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  2. lownslo

    NOTAM about orbx airports

    I've always believed the Regions offer the best value from ORBX. I enjoy their airports, too (got plenty of 'em ) but the regions offer top quality mesh, landclass, and vector all in one package. Additionally, Regions also offer many upgraded airports. Regions bring great bang for the buck (especially during their sales). Greg
  3. fppilot

    San Antonio (KSAT) Scenery

    Only times I was at KSAT was when I arrived, and later when I left USAF basic training at Lackland AFB in 1970. August, 1970! Hope you travel on business or career. If so I recommend out of town travel in the month of August! LOL!
  4. jabloomf1230

    LOD Radius Hard Line Projection of Autogen

    First of all, LM staff tend to ignore most posts that have anything to do with 3rd party add-ons. They almost invariably leave the responses to other users. Second, they often don't address specific complaints about the core sim because they need to duplicate the issue on their test systems. Given the wide variety of hardware in the user base, that is really the only option. Forget about obvious problems that you guys are talking about for a moment. Think about the very minor issue with the bright green SpeedTrees. LM has never acknowledged that problem probably because it is such a peripheral issue. In V4.5 they did add several hundred new tree types, so it's not like they completely ignored STs. Recently I edited all the incorrect textures and posted a screenshot demonstrating the improvements (both here and on the official forum). Did LM staff respond? Nope. My guess is either they either A. don't care, B. don't have time to spend on such a minor issue, C. Are trying to duplicate my work or D. the ST license prevents any alteration by LM. My point is there may be a lot more going on behind the scenes in resolving an issue.
  5. Hello! i have a problem with p3d v4. No matter what airport or plane my p3d v4.5 freezes/stutters for about 3 seconds twice on takeoff then is buttery smooth for the rest. Any ideas anyone?
  6. Around 11,000 feet you should get a PA about electronic devices being ok to use. In cruise, if the distance to the destination is greater than 1000 miles, you should get a meal cabin pa. There's also an arrival PA at around 8000 in the descent. You won't hear these PAs in the freighter model. Cheers,
  7. I don't know what happened, but I installed several more planes and suddenly all of the external views are good. Who knows, Tom
  8. Piper5299X

    GN750 and justflight Archer/Arrow

    It reverts back immediately. When you enter in the GTN 750, the aircraft transponder overrides it, and it reverts back to whatever the aircraft transponder is set to. I hope that makes sense.
  9. Deltaair1212

    NOTAM about orbx airports

    Understandable. It was just a friendly community heads up about two airports that work without their regions 🙂. I know people wonder which ones work and which ones don’t but we can add KFOT, and 65S to the “will work” list.
  10. fakeflyer737

    NOTAM about orbx airports

    Depends on the Airport. For instance KMRY has many elevation problems if you don't have NORCAL installed. I've mentioned it to the Dev and he's not willing to do anything about it. There're a few other airports that I have that don't work "correctly" without the regions installed but I forget which ones. I have no idea why the youtuber "frooglesim" made such a big deal about this like 6 months ago.
  11. byork

    Install on P3D V4.4

    Glad you got it sorted 🙂
  12. Has anyone been able to drag a desktop window into P3D VR with the Oculus software? I get as far as enabling it in experimental mode, pressing A on the hand controller and the middle finger then dragging the window into oculus home environment and and moving it and resizing it with the hand controller. When I go full screen VR in P3D the window doesn't show. If you did get it working, did you see a performance hit? Cheers
  13. Deltaair1212

