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  2. scianoir

    Carenado ATR-42!

    The Bunny has come early! Bill
  3. Great deals in this sale - just picked up the Vulcan, Lancaster and Duchess for £40! All developed by the JF in-house team so they should be very good quality. Working out the function of the Vulcan’s systems alone should keep me busy for a while! Bill
  4. RESENTIUM.COM LTD. - GLOBAL EARTH X-PLANE 11 - EUR 69.90 Global Earth - A new era of representation of reality in the simulator. New product for X plane 11 released!
  5. You need to start the second leg from EGUY not EGUN.
  6. Hi RXP - that's probably the problem...any idea how to fix, if possible?
  7. sganoflegend

    No T/D or T/C

    Hello there, as I was in a flight I have noticed that There is no Top of descent, Top of cruise or anything in my ND does anybody know how to fix it?
  8. JLuis

    New Release expected Today!

    Nice news! I am waiting for review before I buy it.
  9. Nope: Do a search in YouTube for comparison and benchmarking a 2600K vs 8700i and be surprised. Like I said, I even can do VR with it and you can forget it with a 3.5 coffee lake.
  10. crosswind

    New Release expected Today! is a bit slow though!!
  11. orbmis


    Is there any information re: minimum/required version of P3D?? Still v4.4 or is v4.5 now required? Mike
  12. LecLightning56

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    Is anyone the wiser for whether or not LM intends to release the fps fix independently of the cumulative fix that Rob McCarthy has advised of in the LM Prepar3D forum (fps thread locked for the time being)? He did advise that the cumulative fix will be released within the next few weeks, which is a long wait for those affected by fps issues.
  13. cmpbellsjc

    FSCAI integration with CCP for dogfight scenario

    Your answer to the P3D workings were answered in your other topic.
  14. Dave_YVR

    No AI traffic at KLAS

    As mentioned in the FSDT forum, do you have other traffic nearby within your traffic bubble (overflying high overhead for example) ? Have you searched for any rogue FS9 formatted traffic files in your system that would cause that very issue?
  15. I live in Canada and had enough of snow. I prefer flying in a nice snow free environment.
  16. Greggy_D


    I take it the managed speed bug isn't fixed yet. (Where the plane just falls out of the sky.)
  17. SmiffyRebel22

    Button 9 of Saitek Yoke

    Thanks for your help Mustang 242 I Turned Off SPAD Next while setting up chase plane and that cured the problem Cheers John
  18. michelh

    UWXP latest.

    I cannot wait.Looks awesome.
  19. michelh


    Yes, they really do a good job. I have there US sceneries for P3D, however I deleted P3D since every time I added an aircraft, P3D ask me for registration.I finally ran out of registrations and could not be bothered mailing them since x-plane 11 is all I need now.
  20. SunDevil56


    Arthur, does this require a complete uninstall of the old version and reinstall of v1.2.4.0....?? If that's the case I suppose you'll lose all of your'e installed liveries..?? I have about a dozen or so, and re-installing that many liveries is a bit of a chore..
  21. I've just buyed UTLIVE to get the new airport of Dakar (GOBD) But only the old airport (GOOY) is present and there's no traffic in GOBD . Is there a solution to add new airports on UTLIVE please
  22. Thanks for the clarification... my meds must have kicked in 😉
  23. Which I can confirm. I made a test with Virtual Cockpit on vs. off even in a C172 time ago and if memory serves me right fps differed between ~22 and ~30 in the same situation. And, yes, I am watching out for those higher resolution VR sets, too. Kind regards, Michael
  24. Today
  25. That must be it. I've noticed, predictably, DRAMATICALLY better performance when there's no Virtual Cockpit and only the "view ahead". If I had space for it, I'd thought about a G1000 real hardware setup and only scenery on screen, but honestly what I'm really going to go back to is VR once these higher resolution headsets are out soon.
  26. ahh lol, I thought the meant to say he upgraded from FSX to P3D.. FSX products in P3D work in compatible backward mode, if it is not working anymore.. maybe it is time to get something designed for P3D. S.
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