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  2. airernie

    Approach to landing.

    Thanks all. Looks like I'm going to have to do some hands on towards the end. I've been avoiding it until I hit the glide slope because the cockpit management stuff is a bit overwhelming, but I guess it's time to buck up.
  3. ark

    How to properly transfer fuel?

    No, doubt it. You could try clicking on 'Ready to Start' on the Falcon 50 Hanger popup (SHift+1) and going from there. There is also a checklist on the Kneeboard you could scan through to see if anything catches your eye. If the engines are running, no critical lights on the warning panel, all pumps on, all batteries and generators on, bleed air switches on, I don't know what else to suggest except maybe try re-downloading the installer from the store in case it was corrupted for some reason. Hopefully someone else may have some ideas to help. Al
  4. LesOReilly

    Using RXP with Realsimgear 430

    RealSimGear has their own "Plugin/Bridge" that get's installed. It does have a configuration file that you can alter if you need to for pointing commands. Also when setting up the hardware you do configure it so that it is either the _1 or the _2 controller. I only have a RSG GTN 750 unit. I built my 530 unit with an Arduino, "custom pcbs"(read hacked up Protoboards) and 3D Printed bezel. I needed an extra "nudge" as to how to use the BIT offsets in the Simconnect commands to get it to work. I used SPAD.Next to convert the buttons into the commands with the BIT offsets. I am able to control all of the 2nd unit using the standard Sim commands as listed in the RXP manual. I would check the config file for the RSG to make sure that it is not using the wrong command.
  5. egguzman

    update install on top of?

    Yes, I received an update notice for my RXP.750 When I said yes to update, it defaulted to my windows Systems folder. Is that correct or do I need to point the installer to where the gamin 750 is installed?
  6. LesOReilly

    Questions before purchase GTN750/650

    You are in the wrong forum........This is for the Reality XP product.....Not the Flight 1 product..... They are not developed by the same company
  7. All I have In speech properties is text to speech .I don't have the speech recognition .I did use maadog worked fine and I went to use this morning and no go. Window 10
  8. LesOReilly

    GNS and GTN combined

    I use a GTN 750 and a GNS 530 in the same panels....Well mine are external as I have controllers for them. Each can be independent so that you can have a NAV2 that drives your VOR2.... There is also an LVAR that is in the manual that allows you to control which of the units is your "ACTIVE" GPS. So if you have something like SPAD.NEXT you can control this with a hardware switch. I am currently working on some Videos to show how this all works and can be used together.
  9. ark

    A few other bugs....

    I can't imagine that having the C and D buses tied would prevent fuel from being transferred in flight. Try clicking the panel gross wt counter knob with the mouse wheel to see if that starts the counter. Other than that, I'm afraid I don't have any others ideas right now. Al
  10. callegro

    How to properly transfer fuel?

    Correct, XFR pumps were on (lights out) think it could have anything to do with the C/D buses?
  11. ark

    How to properly transfer fuel?

    I meant to say make sure the XFR, transfer pumps, are on (on means the yellow XFR light is out).
  12. jmdriskell

    Questions before purchase GTN750/650

    I own the Flight1 product so that's where my experience is. How does one go about assigning it to a little used core? Thanks, Jim Driskell
  13. callegro

    How to properly transfer fuel?

    P3d V4.5 F35 on default startup Booster pumps were on That is correct, the only thing that worked for me today was using the emergency fuel transfer on the main pane.
  14. callegro

    A few other bugs....

    Ah okay that makes sense. My C and D buses were tied. Yeah, my GW counter isn't counting down. Do you think having those C and D busses tied has something to do with that fuel system as well? Thanks Al
  15. ark

    How to properly transfer fuel?

    So what you are saying is the feeder tanks simply go down to 0 pounds and the fuel quantity in the 3 wing tanks do not change? Do you have the Booster pumps on? What sim are you using, and what a/c do you use as your default startup a/c when the sim loads before switching to the Falcon? Al
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  17. ark

    A few other bugs....

    For the N2 gauges, check that the C and D buses are connected (rotary switches on the overhead panel). Not sure what you mean here. You set gross wt counter at startup. As the fuel is burned the fuel counter will count up and the gross wt counter will count down accordingly. I don't know why you would want to reset the gross wt counter during the flight. Al
  18. those screenshots look pretty nice, can't imagine what it must be like in full 3d. cool! cheers,-andy crosby
  19. DrumsArt

    4.5 hot fix is out

    Sorry, what is "EF"? Thanks. Richard
  20. Howiefly13

    Start as Administrator!!

    Does this help? C:\Users\Howard\AppData\Local\Garmin\Trainers\Launcher\Hangar\NGSEP1\Navigator_1\GTN\750\winfs_mount It is also Read-only.
  21. Certainly agree with that the last thing we need is another point release that then needs a hot fix! Bruceb
  22. clipper759

    Ibiza X for FS9

    Timely post Dillon. Few days ago I saw that Qualitywings had ported their 757 to P3dv4 and also offered what is advertised as a bundle of sorts of all the other versions (FS9,FSX,FSX-se, P3Dv1&2). All now for sale at Flight1 for quite a low price. I'm generally not a fan of "Lite" aircraft sims, but thought why not. Purchase went fine, then I ran the "bundled" installer and to my surprise the only version not offered was FS9. Going directly to the Qualitywings website one finds full installers for download available as well, bar one, FS9. Flight1 suggested I contact Qualitywings via their support forum, which I did. Three days ago now, still awaiting a reply. Long story short, I feel your pain.
  23. I´ve heard before about Flyinside-fsx, but have never used it. In case you´re running P3Dv4.4, would you need to buy the FlyInside P3D4 Pro version?, which I think it´s about $28. By the way, many thanks for your detailed guideline, it will surely help. I´m used to fly in VR with Aerofly FS 2, but have not used VR before with P3D. Thanks, Ed
  24. Howiefly13

    Start as Administrator!!

    Sorry, I have no idea how to do this.
  25. regis9

    The best traffic and ATC combo?

    Absolutely correct and a good point, while technically freeware it's certainly well worth a donation(s).
  26. RXP

    Start as Administrator!!

    Ok this helps a lot: This means when in normal mode the trainer fails to access the non volatile memory file located in: "C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\GTN\nonvol" (see the User's manual "embedded memory" chapter for details). Most likely once running as-admin it is possible the nonvol file gets restricted privileges which make it no longer accessible as a normal user? Is there any chance you could cross-check the access rights of the nonvol file?
  27. byork

    Objective of UGCX

    Remember that UGCX is not meant to replace GSX... you can use both together at the same time.
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