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  2. futurebreadmachine

    Repaint Requests

    Denzel, you gotta link pictures that arent copyrighted, otherwise they will be removed lol! Happened to me once here. @Denzel
  3. Denzel

    Repaint Requests

    Thanks for all you do guys , but please make my dream come true by painting these two ones, please Best Regards
  4. That is simply not possible. You would have to have the source model assets, a lot of knowledge, and be able to recompile into a new interior model. You can only install the WX as a popup window.
  5. gaputz

    New FS9 Scenery

    Thanks! Unfortunately I've had a set back. With the finish line in sight, my scenery development computer died on me earlier this week.
  6. Thanks Adam! Is there a detailed user guide for PTA? I find little on their website about the tweaks and the possibilities.
  7. BALDEAGLE1947

    GTN 750 hsi is off 3 degrees

    I fly the default cessna 172 with G1000 and GTN 750. I observe a 3 degree difference in the hsi’s. How can I correct this? John
  8. Richard McDonald Woods

    Unable to login to FSDreamTeam

    Ray, I have the same problem and live in the UK. I shall clear my cache. Thanks for your help.

    Are FSX and P3D becomng step children?

    I don't have XP11 so I'm asking. Is it true XP doesn't have textures for seasons?
  10. futurebreadmachine

    Repaint Requests

    Wow, incredible that LIAT is available, I didnt know that, thanks a bunch 😄 Yeah they do haha. It's my regional airline and I see them fly by everyday thats why I hope someone can make them even if they're 72's 😍 If only Carenado would have done the 72 variant instead... oh well, cant have everything eh! 😄
  11. Mace

    Is a FMC Expansion a possibility?

    Probably what happened was, Ernie had the 64-bit version on his forum back then (that is where I got it from), and they have only now put it on simmarket.
  12. Thank you for the reply but I want to use voices for the US so other country voices don't really interest me.
  13. Flieger-Marius

    Repaint Requests

    LIAT has been done by Gunadeep Narendrapuram. See link below: Braathens only has 72s, but something tells me you knew that 😛
  14. Flieger-Marius

    EDRM-Repaints on the ATR42

    I have been making experiments to achieve the metallic paint finish of the Skyteam logojets using PBR materials. I succeeded on other planes but Carenado's are once again giving me a hard time, because they have been short-sighted (or indifferent) enough to make most channels ON or OFF instead of the full 255 range. Should I get it working, I'll do that repaint along with the CSA one.
  15. Okay, Jean-Luc, this is really weird. If I start X-Plane normally the 750 will have a black screen. However, if I start X-Plane and click on "Run as Administrator" the 750 will start up normally. Does that make any sense? Thanks, Howard
  16. Bert Pieke

    Advice needed with trouble shooting

    My guess is that you simply have to decrease the workload/complexity.. it does not matter which straw is breaking the camel's back.. just remove some load and things improve..
  17. A good test of performance in this area is to switch through the AI traffic. When one is selected further away from the user, there will be a little time while the view sharpens. Be sure to have overhead in the system so that the critical core is a little below 100%. The way the sim works is to maintain fps while the area around the viewer Is filled in - however long that takes. When the critical core is at 100% the background fill in performance is reduced. If the critical core is showing 100% it may be demanding anything, even 150 %, who knows?
  18. Jim, Thanks again for your help, I've learned a lot. Will do the clean install route. This issue is closed. Ted
  19. Camsdad13

    FS9 (FS2004) New KPHX Sky Harbor

    Hi Mitch, I'd be glad to try the beta. I fly in and out of PHX often for work. Thanks, Jeff
  20. futurebreadmachine

    Repaint Requests

    Hello! Would any of these be possible? LIAT operates alot in the Caribbean... 🙂
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  22. Hi, Noted ( Will try to fix it for the next version 2.4. Sorry, no. Certainly not for P3D and for X-Plane you can edit a text file if you really want to do this. This procedure stuff is so insanely complex that I'm already happy to display 95 percent of them correctly. Alex
  23. SteveW

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    So reading into that, it should be evident that current hardware has walked along a trail of performance improvements that are at the leading edge of consumer technology. These increases in capacity have not so much been increases of capability. The design of code supports the hardware technique. As far as cost or complexity is concerned. I mean that these things are relative to current development techniques based on the available consumer hardware. Given the time for a team to move onto goals of performance stability, that would become the norm and be no more complex or expensive as the norm is currently.
  24. I'm picking up next week a new desktop machine with the 9900k, MSI 2080, Z390, m.2 drives etc. When I finally get P3d rebuilt I'll try to remember to post how P3d performs.Interestingly the 9900k was within $100 +/- Cdn of the 8086, 8700, 9700. The 2080 was under $1000 Cdn. I got lucky with good pricing and jumped on pieces when I found a price i liked. Dave
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