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  2. por930

    Roll back Chaseplane update

    Hi Keven, When I first booted up P3D and loaded an a/c, chaseplane activated. It brought up the message that a new version was released, i ignored this for a bit and chase plane worked as usual. Then for some reason, I must have ticked the message, thinking...go away...It did, but I must have told it to update(I hate this...wish it would "offer" to update or remain at the present version) then when i went back and tried to access my cameras, all internal camera selections would not move off my last selection(FMC). The external cameras worked ok? I did wonder if for some reason, it wanted me to rebuild all new internal camera views, though, did not try this. So, I thought the easiest solution was to roll back to my previous P3Dv4.4 version while resolving this issue.
  3. dresoccer4

    How To Load Flight Plan

    i tried searching this topic before asking but could never find a solution. i want to load a flight plan i made in other software. i've tried to follow the user guide to the letter, but it's confusing. here's what i did: 1) create a shortcut called "FPLN" in C:/ProgramData/Garmin/Trainers/Databases/GTNNAVDATA that points to my x-plane flight plan folder, 2) put the starter pack .gfp flight plan and user.wpt files in the x plane flight plan folder 3) open Xplane and go to flight plans, click menu. however there is no import button thanks for any help
  4. dresoccer4

    Expired or Invalid??

    re-installing seemed to fix it. not sure what went wrong the first time
  5. Bert Pieke

    Carenado GTN 750

    Do you have this in your panel.cfg file: [Vcockpit05] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_5 gauge00=rxpGTN!GTN_750_1, 0, 0,667,794,NO_BEZEL ?
  6. John_Cillis

    Yakovlev Yak-18T

    I found the issue, it is Firefox for some reason. Downloaded with Chrome with no problem, plus another aircraft I wanted from the same site.... John
  7. jt8d9a

    Yakovlev Yak-18T

    hmm i had no problems. It´s on google drive. Are you sure that you completely downloaded the file? And did you use 7zip to unpack it?
  8. AnthonyMP

    FMC "Prev Page" & "Next Page" Crashing sim.

    *BUMP* Any ideas? Very annoying problem :/
  9. John_Cillis

    Yakovlev Yak-18T

    Great shots... . Wanted to download this but I get errors when I try to unzip, and a malware alert on some of their other suggested unzipping apps. The site that hosts the file has always produced errors when I have tried to download other files from there. John
  10. Uncheck Raleigh Scattering that also causes a blue haze effect. But it is there in reality :
  11. Today
  12. I'm currently running P3D v4.4 with a GTX1060 6GB and a Ryzen 5 2600 @ 3.4GHz, 16GB DDR4 and SSD. I have a fairly limited budget, and my question is if I would see the biggest FPS increase by upgrading the CPU to a Ryzen 7 2700X, or by upgrading the GPU to a 1070 8GB or RTX2060 6GB. I know these are fairly specific questions but any help would be appreciated.
  13. Lorby_SI

    LorbyFlashlight no run

    If those paths really are different as you show them, then that is probably why it doesn't start. Question: how did it end up in the add-ons.cfg and which add-ons.cfg are we talking about? The one in ProgramData or the one in AppData\Roaming? Another question - why do you have so many packages (135)? Remember that you don't need a single add-on.xml for every single scenery. You can add multiple sceneries to the same add-on.xml. Best regards
  14. Noel

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    Weird as can be! You can't turn down demand on the main core? That is something I've never had happen.
  15. Nice little video from The Flight Sim Deck Scary as heck coming to a stop right on the edge of a cliff like that........
  16. Vindeballe


    Apparently you know the numbers, why don't you tell us?
  17. Keven Menard

    P3D v4.5?

    No issues with PrecipitFX and 4.5 @boomerc154, what is the subject of the message you send us (or the first part of the email address)?
  18. Keven Menard

    Roll back Chaseplane update

    What do you mean by "chase plan not too happy with this move"? CP should work with 4.4 without issues even after a reinstall of the sim...
  19. I just bought orbx ftx England and when i tried to install it the installer couldn't find any option at please select the version to install. here is the screenshot What should I do now? I have orbx global and My libraries are updated. Any help will be higly appreciated :)
  20. Agreed with above. I fully support the ones who offer free upgrades. I’ve been super grateful for FSDT with how they’ve supported multiple versions.
  21. John_Cillis

    NWWE to NWWW

    The Robin is such a great aircraft! John
  22. jeansy

    Matts ATR Paints

    no i dont sorry, due to a number of reasons, as you can see it leads to a flood of requests which is one of the main reasons why i dont i recommend that someone creates a repaint request thread, so other painters can chime in and take on requests as they seem fit, this will prevent each painters preview thread being bombarded with requests
  23. Matsu787

    Carenado GTN 750

    Bill, They are all showing version I want to purchase that new Carenado A42 and i wonder if that's gonna be a problem loading the integration with the GTN750. The Window pop up docking has no problem even with other third party aircraft models. It works flawlessly. But Carenado designed their model to integrate with this GTN750 within the VC and it ain't happening on my setup. The PC12 has two NAV equipment, it's able to display the GTN750 on the smaller Nav system but not the actual panel. So it is displaying but not on the panel that was integrated to be used. Matsu
  24. Sethos1988

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    Honestly, I've just given up and waiting for the fix. I still fly and take a sip of coffee during a freeze, so that's a lot of coffee. Mainly I just stick to some VFR around some less autogen dense areas. Hopefully that hotfix is due any day now.
  25. I must have some how updated Chaseplane to P3Dv4.5 version...but i still only have P3Dv4.4. As chase plan not too happy with this move, how do i roll back the update to .37 until such times I update P3Dv4 to v4.5?
  26. navy840

    New Release expected Today!

    ;) Hello, gents. Thanks for engaging with me concerning the ATR vs AR matter which I raised only as Carenado posting the product to the world as an AR is to myself and my work colleagues akin to calling a Bae 146 a B146 or a BMW a BW. It's title is suddenly unrecognisable to those who would know. It's an intellectual model produced for entertainment. I do get that. However we should be careful with "She'll be right". Carenado is in my humble opinion the best of the best for providing a reasonable simulation product with mostly outstanding appearance compared to most competitors at a reasonable cost and which is aimed at making it user friendly for the general population. Most of my 'hangar' is comprised of Carenado stock. I have lived my entire working life working on, in and around aircraft be they military or civilian, piston powered, turbo prop or jet, flying school bug smashers, commercial airliners, corporate jets and warbirds. To my prehistoric formed thought processes the act of referring to an aircraft name albeit an acronym and dropping part of it perhaps in distortion, colloquial slang or 'didn't know better' apparently annoys my 'old timer' professionalism. Such is the fate of purists. lols ... Please be assured I'm not being pedantic. I just hope such small errors now common place don't produce cemented ignorance in upcoming generations by corruption of standards, significant or trivial. Kindest regards to all.
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