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  2. Ephedrin

    Missing SIDs from navdata

    The database on the identification page of the FMS shows the correct cycle?
  3. igorbischi

    Missing SIDs from navdata

    Hello, I have the latest navigraph airacs (1904). Some SIDs on LIRF are present in navigraph charts but not in PMDG database. For example, NEMBO6A, GILIO7G, all the three TIBER... are missing from LIRQ.txt on PMDG/SIDSTARS directory. I try to delete and reload SIDSTART + NavData, but the result is the same. Igor
  4. Rogen

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    Having worked in several software developement business I've garnered some pretty good hindsight in software release practises. And testing is always a pain, but sooner or later you'll reach a testing stage where you'll think the software is good enough (no show stoppers you're aware of) and release, because basically you cannot just keep on testing indefinitely. Of course as soon as you release many more people will be using the software in different circumstances and typically there are a whole new wave of problems to deal with that you never suspected even existed. So onwards for the next release fixing those new probs and building new features at the same time. I've seen release schedules, where identified issues and new features are added each week, can be hard to get a stable build though. I've also seen where managment states a release date and come hell or high water out the software goes and then the org deals with any issues post release. Still others don't do any testing at all other than what the developer may do themselves (hint, never a good idea to rely on a developer who is already under pressure, to subjectively test). I've even seen software with years of investment costs and time just abandoned because of a change of management direction, FSX would be a good example but there are many more within Enterprise level software development that you'll never hear of. So how do enterpise level orgs deal with the above types of issues? They run multiple builds e.g. Test/Dev/Prod and always have a rollback option. Not every one has the luxury to run multiple builds but for P3D it is the Client installer that provides rollback, install just the client, test under a variaty of conditions and if OK continue, otherwise rollback to the previous client. I updated the client and just the additonal third party items needed, tested and noted issues, read forums, found out what was going on and then rolled back to v4.4 client so I could still happily sim while awaiting LM to deliver a fix. Cheers
  5. klnowak

    Why no tech support from Carenado???

    Baught the at42 yesterday on their homepage and the installer did not work. Every time it said "serial not valid" Wrote to service desk. No answer till now. So .... spend money for nothing. Greetings Klaus
  6. Is that a fully working 747 ?
  7. zmak

    New Release expected Today!

    GTN 750 form F1 as a pop up will work
  8. Hello, I tried a couple of flight plans: - different transition point: AKELU instead of diski - no transition point at all, so that voxatc can assign one. Regarding the trans alt, I used as mentioned in the ELLX charts 4500ft. Ok, I will give it a shot and contact voxatc support. And again, thank you! The fact that you observed the same behaviour at ELLX is an important information for me! Best regards Benams1
  9. Actually, the reason they do the sea recoveries is because they use too much propellant boosting the payload to get back to land, and the extra fuel and weight doesn't cost much. The part that was missing this time was updating the robot used to secure the rocket so it can handle the Falcon Heavy centre cores.
  10. Christopher Low

    Having a weird intermittent problem with takeoffs.

    What is your mesh resolution setting? I have noticed that this can happen if the resolution is set higher than 5 metres.
  11. Rogen

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    I've heard the high usage of one core described as being the main controller core. And for myself killing core zero and then re-enstating it does nothing other than push the main core thread onto a different core where it still happily uses as much of the Core's CPU % as it needs. What I do is use Process Lassoo, being the nice handy tool it is you can push literally everything off core zero apart from P3D. That way there is no contention of core zero and P3D has it practically all to itself. Usually I go a bit further and push everything to Cores 4~7 so that P3D can use 0~3 for it's own use and run P3D with a priority of Above Normal. But then again I also overclock and like trying out little tweeks and such in an effort to gain smoothness without overloading the GPU/CPU. The biggest difference was to go to a monitor with a 30 Hz capability because then I could VSync and achive a very smooth 30 fps, that was before I found out about RTSS though and I might have stuck with my old 60 Hz monitor had I known about RTSS and its capablity to perform a 1/2 vsync rate (e.g. (60 Hz / 2) = 30 fps or (30 hz / 2) = 15 fps). In actuality although it's difficult to achive a high enough frame rate to vsync in P3D once a few addins have been installed but I do have games that are much harder on both GPU and CPU, e.g. Crysis 1, same deal great fps while stock, but the time immersion, Ai and HD packs are installed the max frame rate is ~24 fps, and SkyRim Special Edition, I have around 150 odd mods installed all of which chew on the CPU/GPU, however both of these are still highly playable and feel much smoother than P3D does anyway probably because P3D has a hard time maintaining a steady framerate. Just waiting on those Ryzen 3 3850X with 32 threads @ 5.1 GHz to come out then I'll begin planning a new build, hopefully NVidia prices will have come down by then as well. Cheers
  12. klnowak

    New Release expected Today!

