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  2. I saw the inside of one once at a museum in Nevada, the old Harrah's museum before they sold off a lot of their collection moved it to downtown Reno. It was an impressive aircraft to look at, a pioneer of the DC10, 727 and L1011 if you think about it. It was ahead of its time, I can only imagine flying in one, oldest airliner I have flown on is a PSA Lockheed Electra between SoCal and the Bay Area, which I flew on a couple of times before I flew my first jet ride, on a PSA 727. When I was five years old, back in '66, my Mom and my brothers and I had to commute to the Bay Area to be with my Dad, who worked at Mare Island while looking for a place up there for us to live, he finally found Napa and I moved there from Burbank on my Kindergarten graduation night, my last flight out of Burbank for some thirty years, just a couple of hours after a sleepy little kid graduated from Kindergarten, lol..... But I always woke up in time for the landing and to see the city lights of the SF Bay Area come into view. When you fly at five years of age, you get hooked on flying for the rest of your life, at least I did, and growing up for me it was all about aviation and tourism. I could not fly until Light Sport came into being around 2006, but I flew often for business and as a tourist, enough miles to have gone to the moon and back. John
  3. 46Pilot

    Slow to Climb?

    Yeah, I know it' confusing, but this is the way the ATR is measuring. Degrees of power lever deflection and percent of torque on the indicators... it' their logic...
  4. This sounds like exactly what you're looking for: Sadly, not free ($49.95) and I've no idea how safe/effective it is. There is a free download so you may get some sort of free trial with it.
  5. I bought a ride on one at an airshow years ago for my daughter and I. 80 mph GS or so. It was a slow lumbering flight but worth every penny! Great memories!
  6. The touch screen is 100% operation in VR mode! If you struggle with knobs etc this can be an alternative.
  7. I took my son on the first airplane ride in his life on the oldest flying passenger plane in the world, the Tin Goose. It appeared we were flying with the oldest pilot in the world too. 😁This was a momentous flight as a couple of weeks later this immaculate Ford Trimotor was destroyed in a crash in Michigan.
  8. virtuali

    GSX update on the way

    We posted another video, to show how easy will be to create a custom logo for operators and jetways in the next update: We always knew the GSX PaintKit was difficult to use, now thanks to P3D4, we got rid of it, in the most efficient way...
  9. Gandalf

    Please post the resolution

    Good idea, how do I do that? 😊
  10. Mazo

    Yoko+ PLUS yoke

    I ordered one from Virtual-Fly and it arrived on Monday of this week. Very impressed with the precision and feel of the controls. Quite a bit more accurate than my faithful CH Eclipse yoke that I have had for years. Expensive but for me, well worth the price. Lyn
  11. Bobsk8

    Fast and easy to fly GA Plane

    A2A is the gold standard for GA aircraft.
  12. rjfry

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    Same here start at EGLL and AI 100% FPS locked at 30 FPS at 23-25 start FFTF see the FPS go up,
  13. Hi Rick, Thankyou, I don't have or at least don't find the need to permanently change file attributes, but I do see what you are working toward so the link below might help, there are others but this one seemed like a good place to start. That also goes for the Password hidden folder YT vid, there are probably better ones out there but its a start. Using the CMD window "Attrib.exe" & switches, for a group of files or single file you may wish to permanently change. I would suggest isolating a copy of the files you wish to change before making attribute changes, thus preserving the original files and their original attributes. Then make your attribute changes to files in that isolated folder before burning to DVD. Here is a link and small tutorial article: The password "Hiding a password locked folder" method may not serve your purposes if you wish to share on DVD, because the folder would need to be unlocked and visible in order to copy/burn to DVD, defeating the password lock is still quite easy for a clued up recipient. Here is a YT vid for that also:
  14. rmeier

    GTN 650/750

    jovejunior, Another member had a similar issue to you with the aircraft turning to 360 degrees. According to the F1GTN_Setup_and_Users_Guide.pdf, on page 15 it describes an issue with how the flight plan is loaded into the GTN. The other member that had issues had to enter their flight plan manually into the GTN to correct their issue. Not sure if this info helps. Rob
  15. Rogen

