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  2. That is what I see as well, but if I then turn on Vsync that Core usage drops.. Not sure it makes the airplane fly better.. but that is what I observe.
  3. eslader

    Upgrade advice P3DV4

    I'm doing just fine on my AMD 2700x in p3d with lots of addons. And AMDs suffer less of a performance hit from the Spectre/Meltdown fixes, which is nice if your sim computer is used for other stuff as well. Personally, I go with whichever brand's fastest chip is cheapest in a chip/mobo/heatsink package at the time I buy.
  4. I am still not convinced that this is "an issue".. The sim is designed to load up the first core for rendering and use the other cores for loading.. It may not look pretty when you stare at Windows Task Manager, but it flies smoothly and looks great! I am not going back to V4.4.
  5. Oculus tray tool is optional but recommended
  6. airernie

    More AI Traffic

    BTW, if you do decide to go the AIG route, most of the aircraft you will need are linked on the AIG forum page titled "Looking for a AI Model"
  7. w6kd

    Ethiopia crash

    The reality is that there is not (and never will be) enough training time available to practice every conceivable emergency. You get a small cross section of situations in the box that exercise the major skill sets (e.g. single-engine ops, rapid decompression/emergency descent, ground evacuation etc) but the number of possible emergency situations are legion and practicing them all is just not possible in the limited time alotted. That's why we have QRH checklists and why pilots are expected to understand system operations in detail. You are absolutely expected to work through all but the most catastrophic emergencies using basic cockpit resource management, the available procedural guidance, your systems knowledge, and your flying ability and proficiency. For example, there are myriad possible smoke/electrical fire scenarios, maybe hundreds of them, depending on if it's a component, a bus fault, a wiring fault etc. No way to practice every variation or even most of them. You're trained in the first save the pink flesh (get your O2 and smoke mask on), have one pilot flying, and get the other into the QRH checklist to work through the decision tree and (hopefully) find/deal with the problem. Depending on what it is (or if you're even able to definitively identify what it is) you may end up having to depower equipment or even entire electrical busses, and both pilots have to put their thinking caps on to make sure they understand the systems implications of what pulling those breakers means. There are so many possible branches to these kinds of scenarios there's no way to practice them all...but heck yeah, you have to be ready to deal with all of it despite not having seen that exact problem in the sim. Regards
  8. Jens Tijtgat

    Virtualcol A220 Released!

    I really find the sounds very dissapointing.. Anybody found an alternative?
  9. Hi. What might be some causes for a CTD when trying to increase the Number of World Objects to anything higher than "Minimal"? This will happen when first loading a flight or in the middle of a flight. I've tried all the usual tricks (Checked RAM, re-installed XP, latest video driver, no 3rd-party plugins, rebuilt Preferences,TDR adjustments, changed planes, airports etc.) to fix the problem. Running only default planes and plugins. My specs are: 3770K@4.4GHz., 24GB RAM, 1080Ti SC w/430.64 driver, XP 11.34r1 and Win 10Pro v.1809. Thanks in advance. Jeff Smith
  10. Bert Pieke

    Autopilot popup panel enhancements

    The VS wheel between the seats clicks but the popup does not (without my fix..) As for the HDG knob, that is the way it works in other airplanes.. maybe the Falcon is different..? Who has the Pilot's Guide for a Collins or Sperry autopilot?
  11. You'll be good to go. Although I don't know if you'll need the Oculus Tray Tool (OTT) Doubtless HiFlyer will know.
  12. Garys

    Ethiopia crash

    In regards to the EXTREME FORCES lets not forget about the elevator feel shift function. Although it can also be instigated by the SMYD during a stall by reducing hydraulic pressure, in flight the faster the airspeed the harder the pressure will be on the controls because that's what those two static probes on the Vertical stabilizer are there for, they directly put static pressure on the feel system. So regardless of what caused the initial aircraft nose down attitudes - They had no chance of trimming manually at those airspeeds as has been demonstrated as they were the ones who put these EXTREME FORCES on the airframe by keeping the throttles firewalled. The mistakes made during the recovery phase are a big contributing factor in this accident. Regardless on what side of the fence you sit on learn more about the aircrafts systems and how they factored into the recovery or lack thereof.
  13. Will this work with P3D automatically, or do you need other addons to make it work?
  14. Sethos1988

    P3d and updates

    Full price of the license
  15. That makes even less sense. I mean, what are they doing? Are they acting offended? Did i get it right?
  16. Howiefly13

    Start as Administrator!!

    I'm sorry Jean-Luc, but it did not work. It only started when I started as administrator. I did as you instructed above, but I can't attach a copy to show you. Howard (DESKTOP-Q847QE\Howard)
  17. Drumcode

    REX Sky Force technical update 2.2 available

    SkyFarce finally delivers!
  18. Greggy_D

    Windows 10 1903 released
  19. Maury Pratt

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Indeed Keytruda is was!
  20. Robsi60

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Thanks. I was assuming it. At the moment I'm preparing a flight and closed SF 😊. I foregot to mention bevore: Federico was of great help for me getting EF the way I wanted. I'm not a good tweaker 😂. Regards, Robert

    Dark Realair Duke B-60

    Hello Reader, Good idea, thanks but I no luck there either. Eric
  22. AUjeffk

    P3d and updates

    No, you don't have to pay for the updates. You may have to occasionally upgrade 3rd party add-ons after major updates though, usually for a discount. EDIT: I've only had P3d since 4.4, so I wasn't aware that you pay for updates for new versions. How much are these (i.e. V5?)
  23. Bunchy

    P3d and updates

    You only have to pay for major upgrades. If you buy 4.5, then, if there is a 4.6 released it would be free. If the next rlease is V5, then you buy again. Hope this helps Stu
  24. Thanks lol. Not only was this my first repaint but I am learning to use Photoshop at the same time so it made it even harder. Don't know what problem you're having with the Md-11 but I'm sure you will be able to figure it out so don't give up.
  25. thefrog

    Water lapping sounds in floatplanes

    Thanks very much for all your replies: I did actually have a go at finding a wav file from another aircraft which had water lapping sounds and modified the sound.cfg as per your example Charlie - and it worked! Fantastic. Thanks very much!
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