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  2. jt8d9a

    SDLP to SSUM

    yes, he is very talented. It would be awesome if Orbx would hire him... 🙂
  3. byork

    Voice recognition in GSX?

    You will be able to talk to UGCX, not GSX. Cheers,
  4. alexcunille

    Adding a GPS unit

    Mine (if you have GTN 750 you do not need GPS), and you can click on the GTN Bezel to pop-up GTN750 [Window Titles] Window00=GPS Window01=Manual Window02=Toggle_Control Window03=Flight1 Garmin GTN750 U1 - DO NOT MODIFY Window04=Flight1 Garmin GTN650 U1 - DO NOT MODIFY Window05=Flight1 GTN Stack - DO NOT MODIFY Window06=INFO //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window00] file=gps_295_background.bmp size_mm=545,354 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=794 window_size= 0.290, 0.278 window_pos= 0.015, 0.700 zorder=15 gauge00=GPS295AC11!gps_295, 0,0,545,354 gauge01=AC11!Toggle_GPS, 36,74,330,239 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1000,1000 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=793 window_size= 0.490, 0.893 window_pos= 0.480, 0.040 zorder=0 gauge00=AC11Manual!manual, 0,0,1000,1000 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=351,160 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=796 window_size= 0.181, 0.150 window_pos= 0.020, 0.180 zorder=5 gauge00=AC11!Control_windows, 0,0,351,160 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window03] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=937,887 ident=14401 zorder=99 gauge00=F1GTN!GTN750, 0,0,937,887,UNIT1.POP window_pos= 0.660, 0.160 window_size= 0.340, 0.580 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window04] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=937,390 ident=14403 gauge00=F1GTN!GTN650, 0,0,937,390,UNIT1.POP window_pos= 0.660, 0.740 window_size= 0.340, 0.260 zorder=99 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window05] size_mm=255,1039 Position= 0 window_size= 0.058, 0.243 visible=1 ident=14400 zorder=100 gauge00=F1GTN!GTNStack, 0,0,255,1039 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window06] file=info.bmp size_mm=345,157 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=1 ident=142 window_size= 0.181, 0.126 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$LucesC114 gauge00=AC11!ELT_Light, 182,83,30,30 gauge01=AC11!gear_center_light, 70,72,50,50 gauge02=AC11!gear_left_light, 14,72,50,50 gauge03=AC11!gear_up_warning, 10,11,201,50 //gauge04=AC11!Toggle_GPS, 321,15,176,176 gauge05=AC11!gear_right_light, 125,72,50,50 gauge06=AC11!Nav_Gps_ligh, 223,10,80,80 //gauge07=GPS295AC11!gps_295, 13,200,468,304 gauge07=F1GTN!GTN750, 12,200,468,304,UNIT1
  5. Fearless

    Synthetic Vision

    Problem I was having is getting the message “TER ERR” meaning terrain error. it runs fine one day than the next it is a no goer. Another product not working properly.
  6. cmpbellsjc

