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  2. Lmaire


    Hi Joe, First, thank you very much for all that info about the 35A.. I try to find a takeoff Vspeed card like this one below but for the 35A. Any idea where i could find it? Regards.
  3. simbol

    July 11th development update

    You are right what do I know.. I have been only working as a Software Engineer for my last 22 years.. You go ahead and provide the enlightenment necessary to everybody.
  4. iMoveQuick

    Windows update broke the PMDG 747.

    I also tried to go manual en disable that option. Didn’t work 😞
  5. Oh yeah. On a professional system, the Users group would likely not be used since it gives access to all authenticated users. That's OK on our own personal systems no need to go over the top. That group is installed for us for the purpose. In a commercial development environment, there may be a secret new simulator group where I have access and you do not and there is also the old simulator group where we all get access.
  6. Just to be clear: There is nothing wrong with installing P3D or FSX on their own drive or wherever we like. It is only the possibilities of problems that expand when we do that. Ensuring access for the Users group is a simple step that in the least is a precaution worth implementing. Wherever you put the simulator.
  7. That's good. It is an expert setting, emko knows what he is doing, so use with care if it is your first time with those.
  8. There is a manual??? Just joking. Bryan, I love your product and in my opinion, your documentation is more than adequate. Just my two cents. Franklin Duncan
  9. snapshot21

    Windows update broke the PMDG 747.

    I believe you still have to disable "debug mode" in REX EF. Try the instructions provided by @ChrisDa a few posts back. I think your issue will be fixed.
  10. 188AHC

    July 11th development update

    Good gracious enough about the SDK. It will either be released with the sim or not. Instead of arguing semantics, wait and see,
  11. Thing to remember: Probably less than half my users actually read the manual 🙂
  12. mikelockwood

    Mixing P3D traffic with Voxatc traffic?

    Ok Jay, did some Googling. So Asti is irrelevant. Thanks for looking at files later. Mike
  13. Boeing or not going

    Question about configuring f1vc.xml

    I have the PC12 and just one 750_1 that makes the code I need 0000? Am confused sorry!
  14. ok ok, point taken. 🙂
  15. Today
  16. @Caribpilot can you please cross check this post in this discussion: Also, I can't find whether you've both integrated and discrete graphics on your computer. If this is the case you might want to review the "troubleshooting" chapter of the RXP GTN User's Manual about this.
  17. David Roch

    FS2Crew for the FSL is released

    I know how frustrating CTDs are but this problem seems to be related to the use of Chaseplane together with FS2Crew, so it was probably harder to pinpoint. No doubt that it will be fixed though.
  18. LHookins

    What we want

    Steve's already thinking about how to implement it. This is what happens when you're a developer. 😄 That's pretty interesting. Maybe we *could* do a "generic floats" thingy with the possibility of scaling them to volume and length, then sticking them on a plane and putting it in the water. Another thing I thought of is for those who want to replace the radial engines on a DC-3, for example, with turboprops, once they are created, either by the original developer or a modder later, you could flip a switch and get the necessary engine swap and all the instruments all in one package. The engine and propeller would all be implemented in the package along with any necessary instrument changes. I hope no one ever does this. 😄 Hook
  19. iMoveQuick

    Windows update broke the PMDG 747.

    Yes I am, but on the pmdg forum they said there was a hotfix, which I installed. Still nothing. Might delete the shaders first though.
  20. SteveW

    What we want

    ...something I wondered many years ago is that eventually in the GPU we provide the float CAD data including the material, and place it on a water object on planet earth, that then works out if it sinks or not on the fly.
  21. SteveW

    What we want

    See, floats are interesting! We get a point of balance shown in the plane schematic n the sim. It is the thing of computer programs to sort out all that, displacement volume of the floats and balance of course. Could be good.
  22. When I bought my current rig, I had only one SSD. So I installed it to the default folder (C:\Program Files...). When I bought another SSD (specifically for games) I moved the whole directory and made a junction ( so the system still thinks its on the disk C although it physically is not. Not a single problem because of this.
  23. Milviz

    pilatus porter (milviz)

    Nothing to see here...
  24. Caribpilot

    GTN650 Black Screen (resolved)

    I just gave it a try but it still doesn't work and this is all that shows up in the logs. 19/07/23 12:04:36.287 01712 - ] # rxpGTN.dll version 19/07/23 12:04:36.285 01712 INFO ] 19/07/23 12:04:37.719 01712 - ] # rxpGtnSim32.dll version 19/07/23 12:04:37.714 01712 INFO ] 19/07/23 12:07:09.266 11120 INFO ] GTN 650.1 - TRAINER 6620 19/07/23 12:07:09.870 11120 WARN ] GTN 650.1 process is running as-admin
  25. LHookins

    July 11th development update

    Don't bother, simmerhead. He doesn't have enough experience to understand. Can you believe what he wrote? If someone talks about going to the store to buy "a book" it isn't the same thing as an author talking about writing "a book", even though they're they same book. For some, "a book" means the physical object and can mean nothing else. I've read a few authors who had several books published online, which meant there was never a physical copy. So... what is "a book"? And what is a SDK? Hook
  26. If your Windows is secure, and you got typical addons that go in the program folder and write out to files, do you: tick the box, once in the lifetime of P3D or do you go down the partition, drive, UAC, Run as admin, check every addon installation, route ? I'll tick the box please Michael! (refers to old GB TV show)
  27. Torg Smith

    July 11th development update

    I just want to know if we will be able to park our airplanes in a hanger with doors that open and close.
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