    Baught this one yesterday on their homepage and the installer did not work. Every time it said "serial not valid" Wrote to service desk. No answer till now. So .... spend money for nothing. Greetings Klaus
  13. Today
  14. por930

    Roll back Chaseplane update

    Hi Keven, When I first booted up P3D and loaded an a/c, chaseplane activated. It brought up the message that a new version was released, i ignored this for a bit and chase plane worked as usual. Then for some reason, I must have ticked the message, thinking...go away...It did, but I must have told it to update(I hate this...wish it would "offer" to update or remain at the present version) then when i went back and tried to access my cameras, all internal camera selections would not move off my last selection(FMC). The external cameras worked ok? I did wonder if for some reason, it wanted me to rebuild all new internal camera views, though, did not try this. Also, I noticed I was using views I set up for the QW 787-8 in the 787-9, and wondered later if that had upset chaseplane at all. So, I thought the easiest solution was to roll back to my previous P3Dv4.4 version while resolving this issue. I shut the whole system down for 30 minutes and when I restarted Chaseplane, all was well again with version...1.0.38. Not sure why, as I did nothing else!! Computers....
  15. dresoccer4

    How To Load Flight Plan

    i tried searching this topic before asking but could never find a solution. i want to load a flight plan i made in other software. i've tried to follow the user guide to the letter, but it's confusing. here's what i did: 1) create a shortcut called "FPLN" in C:/ProgramData/Garmin/Trainers/Databases/GTNNAVDATA that points to my x-plane flight plan folder, 2) put the starter pack .gfp flight plan and user.wpt files in the x plane flight plan folder 3) open Xplane and go to flight plans, click menu. however there is no import button thanks for any help
  16. dresoccer4

    Expired or Invalid??

    re-installing seemed to fix it. not sure what went wrong the first time
  17. Bert Pieke

    Carenado GTN 750

    Do you have this in your panel.cfg file: [Vcockpit05] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_5 gauge00=rxpGTN!GTN_750_1, 0, 0,667,794,NO_BEZEL ?
  18. John_Cillis

    Yakovlev Yak-18T

    I found the issue, it is Firefox for some reason. Downloaded with Chrome with no problem, plus another aircraft I wanted from the same site.... John
  19. jt8d9a

    Yakovlev Yak-18T

    hmm i had no problems. It´s on google drive. Are you sure that you completely downloaded the file? And did you use 7zip to unpack it?
  20. AnthonyMP

    FMC "Prev Page" & "Next Page" Crashing sim.

    *BUMP* Any ideas? Very annoying problem :/
  21. John_Cillis

    Yakovlev Yak-18T

    Great shots... . Wanted to download this but I get errors when I try to unzip, and a malware alert on some of their other suggested unzipping apps. The site that hosts the file has always produced errors when I have tried to download other files from there. John
  22. Uncheck Raleigh Scattering that also causes a blue haze effect. But it is there in reality :
  23. I'm currently running P3D v4.4 with a GTX1060 6GB and a Ryzen 5 2600 @ 3.4GHz, 16GB DDR4 and SSD. I have a fairly limited budget, and my question is if I would see the biggest FPS increase by upgrading the CPU to a Ryzen 7 2700X, or by upgrading the GPU to a 1070 8GB or RTX2060 6GB. I know these are fairly specific questions but any help would be appreciated.
  24. Lorby_SI

    LorbyFlashlight no run

    If those paths really are different as you show them, then that is probably why it doesn't start. Question: how did it end up in the add-ons.cfg and which add-ons.cfg are we talking about? The one in ProgramData or the one in AppData\Roaming? Another question - why do you have so many packages (135)? Remember that you don't need a single add-on.xml for every single scenery. You can add multiple sceneries to the same add-on.xml. Best regards
  25. Noel

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    Weird as can be! You can't turn down demand on the main core? That is something I've never had happen.
  26. Nice little video from The Flight Sim Deck Scary as heck coming to a stop right on the edge of a cliff like that........
  27. Vindeballe


    Apparently you know the numbers, why don't you tell us?
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