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  2. Ryan Arthur

    Carenado Saab 340 nav/gps switching

    Thanks Peter I'll have a look for that.
  3. ChrisDa

    Pilots FS Global U NG and ORBX LOWI mesh thingie

    I found this formula a little time back to calculate the bgl file to disable. I put it into an Excel spread sheet to quickly find multiple cells. Remember, the number "0" is used as a separator between the Lat / Long calculated numbers. The Matterhorn summit is at E007° 39.5’ (= 7.65833°), N45° 58.6’ (= 45.97667°). Inserting these values to our formula leads to: XX = truncate ( (7.65833+180) / 3.75) = truncate ( 50.04 ) = 50 YY = truncate ( (90-45.97667) / 2.8125) = truncate ( 15.65 ) = 15 So the Matterhorn summit is contained in the FS Global file DX050015.BGL. Just take care that western longitudes and southern latitudes are represented by negative values for longitude respective latitude. The FS Global files are distributed in directories covering one continent or area each. The bgl above is DX[seperator]50[separator]15.bgl You will need Google Earth to get the Lat / Long of the middle of the airport or where ever you need to correct. You will have to convert Degrees / Minutes / Seconds to Degrees Decimal. There is a web page that will do it for you down to 8 decimal places. This works for me with Pilots - FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation FTX. Chris
  4. paulyg123

    Drzewiecki releases Chicago Airports X

    I have the new Chicago X by Drz.. it is awesome. And has amazing details of many buildings. There is really no performance hits on your computer. Runs something. My only criticism is the buildings are so detailed, but there is no details on the streets. Looks like a major city with dirt roads. But it is a masterpiece Anyone know which KMDW is netter? Flytampa or Drzewiecki? Both are powerhouses in the scenery addons For the Chicago Airports which I did not get yet = I have Flytampa KMDW. I would like to keep FT KMDW for now. Is there a way not to install Drzeweicki KMDW with Chicago Airports?
  5. MattDavies

    Cannot Apply Preset

    You haven't extracted PTA into a folder, you're trying to run it from a zip. Extract it into it's own folder, then run it as admin (right click > run as administrator).
  6. paulyg123

    I don;t see ground workers anymore

    Ok thanks for that reply. I couldn’t explain the randomness of it.
  7. GEKtheReaper

    Pilots FS Global U NG and ORBX LOWI mesh thingie

    Correct! There are basicaly 2 mesh products offered from Pilots: Global and Ultimate. Global has no bathymetry and is a bit low res. LOWI was based on Global 2010 and Global 2018 is a small update of that version thus "no" issues with LOWI. Ultimate includes bathymetry and is high res (accurate to 1m) that's why it "fights" LOWI's mesh in some areas. Explanation of the "no" in above sentence: Reviews did detect floating buildings on the final turn to RWY 08 and small terrain popping also with the Global mesh. The post I linked above does show a comment from Pilot's regarding the issue and the files that need to be disabled. I'm looking for the same fix but for the Ultimate mesh.
  8. stans

    1 Pilot *only* in the cockpit ?...

    Ummmm... thinking this is a bad idea.
  9. TopGun33

    Flysimware next project 2019

    I can't figure out which aircraft this could be and this is annoying me lol. But it looks like a future jewel, I'm in!
  10. Very nice! I am really glad you took this move. That's the right way!
  11. ZKOKQ


    Thanks for the update. Instant buy for me.
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  13. Ray Proudfoot

    What features would you like to see in P3Dv5?

    I understand that. I’m hoping someone answers my question as it will be interesting to know how far away from needing a 128-bit OS and P3D we are. Not in my lifetime I suspect.
  14. Hi, I have been using Remote Server for a CDU on my Ipad and I absolute love it! I would like to take it a step further and create an overhead panel using Remote Server with one of these infrared touch frames I will place over a 40" tv to turn it into a touchscreen. Does anybody have experience with this? Does it work well?
  15. jcomm

    Ethiopia crash

    sorry - link had been posted above already...
  16. Hello,

    Recently I was playing fsx and I kept getting this windows error bell sound. It got annoying and I don’t know what’s wrong plz help.

    Thx and hav a great day!

  17. I'm with Bob. As we know, clockspeed is king
  18. Posted in the GSX forum.,20913.0.html
  19. You said by a single 64bits program.. The ram software is 64bits and it is only limited by your hardware physical RAM. S.
  20. Ray Proudfoot

    What features would you like to see in P3Dv5?

    But is that related to flight sim? I suspect not. What is the most memory demanding airport currently available for P3D v4? It would be interesting to know.
  21. qqwertzde

    1 Pilot *only* in the cockpit ?...

    Timing and look of such a move would be terrible. They would remove redundancy of a safety-critical system (the pilot) just as they did with the sensors for the infamous MCAS system. It would mean more systems would be controlled by their software; also not really trust-building right now. Plus, there are regulations for the number of pilots in place. While the number of pilots in a plane is certified for each airplane type individually, I am not aware of any single-pilot airplanes that carry more than 10 passengers. If the FAA would certify such a Boeing airplane with 250-300 passenger it would look really bad, given the certification issues with the 737 MAX. Especially for the last reason I do not think that Boeing would pursue such a plan. However, I might be wrong. Peter
  22. Christopher Low

    What features would you like to see in P3Dv5?

    If 32GB is considered to be the top end of the RAM pile in home PCs (possibly a conservative estimate), then think about how much memory was in PCs way back in 1989. I suspect it was about 1MB. That is an increase of over 30,000 times! If the same increase happens between now and 2049, then we will have Skynet with 1000TB of RAM!!
  23. airservices

    Windows 10 1903 released

    Just did the update to 1903 no problems so far Did a short flight found loading times in P3DV4.5 were a bit quicker than normal at loading so that was a bonus hope it keeps up The install was a breeze no hang ups there either
  24. Hi too all So frustrated Well I've taken the step of going completely backward, I've ditched my MSI GeForce gtx 1060 6gb oc v1 because it just can't work with whatever they have done with drivers or win10, ctd, bsod, restart looping, or not at all, done everything, complete clean install of everything in increments and it all points to the same culprit, the drivers from Nvidia and the win10 coding, then there is p3d v4.xx. somewhere it is screwed, after a month of searches and rebuilds, isolations, after following most of the suggested remedies and for the sake of my sanity, I stopped. I reinstalled my 960 and all is good works perfectly, performance is solid fps and I can now once again just fly, can't believe an issue affecting so many can't be resolved
  25. Actually I use in memory databases at work where everything is loaded into RAM for high speed access. Our test database uses 1Tb to hold just test data while the production servers are using now near 5Tb of RAM. Regards Simbol
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