    Fast and easy to fly GA Plane

    I like the Ant Tecnam Sierra. It's good fun flying (as an easy all rounder), is reasonably quick, very easy to fly with little learning curve, includes an easy to follow manual that's built in and accessable while flying and it supports 3rd party GPS like the F1 GTN 750. Plus he has a demo to trial with. And here is a short video of it in P3D v4 Prepar3D v4.4 short joyflight around Sekiu airport USA (11S) in the Ant Tecnam Sierra Cheers
  16. Not terribly excited for a Duchess in AFS2. The sim already has a Baron which is a much more suitable touring aircraft and not just a pure trainer. Seems like an odd choice for the first AFS2 payware aircraft. On the other hand I'm looking forward to their Arrow. Looks like it will be the turbocharged version too, which is a good fit as much of the scenery currently available in AFS2 is mountainous. There's a distinct lack of higher-performance, single-engine GA aircraft in the sim.
  17. 46Pilot

    Slow to Climb?

    @GeeBee in your last video, Ordinary day at office - ATR 42-500, at 00:45 it is very clear that the Power Levers (left set of levers from the quadrant) are in the notch position, small white mark, they are not "pushed well aft of the 68% TO notch" (PS: I'm saying again, the unit of measurement is not % !!!!, it seems you are not reading my posts at all ! ) OK, let's try something else..... See this photo. The power lever is at Ground Idle. At the base of the power lever, there is a small white triangle, attached to the lever. Do you see it? Good ( I hope ). Now, you read the position of the lever where that small triangle is, not anything else, just where the small triangle is.
  18. GSalden

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    No issues here... Working fine on both pc’s
  19. As stated in title, if I disable the "minimise to taskbar" in preferences, then pressing my "toggle UI" shortcut doesn't bring up the Chaseplane UI. Will hide it though if it's already showing.
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  21. Chuck_Jodry-VJPL


    Prepar3D - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications Douglas A-26 Invader (N4313) "Sweet Eloise II" by Jan Kees Blom Douglas A-26C Invader (AN-H) "Spare Parts Jr" by Jan Kees Blom Douglas A-26 Invader (43-22478) French AF GB 2/91 Guyenne by Jan Kees Blom Douglas A-26 Invader (44-34505) French AF GB 1/19 Gascogne by Jan Kees Blom Guardia Costiera 10-12 ATR 42-500 by Matthew Levi Flight Simulator X - AI Aircraft Air Europa Express Boeing 737-800WL by Christian Muenier
  22. FDEdev

    Slow to Climb?

    You must be blind, the PLs a clearly in the TO notch = 90% torque in your link. In the video you can clearly see the pointers from the torque gauge at the beginning of the yellow range = 90%. For some inexplainable reason in your ATR this means 68% torque and for 46Pilot the same position results in 90% torque. I have to admit that I don't know why 46Pilot started to use PL angles since this really confuses things and there are no cockpit and/or instrument markings which mention PL degrees. The CLs in AUTO means 42 degrees but he never uses degrees with the CLs.
  23. Rogen

    30hz vs 60hz

    You just do exactly what Bert Pieke says. "In P3D set fps to unlimited and vsync off. In RTSS, create a profile for Prepar3d, select Scanline X/2 and set the number beside it to a non-zero value. That is it." Then, after seeing it working you can experiment further with it or choose not to use it. Cheers
  24. 46Pilot

    Slow to Climb?

    Whaaaaaaaat???? Talking for so much time about this and you say this????? Man, I will tell you for the LAST time. Power levers in the NOTCH (68 degrees, not percent, DEGREES !!!!! watch the marking at the lever base !!!), TORQUE Indicator is 90 PERCENT ! Have you ever, ever read my previous post where I've described this?? See this screen shot from my sim, it has some red squares to make it visible and obvious for you! POWER LEVER NOTCH (white marking, 68 degrees), CONDITION LEVERS AUTO, TORQUE INDICATOR 90% !
  25. GeeBee

    Slow to Climb?

    Woah horsey .... the TO notch is NOT 90%. Watch the videos. The TO notch is around the 68% mark. It is not I, that is mixing stuff up.
  26. Of course it's smaller since it doesn't contain any performance tables….
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