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  2. Thanks Stewart - I love watching these videos - as well as Premier1Driver and Steveo1kinevo - I can only drool over the positive and vibrant attitude our American friends have towards General Aviation, compared to where I live where it is treated with disdain and contempt. I would love to do some serious flying in the USA.
  3. ray hughes


    I think this thread needs to be closed. What value it brings to the rest of the community is dubious and it personally cause me displeasure to read the on just how off topic this has become. Yes, I want the Aerosoft Airbus to be perfect.. don't we all. And no-one can say that Aerosoft has not been active in producing updates..and some updates causing more issues.. but the Professional series has been out for a while now and they continue to bring out patches and updates. I applaud this. It is clear to me the reading some of the responses there are other agendas to cook here. Some of the participants have clearly been unsatisfied with Aerosoft as a company, their products, or their responses. As for me - you pay for what you get. I have never attached any significance to just how in depth the A320/A319 simulated the real Bus.. I just enjoyed it for what was on offer. It seems to me you get a lot for the price.
  4. GeeBee

    PBR update available for PMDG 747/8

    Could be right. Seems to be worse at the hull panel joints /seams...... May actually be a different issue entirely.
  5. Hi, David. He also works ATC in Chicago, as does the wife. Different sections, though. He has a video "I Love My ATC" in which he and his wife are in comms while he's enroute to someplace or other.
  6. Anyone know what he does for a job? I know his wife is an ATC. Just wondering how he finances his upgrades - having done these things myself in real life, I know they aren't cheap! Great video, I've never flown a 310.
  7. futurebreadmachine

    Repaint Requests

  8. As far as am aware your not aloud to talk about FSL DRM on there forums unless that’s changed but you have now made two replies in a row bringing up the dirt on FSL. As Anyone here from FSL spoken disrespectful about aerosoft? But you thought it fitting to have two goes at them? Just when did this topic turn into FSL v Aerosoft debate? I’m not going to talk about it but all I will say anyone who talk about it like you is I’ll informed. If your asking people to retract there statements then you can start by retracting totally uncalled for blatant slurs on FSL when this topic as nothing to do with them. FSL DRM also has nothing to do with a topic on the Aerosoft update. Unless someone says there an alternative means you can let loose? Best wishes! PS: On topic this update looks like nothing more than an update to the connect flight deck, that is a great edition to any aircraft. For anyone who likes or wants that feature.
  9. Coqui297

    1st Flight

    FMS Database taking a long time to load ?
  10. No problem glad we could clarify that for you.
  11. @RXP Hey Jean-Luc, I got a little confused from the thread replies whether the update was meant to try to fix the issue in the AirFoilLabs 172. I tried the new version and unfortunately, the problem still persists. Just an FYI. -Paul
  12. All good points, Frank. I only remember his remark about the wonky gauges, so it stuck with me. Stew
  13. Today
  14. Sounds good. I'll set it to 5m and do some testing over the next few days. Thanks. To answer the airport question, it's KMSP by Flightbeam.
  15. He does have the readings from the digital engine monitoring gauges as well, and clearly that is what he focuses on. But as per that comment he made, is it wonky gauges or is it the the calibration of the levers/cables? Seems that if the gauges are wonky, then shouldn't the levers be at matching settings? If the calibration is off from lever to lever, then wouldn't calibrating them align the gauge readings? I have watched videos from another Cessna twin pilot and he also seems to index his mixture lever positions.
  16. I have found that decreasing the scenery distance actually helps. I tried the tweaks to increase distance and I ran into severe long frames at airports near big cities with lots of scenery objects whenever nose of plane pointed in the direction of those objects. On final approach within 5 nm your airport objects should have already loaded. Decreasing this value does not decrease the quality of terrain textures, only the objects like buildings and wind farms.
  17. How much more FPS will I see with an i7 9700K?
  18. Lorby_SI

    LorbyFlashlight no run

    That is the general idea. That way you can try out texture replacement addons too without actually replacing anything in your simulator core folders. I did this with Rex Worldwide Airports HD for example, so I can turn it on or off when needed.
  19. Yes Pete, I watched all the reviews on YouTube and they all said the same, A top class product. For my pocket there a lot of money but the build quality is there and the sound like all the reviews I have to say is incredible.
  20. ols500

    New airports in ultimate traffic live

    UTL devs has dipped I swear 😞 I think the guys wife had awful cancer so he had to stop it. Why can't any other company produce a HD AI pack? I don't understand...
  21. I will have problems such as yours or even during a landing if my terrain mesh setting is further to the right than 5 m. This problem has been around awhile and usually is quite common where the runway is near water such as CYVR, KSAN and VHHH for example.
  22. downscc

    pmdg 747-400 update

    Their support forum is at Which is a user to user forum. Your portal for support direct from PMDG is
  23. Just picked it up. Flies really nice. A couple minor annoyances, but nothing that makes it not worth owning.
  24. DaveCT2003


    By the way... I only started working for Aerosoft Corporate this year, so my post about the DRM debacable wasn't about competition. To be clear, the FSL Airbus and the Aerosoft Airbus are two different products for two different markets, there is no competition from our perspective and if we felt otherwise then we'd have taken them to court over using our Virtual Cockpit in their Release version of their Airbus... but we excepted their apology and moved on, but it was a total camper move to even use our VC during development, let alone release. Keep in mind that VC Graphics represent the largest single amount of work of any airliner project. Moreover, two weeks ago I reminded our CEO and Program Manager that I would warn the entire flight sim community if I found a security issue with our brand new Networked Based Connected Flight Deck (which even though it's in Beta, it's really something!). That was me reminding them both of what was essentially a threat. I have a long history of doing what is right in and for the flight sim world, and I think most people know that I care more about flight sim and the community than any of the developers I've worked for (Majestic, Leonardo, Aerosoft, and many more). But if any of them pulled the a stunt with their DRM software then I'd not only quit, I'd warn the community and then hammer them for it. But they are all wonderful people and terrific developers who truly care about our community, and they would never do something like that. Best wishes.
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