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  2. Torsen

    EDRM-Repaints on the ATR42

    btw Marius... what about a beautiful ZK-MVA ANZ link black one? 😉
  3. Upgrading the RAM will make a small improvement but probably not enough to justify the cost and effort of changing it. The GPU is probably your weakest link but, if you stick with 1920x1080 resolution, you'll probably not notice much difference by upgrading it. Unless you move to a higher resolution (which would stretch your GTX 1060, particularly at 4k), overclocking the CPU would give you the biggest performance increase but may need a more efficient cooling solution depending on what you already have.
  4. GSalden


    Use Lorby Si’s Addon Organizer and change it into a XML addon...
  5. What I like is that when one weather engine developer comes with new features the others will follow and then one of them will come with new features ... Smooth transitions AS already has. SF will have that soon too. Then SF will probably have one or more new features later AS will also have those new features + one or more extra. Then REX will come with something new... 🤔 Regarding myself , as I am using WidevieW, I have to use Fs Global Real Weather as that is, at this moment, the only weather engine that is able to sync clouds on the networked displays... So I am waiting for REX / HiFiSim to have that too + new features... 🤓
  6. The command? It's under controls, a 'reload shaders' you need to bind.
  7. Torsen

    EDRM-Repaints on the ATR42

    air aurigny very nice... thx... Cheers T.
  8. By chance I saw a single contrail in the sky over my home 2 days ago and, as it is unusual to see a single contrail in this area, I thought I would check FR24 to see what it was as the engine sound was barely perceptible. It turned out to be a PC-12 from Luton to Shannon at FL260. We get the occasional An-12 from Eastern European 'tramp cargo' carriers flying overhead inbound to or outbound from Shannon, their transatlantic fuelling point, and I can almost always tell correctly in advance that it is going to be an Antonov from the unique reverberating sound of those Ivchenko turboprop engines. The only turboprop sound that was even more reverberating and dramatic was that of the Douglas C-133 Cargomaster and back in late 60s when the USAF/MAC still used these, they would regularly overfly my home on flights to Europe usually at quite a low altitude (were they unpressurised?) the sound often causing various things in the house to vibrate which irritated my parents although I loved it! If they were around today, I suspect that the politically correct noise lobby would have had them banned! Bill
  9. grandfred29


    And are you able to find it in scenery library?
  10. Ahhh, my face is red, I was using thew wrong key binding. All is well now!
  11. w6kd

    Released: Casablanca GMMN

    Maybe this will spur FSDG to get theirs released...their releases have been slipping like Oliver Hardy on a banana peel for 6 months.
  12. Well, I have to admit I didn't know that.....where is that located, under weather? Thanks
  13. scianoir

    Captainsim 707 high pitch in cruise.

    Most jet airliners fly with a nose up pitch of maybe 2 to 3 degrees as they have to maintain a minimum angle of attack to achieve a degree of lift from the wings equal to the weight of the aircraft, so it is not unique to the 707. As I understand it, at high altitudes where the air is less dense that angle may need to be slightly more than at low level. It isn't uncomfortable as a passenger as the nose up pitch is relatively slight and but in some airliners if you are looking forwards in the cabin you might notice that it is slightly uphill, particularly if it is a long cabin unbroken by bulkheads. Bill
  14. So then I guess I'm with Anders: what makes it different from the ActiveSky's 'smooth weather transition' feature? Don't get me wrong, EF seems very interesting, I'm just confused about what it does :) I won't be able to follow the live streams planned - will there be a transcript of all the questions asked and answers provided?
  15. klnowak

    New Release expected Today!

    Right EMail.... Serial that was told to me.... download installer a few times.... no antivire.... no firewall. also tried to use my handy as changing. And still no support. Greetings Klaus
  16. Yes it is, and many other things, and it works in conjunction with the weather engine that is running. Sky Force WILL have that soon, and free of charge to all our customers. Also, yes, it's really new tech in Environment Force.
  17. Benjamin J

    The Big Leap Forward

    Perhaps this is a totally silly suggestion but... instead of doing this complicated 'brain surgery', as you call it, wouldn't it be more straightforward to buy a new hard drive especially for P3Dv4? 1TB SSDs are not cheap, but also not nearly as expensive as they used to be a year ago.
  18. Novej757

    Slow to Climb?

    Hey @46Pilot great explanation thank you very much. May I ask in what situation would you use MCT. I find that she can still overspeed with everything set for cruise (PL white notch, CL Auto, Power management CRZ)....However if I switch to MCT she'll hold a steady cruise speed for me. Is this an allowed use for it?
  19. Swinden

    Real Traffic - No Data

    Thanks guys for the very quick response. I do have the latest version, but I will try to re-install. With regards to PSXT, Green status on top, though I do have KDEN (DEN)… no airport file? Before running PSXT, I did update ParkPosGen to the latest and ran that program. As for my add-on KDEN scenery it is FlightBeam.
  20. I just ran the e -commerce updater to update the GTN 750 to, but when I start the GTN in the aircraft, the initial screen just says 2.5.16 is this correct?
  21. Anders Bermann

    Almost ready : REX announcing Environment Force

    Noo... I suppose it isn't. But my question still stands - are this feature of cloud-building a Environment Force feature, or is - well, how does it work? 🙂
  22. Right... From what I understand, the SkyForce weather engine doesn't have this 'transitional' feature, but Active Sky does it - so it's not really a totally new, never-seen-before sort of thing, is it?
  23. I am also interested to see this in action. One thought that comes to mind with shaders changing on the fly is the smoothness of that change. One thing about ASCA I did not like was the dynamic changing of sky textures. It was usually very abrupt and would of course cause the shaders to be a little out of whack. This was especially noticeable to me since I have my VC tuned to a specific level of brightness (I generally keep mine more on the dark side). The sky would change and my VC would then not look right. I tend to use a single sky texture set now which prevents the issue. Looking forward to seeing and learning more about this!
  24. Today
  25. Excellent, thanks pracines for pointing out the drivers and also the tip on running it back and forth, will test it out. Jon
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