Help with 4k TV

    I have been running a 46" 4K UHDTV plus a 30" monitor using a TitanX card and a 7700 CPU. You gotta be getting awesome FPS with your set up. I am 40-50 fps now at 10,000 ft approaching KLAS in PMDG 747 - cockpit view.
  6. F737NG

    Bob Scott's Promotion

    @w6kd Congrats Bob!
  7. F737NG

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    All the very best for a rapid recovery, Jim.
  8. With Vsync set to on, correct?
  9. Howiefly13

    Start as Administrator!!

    Thank you!
  10. Airline2Sim

    issue regarding gsx config.

    I suspect that the AFD.BGL path in the config is wrong. I’ll look at this tomorrow but in the meantime if you open the files you will see at the top a path to the airport AFD file. This needs to be the path of your sim. I’ll fix it.
  11. vadriver

    AIG Wrong planes at different terminals?

    check out the afcads sub-forum at AIG for the many "reworks / updates" of airport parking .... they correct many / most of the discrepancies you are seeing. bottom line ...... airport scenery designers are notorious for paying little attention to the AI functionality.
  12. A $260 i5-9600K would be a much better choice for a CPU...a Z390 board with a non-K CPU on it is a pretty big miss, IMHO. You don't have to overclock it to the extreme edge to still get a big bump in performance over that ugly stock 3.2GHz clock speed on the 8700. A stock intel CPU cooler also sits squarely in the massively underwhelming dept. An extra $20 for a 750W power supply would be worth considering. I do not like running anywhere near the rated capacity of the PSU. I can live with the rest of the config. The delta from a 8700 and stock fan (Ick!) to a 9600K plus a decent CPU cooler (e.g. Corsair H100x AIO) is an extra $30. Regards
  13. honanhal

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Jim. Thanks for everything you’ve done for Avsim. James
  14. RXP

    Start as Administrator!!

    [username] is the user name you're using to log into Windows!
  15. P_7878

    War Weary

  16. P_7878

    Dushanbe to Beijing

    I'm glad your plane's high fuel consumption (let me recall, "....consumes Kerosene the way a Siberian drinks Vodka...)...🙂...takes you to all these exotic places just to refuel! BTW, many years ago, my long-time (American Taxi) driver was a Mongolian, who used to travel home (Ulaanbaatar) regularly, and tell me about the bitter-cold winters of Mongolia...I could trust him at 3am in a Chicago for a O'Hare Pick up... I notice Altai is far south-west of Ulaanbaatar...but, as you say, probably in the middle of nowhere... Nice pictures, all; especially liked (a) the banking ILS capture shot (b) the night-cockpits of the Russian Green
  17. Jim, I disabled TomatoShade and Reshade and updated to 4.5. Everything looks WONDERFUL! Just upgraded from a 1060 to a 2070 and I am finally pleased with the purchase. Thanks for the help! Screenshot!
  18. dmiannay

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    You're a stand-up guy and a man of fine character, Jim. You can count on my prayers as you face this trial. Philippians 4:6-7 comes to mind during times like this, "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ *******."
  19. P_7878

    "Avro" in Valdez airport

    Yes, beautiful! Extremely believable!
  20. Manny

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Sorry to hear about your health issue Jim.. You were good...Buddy! Hope you recover! Manny
  21. egguzman

    GTN 750 on a Tablet?

    I use a program call SpaceDesk. It works really well on my IPad 32gb 2017 version..I think it also works with any tablets and it is free...Check it out.
  22. ZKOKQ

    Bob Scott's Promotion

    Congratulations Bob.
  23. ZKOKQ

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    All the best Jim. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Take care, and look after your self.
  24. Thanks! Just trying to decide as to how much of an improvement in XP11 there'd be. Dave
  25. vgbaron

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    As you know Jim, I've been there, done that and have the scars but that was 1988 and medicine has come a long way since then. Believe me - a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE goes a long way in fighting your battle. We have your back - you will be missed. Get your wna back here ASAP. Best wishes and prayers, Vic
  26. egguzman

    Ifly 737NG 30% off

    lol..I know. Oh well, still a good deal. I might pick it up. Since I don't have any of the PMDG version and want a decent 737NG for my collection.
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