    Airbus Pilot vs Boeing Pilot

    Saw this posted somewhere the other day and was cracking up. Airbus Pilot Boeing Pilot
  7. P3D, being based on the older FSX code is heavily CPU bound. From what I understand, back in the day when they released FSX (2007!! Keep in mind this software is 12 years old!) people assumed that the direction the hardware was going was faster and faster single, perhaps dual core processors. We had not quite reached the limit of our current materials could deliver in terms of connectivity and speeds (silicone is a major hurdle here, and all of our microchips are based on this...). And so, rather than having one or two very fast processors, we ended up going with multi-core CPUs, and off-loading a lot of graphics processing to the GPU. Sadly, FSX was never made to do that, hence the reliance of FSX on the CPU, without using the GPU that much. And not just merely relying on the CPU: it relies heavily on single thread, underutilizing the other five or seven cores you might have in your CPU! Now here the critical point: P3D inherited all of these constraints from FSX. The P3D team have, however, been very diligent in moving P3D away from these basic constraints. One thing is making P3D 64bit, and another one is trying to open up P3D into a little more of a multi-threaded app. But at least one major improvement is that P3D's added features make a lot of use of the GPU. Dynamic lights are a prime example: if you have them in your field of view, you'll see your GPU usage go up. However, a lot of the more basic rendering functions of the scenery are still majorly handled by the CPU, from what I understand. Hence having a strong GPU is not particularly necessary. A GTX1070 will typically be perfectly fine for most use cases. So, with all that in mind, unless your CPU is somehow throttled due to an imperfect OC of some sort, it's unlikely your CPU is underdelivering. I'm pretty sure P3D is utilizing your CPU as much as it was made to utilize it. And the percentages you posted are exactly what I have and are quite normal, for all I know. Like I said, P3D is, in most part, a single-threaded app. As such, the only thing we can do is upgrading our CPU - until P3D totally revamps the architecture of P3D's very core functions. And I doubt that will happen anytime soon... As for cooling, what are you currently using? The Noctua DH15 is really, really good, for a fan-based solution. It's not too expensive either for its cooling power. Remember that the i7-9700k is not like 8700k and previous generations CPUs: it does not do hyperthreading and instead adds two cores for a total 8 cores. Hence, like your current 8600k, it's unlikely to run as hot at high clock speeds as previous generation i7 CPUs. Personally I'll put the 9700k in my machine without changing the CPU fan, and see what I get. Given the great temps I currently get with my 8600k at a 4.8GHz OC, I'm not too concerned with the 4.9GHz Turbo boost of the 9700k.
  8. While I get your argument, I'd suggest there's only so much they can do to control the sea. For all of these initial flights, the recovery of first-stage elements is considered to be a secondary mission objective. As the recoveries become more frequent and compelling (eg: the double landings of the two Falcon Heavy boosters), we may start to think they are the norm - but in fact, they're still very much experimental. SpaceX may soon find that at-sea recovery is not as effective as first thought, and abandon that idea down the road - saving them some weight in hardware and propellant which can instead be used to up the useful payload. After all, we do have a greatest hits YouTube reel of all the failed sea "recoveries" of SpaceX boosters. Or, they get better at it and we start plucking boosters from a barge. 🙂 Until then, I think we can rest assured that they have a solid test plan, a solid innovation plan, and a solid business plan. In the first grade, my class sat on the floor of Mrs. Cornell's room to watch the liftoff of STS-1, just a few days past 38 years ago. It was Columbia's, and indeed the shuttle's, maiden voyage. I have been hooked on space and aviation since that day. Today, my son in first grade and gets to watch this new evolution of spaceflight. I'm sad it's not NASA providing the inspiration, but... BUT... at least SOMEbody is stepping up and reaching for the stars. I just remember what an inspiration it was for me as a kid. I only hope my son can see people doing things for a greater good and exploration like I did and so many in my generation. If SpaceX is to be that "vehicle", then so be it. Launch a mannequin, launch a Tesla... launch an imagination and a mind... forget taxes and budgets - THAT's the value that popular society has forgotten... I always choose the YouTube clips which have the SpaceX crowd roaring and excited for him to watch. It shows that it's OK to be excited about exciting things. Sorry if that all sounds like a rant. Izamm, I know you weren't trying to indict SpaceX for their lack of seamanship. It struck a chord though, and I hope you take this as a positive contribution rather than negative. Let's give SpaceX, Blue Horizon, Roscosmos, and NASA the leeway to get back into our children's minds the same way we rode along on so many missions in years past. Holy cow is it powerful.
  9. oneleg

    DCS on sale at Steam

    Sidenote: if someone thinks starting up an airliner is time consuming he or she should try the A-10C also.
  10. Out of curiosity - turn crash detection on and try the flight - I'm thinking you will see a crash. As Bob says, that effect sure looks like running into terrain. Vic
  11. I think you're hitting a bump or a void in the terrain. I'd look at terrain mesh resolution and tesselization settings, and any add-on mesh products or add-ons that incorporate terrain mesh. If you have the mesh res set too high, for example, the interpolation process can produce some wonky anomalous defects in the terrain floor. It may well be that reboots are a red herring...perhaps you're just missing those small bumps/holes on some of your takeoff rolls and hitting them on others. Regards
  12. Yet another contender for the best headset evah' If you have the money!
  13. Fantastic freeware:
  14. Yes, it happens at other airfields, and no, crash detection is not turned on. Thing is, 9 times out of 10 if I reboot my machine, and then set up the same flight from the same runway, I'll take off just fine. It's kinda hard to see in the bad video, but I can always tell when this is going to happen because shortly before it slams back to the ground, there's a slight vertical bobble that the plane should not be capable of doing. In this video it happens at 0:50. If you frame-by-frame it you can see the plane settle toward the ground very briefly just before it reaches the cross runway. That is not a control input or a stall - that's the sim giving me the sign that it's about to screw my takeoff up.
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  16. SledDriver