    NOTAM about orbx airports

    I know in the past it has always been a grey area about orbx airports with their respective regions. Many pass up good quality airports that orbx has rendered in fear of the scenery being mush without purchasing an expensive region pack that bogs down most systems anyways. I am here to tell you that today I took advantage of the orbx May sale which is 50% off of most if not all of their payware products. I bought KFOT, as well as 65S. Both are noted to *require* a specific region to “work”. I have tested both airports and they are good to go without purchasing the regions. In fact, they blend perfectly with my NA Land Class. I just thought I’d spread the word if anyone is looking for some good GA airports that aren’t going to break the bank! Hurry before the sale ends!
  14. Is nose wheel/tail wheel steering activated? Try pressing Shift+Q and see if you regain control. This is the default key command to unlock the tail wheel.
  15. Today
  16. I haven't flown my Bell 412 that high, but as a first stab at it, I suggest checking your payload and fuel weight. Try a very light loadout for pax/payload and half fuel. Also try one of the more basic liveries, because extras like SAR winch, nose radome, external fuel tanks and sling cargo extras are configured in the livery selection, and will add extra weight. You want a stripped-down helicopter at those altitudes. I don't have the Cabri G2 model, but the service ceiling for that one is only 13,000 ft. It's a piston engine, which if I have this right, doesn't do as well in the thinner air as turbines like the 412. Also the maximum ceiling doesn't usually refer to takeoff ability, just what you might reach in cruise. So that might be a realistic limitation for the G2. You want power to spare, and not too much weight to operate at those altitudes.
  17. they would look something like this 🙂 Just playing with this fictional livery. Still ways to go.
  18. Well my wife surprisingly gave me the okay for a modest budget ($1500-1600) to upgrade my P3Dv4 system. I've been limping along an I7-2600K build from late 2011 with respectable results, but it's time. Below is what I've come up with, any thoughts on system balance, or obvious poor choices etc... Rig is primarily for P3Dv4, but I do occasionally dabble in other games as well. i7-9700k ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-E G.Skill DDR4 3200 32GB (2x 16GB, Cas 14) Should I drop to 16GB and save some money? EVGA GTX 1070 Ti (just purchased used, will reuse) NZXT Kraken X62 AIO CPU Cooler 500GB WD Black SN750 M.2 2280 SSD 500GB Corsair SSD (reuse from current build) NZXT H500 Case Corsair AX850 Professional Series Gold 850W power supply (reuse from current build) Thoughts?
  19. Hi Don, What is his company called now? A link to the site would be great! Thanks -Rich
  20. Paraffin

    Active Sky For XP-11?

    ActiveSkyXP does come with replacement textures, but as far as I can tell, it's mainly aimed at performance and not eye candy. I don't see a major difference when using them. Later this summer (according to their earlier info) they may release an additional add-on that does a complete xEnviro or SkyMaxx Pro type cloud depiction replacement, that's very different from the default XP clouds.
  21. theophile

    FMS UNS-1 weights

    I think the fuel weights are in KG
  22. theophile

    Fuel Crossfeed

    Yes,and I now know that the best thing to do is to put the fuel crossfeed valve to open at the beginning of the flight.This does indeed keep the fuel tanks balanced.
  23. theophile

    WX Radar

    All of a sudden I found that it does work.With the HSI on full arc and the WX switch to on,I got a working WX radar to my big surprise.I hope you find this too Madair01 and thank you for your reply. I was also thinking that the TCAS was not functional,but there too,I got an image of an approaching plane. Vert satisfied with this plane now!
  24. I recently purchased the Eiger Park Scenery that has some high altitude (11,000 ft+) Helipads for launch. I can't get the B412 or the Cabri G2 to take off at these high altitudes, the engine don't seem to have enough power. I get an over torque warning in the B412 and lose all tail rotor authority when taking barely get off the ground, but then spins. I am sure that there is a setting or something that I am missing...any ideas?
  25. usairways56

    Active Sky For XP-11?

    Not sure if I'm completely missing something here but Active Sky for XP does come with replacement cloud textures .. on the main page of the program and left-hand side, "textures" with a cloud icon. Then you can install HD ones or performance ones Or is that not what was mentioned earlier with cloud graphics? Anyways I've installed the performance ones and they look great and perform better than default with higher anti-aliasing
  26. I am running 4.5 with the hotfix and am having major issues. The first thing I noticed was that Active Sky would display the message "Waiting for Simulator". Next, Chaseplane stopped connecting to the sim. Now my SimSkunkWorks Harrier causes a CTD. I know two of the tree addons use simconnect... not sure where to start in terms of troubleshooting. FSUIPC is the other addon using simconnect and it does seem to work. Last, the program load time seems to have increased. And I am seeing more CTD while 'flying'. I performed repair installs on the client but that did not help. Update: I am not convinced my woes are largely due to Simconnect. I have discovered another addon that is not working; the FltPlan Go app. Upon launch I get the following error: "Failed to connect to FSX: Error HResult E_Fail has been returned from a call to a COM component. I have re-installed four of the six simconnect.msi files in the redist directory, but this did not resolve anything.
  27. reecemj

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    No that's where I have to tweak. I'll get back to it after a few updates.
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