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  2. Autopilot could be better Throttle detent noises are annoying Very sensitive to controls when taxiing Could do with a proper tutorial flight rather than a long checklist A better paint kit!
  3. LecLightning56

    New Release expected Today!

    Yes, I guess it would be a bit too much to ask for if they had finally pulled the rabbit out of the hat with a more outstanding contribution. They may not be dedicated to the longer development cycle that we have come to expect from e.g. PMDG, but with that said I can think of at least one product which seems to have dragged on for a long while with no significant change in its status
  4. Reader

    New Release expected Today!

    Hello, you missed adding the negative feedback here and here
  5. Urmel81

    North Pole Scenery Issues

    I've the same. I don't think there is an fix for this.
  6. WVCitybilly

    New Release expected Today!

    Carenado makes an arcade product. They do not make a simulator quality one. Every plane I've bought from them has something(s) integral omitted, as if it's done on purpose. They've been enabled so long by people who do product reviews, that obviously, they don't care (if they ever did), and they'll crank out the new toy with all it's short-comings, then move on to the next one. As for fixing or updating the short-comings, in their own words: "It's not a priority." The negative feedback of Carenado can be summed up: They could be great, but choose to be mediocre.
  7. LecLightning56

    Few quirks, but she looks and sounds good!

    Very nice external appearances, but are there any significant problems?
  8. oneleg

    DCS on sale at Steam

    If you scroll down the page on the link provided above you should see something like this:
  9. Urmel81

    Bonaire AI Elevation Problems

    No Idea anyone? Nobody installed this addon?
  10. SAS443

    maddog problem

    The overhead integrated lights and flood lights have been moved to the aft OH panel since ACARS notification and reset switch is found there instead?
  11. rjfry

    New Release expected Today!

    Do they ever fix the ones they have already released and support them my first and only purchase not good and will be my last.
  12. Today
  13. Hello jabloomf1230, first of all: thank you for your help! I just started as suggested from you VoxATC Kansas City to Minneapolis St Paul Intl IFR. until now, my intalled voxatx is doing pretty much the same as described in the tutorial documentation. I am now mid fligh, before mason city transition (mcw) I will confirm the rest of the flight plan as soon as land at KMSP. benams1
  14. LecLightning56

    New Release expected Today!

    I have heard negative feedback about Carenado products which has put me off even thinking about purchasing, but this one catches my eye. I have heard that the FMS on some Carenado products is not a very complete product (this one boasts a UNS-1 FMS - is this the same that is used in other Carenado products?). Also, does anyone know if it has weather radar?
  15. simbol

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    Yea, it depends of the areas, but keeping the autogen in mid low levels helps a lot, specially with sttuters. Not sure where FSELITE got my comment, I think I was helping someone in one of the Facebook groups and my advise helped one of the users, as you know I give advice to each person based on their current needs and system. For example if someone tells me is using ORBX TE GB with 4.5, there is very little chance keeping the autogen in the middle will help given the amount of objects this addon has. But there you go, now that became apparently the official work around 🤔 Regards Simbol
  16. gsand

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    Agree with simbol Pete, very well said. I too started with Bruce's original and the distance now from FSX is huge. 64 bit alone makes it a new sim IMHO.
  17. simbol

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    Well said Pete 🙂
  18. This has nothing to do with PTA. It has always been that way with a low standing sun and cloud shadows enabled. Only workaround is to turn off the cloud shadows during dawn and dusk.
  19. navy840

    New Release expected Today!

    Hi. Happy Easter everyone. Please, can someone advise me why even Carenado refer to an ATR 42-500 as an AR 42-500 ? At first I was confused as I'm very familiar with the real aircraft and shape but I've worked in aviation, hands on with aircraft now for 55 years, owned a Sea Vampire ex RAN FAA so I'm knowledgeable to an extent and I was not aware of an AR anything. Looking forward to mystery being resolved for me. Google and Wiki let me down too re an aircraft type referred to as an AR ....
  20. Since yesterday I'm unable to access the website (Pilot2atc) either via Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. It says the site is unsafe and comes up with the following error - NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID Not sure if this is just my computer or more widespread.
  21. gsand

    maddog problem

    Morning Guys, There is some news at the Maddog forum: Stefano Posted 16 hours ago Hello Captains 👨‍✈️ We have found a major issue in Flythemaddog X that has required us releasing a new build to fix it. You can download the new 1.4b414 full installers from your simMarket account, or download the MD-82 and MD-83/88 incremental upgrades from our forum and just install them on top of the previous 1.4b412. Remember to export/import your fleet before upgrading. This is the 3rd release in 2 days, my apologies but the issue was discovered only after the b412 release and we wanted to fix it as soon as possible. Blue skies! Stefano They did move some light switches around for the ACARS, not sure which ones as I haven't had time to take a close look yet. There is an ACARS operational pdf that explains all this that came with the update package. Hope this helps.
  22. Personally I don't feel like people should be 'rewarding' them by blindly buying their product, at least not until they tighten up that marketing, release the promised video or see some more in-depth previews from other sources. It has already set a bad precedent within the flight sim community, that has spawned a lot of mediocre, overpriced products that never saw any real post-launch support. Their initial marketing is woeful.
  23. kand

    Simconnect fles for P3Dv4.5

    Install the SDK, navigate to C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 SDK xx\config\SimConnect use these but you will need to edit them with your IPs etc
  24. jcomm


    I believe he meant: and indeed, it's a ( FREE !!! ) game changer...
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