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    I'm rapidly becoming very confused. Thought I would test out all the advice and theories above for myself tn the never-ending search for smooth nirvana. So I started by trying to reduce the load on the GPU and CPU so they never go to 100%. Unloading the GPU was easy - just turn down many of he graphics settings - in fact at this moment I have everything on the Options/Traffic/Display/World/Lighting/Weather pages turned off or minimum, yes them all, except for Display rez which I've kept at 1920x1200x32 and with Vsync On, unlimited fps. I have RTSS holding the frame rate at 60 to match my monitor rez. So now my GPU is only working at 12% load. However, the dumb CPU is still registering 100% utilisation on core1 (affinity mask puts P3D on this core). I simply don't get it. I have NO scenery loaded, no autogen, lowest quality ground textures/mesh etc etc, a low tech Piper Cub with 5 dials on the dash, and I'm not moving, and core1 is STILL locked at 100% load. Someone needs to explain to me how this is good code. At first I thought it was my fancy VertX DA-62 loading the CPU, but no change with the Piper Cub. I take off and fly a circuit in the piper cub over this barren low rez texture terrain with no buildings/autogen/traffic etc etc and only a simple slab for a runway, and still the CPU is at 100% on the P3D core. Am I doing something wrong here? Please tell me how to stop my CPU core being at 100% in even the simplest possible scenario. Oh and all background weather apps, RTSS etc are all locked to Core0. P3D on Core1. HT off for now. And turning Vsync off/on in sim makes no diff to the Core utilisation. Nor does running at 30fps instead of 60. What's also very strange is that Core1 which is apparently at 100% utilisation is only registering 51degC, and the other 5 cores which are doing virtually nothing are at 40degC. When I really make this machine work hard the core temps go to more like 70degC. So this 100% load on core1 seems to be quite phoney. I just find it hard to belivee that core is actually working at 100% capacity. (All CPU/GPU loads measured by both HWinfo64 and Task Manager)
  17. Is it possible you're using something like basic Windows Notepad to edit the config file and it's changing the character set in the file when you save it? P3Dv4 is somewhat finicky about that. I only use Notepad++ or an older program (Programmer's File Editor) to manipulate config files so that the original character set is always preserved when editing. Also, if the files are in a directory whose name begins with "Program Files" you could be having issues with file redirection, even if the path and filenames look correct. Regards
  18. Ed_S_Pilot

    I am a pilot

    Pretty funny stuff!
  19. Hello I had the same problem with FSX, AS16 with windows10 First I did a complete reinstallation of FSX, excuting setup.exe of FSX in compatibility mode Windows 7 If you hare sure of your FSX instalation, I try to launch FSX in compatibility Windows 7. Regards Jean Marc
  20. Unfortunately it is the nature of the beast. The 4.5 update has made it worse as well.
  21. Looks like what happens when you run into terrain, right as your mains traverse that crossing runway. So I'm guessing there's some kind of uneven or noncontiguous terrain issue related to that crossing runway. I'm wondering if there's a problem with the flatten the airfield sits on. Does this happen at other airfields? Is crash detection turned on?
  22. mpw8679

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    Just completed a flight from FSDT KLAS to FSDT KLAX with ORBX SCA region. Aircraft was the Maddog X, building autogen off, and vegetation at the lowest setting. It was a stutter festival at both airports and had three freezes of over ten seconds during the flight.
  23. Found this nice little copter at, I've always wanted to have a Eurocopter to Fly for Xplane11, it appeared in the new downloads section. The last copter I've ever flown in was a Eurocopter AS350 on a Vegas - Grand Canyon flight John
  24. Here: Made a really terrible video of the problem. Bad screen recorder that decided to record all 4 of my screens, so I cropped to the one P3d was on. That made the resolution horrible, but you'll get the idea of what's going on. Not like this is going on a demo reel. 😉
  25. SledDriver

    Hard cloud edges in valleys

    Me too, but I'm getting hard edges. Horrible.
  26. vgbaron

    Hard cloud edges in valleys

    I use ASP4 and Envshade - that's what I see in those cases. I have volumetric fog enabled. Vic
  27. Doesn't it seems like the CPU is not "pushing" its self to deliver more FPS?
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