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  2. JoeFackel

    New airports in ultimate traffic live

    Looks like 90% of the responds have missed the OP's need ....
  3. Interesting New York Times article about shoddy production on the 787 Dreamliner: "Workers at a 787 Dreamliner plant in South Carolina have complained of defective manufacturing, debris left on planes and pressure to not report violations."
  4. Usually, but you'll want to make sure in the specs. I'm not sure how well a 1060 is going to push 4K at 60 Hz, though. You shouldn't need AA for a game on a small 4K display, either, so the 4x increase in bandwidth going from HD -> 4K is offset to some degree by not needing AA. The ideal would be to borrow a 4K TV and do some experimenting with all the applications you use. My gaming PC has a 2560x1600 UHD display, which needs about half the pixel bandwidth as a 4k display, and I ran with a 970 (fairly equivalent to the 1060) for some time, and even with moderate levels of AA it worked acceptably well with FPS games for casual gaming. So 4k at 60Hz with no AA might work. If that's important to you I'd find a way to test it, or be prepared to go for the 2070 if it doesn't work out. Regards
  5. This issue comes and goes on my Creative sound card. I stream background music and it will go very quiet when there is ATC activity. The next time I start P3D it may not happen. Regards bs
  6. 46Pilot

    ATR missing documentation

    I do, but the ATR manuals are redone from scratch. Another format, another chapters, another references and so on. I'm not sure I can publish them online, because I have them from the airline I fly for. I will search for them on the website and will give you the links.
  7. astro_liam

    Slow to Climb?

    Cant thank you enough for this detail explanation! Thank you very much!
  8. If you are looking through cockpit glass, that might cause an issue like what you see. I fly some of the older model planes and notice some small distortion like effects on the edges of the glass but nothing that would stop me. Do you still see these distortions in P3D avatar mode?
  9. Novej757

    ATR missing documentation

    You seem to know the ATR well. Do you have any updated limits checklists etc you could possibly share with us?
  10. When it's springtime in the Rockies I'm coming back to you. Get ready for a High adventure thru the Southwest Colorado Rocky mountains in PC12's . Flight plan and details incoming.
  11. ols500

    New airports in ultimate traffic live

    A company needs to develop an AI from the ground up, none of these reused crappy models from FSX...
  12. exeodus

    Advice needed with trouble shooting

    Did you delete your P3D config and let it build a new one? Are you using a affinity mask?
  13. Sethos1988

    New airports in ultimate traffic live

    Definitely won't happen when it's based around freeware models, repaints and schedule work.
  14. Novej757

    ATR missing documentation

    AMAZING thank you @Pidder!
  15. 46Pilot

    ATR missing documentation

    Be aware that in the meantime, the FCOM has changed. There are new limits, parameters, or even procedures. Not so much different, but, for example, for some checklist, the procedures are different now, especially abnormal or emergency ones. For sim purposes, it doesn't have so much impact, anyway...
  16. ols500

    New airports in ultimate traffic live

    I wouldn't say excellent. Sure UTL does the job and the UI is good/very good in my opinion. There hasn't been an update in a while and some models textures are lacking "HD" or sharpness.
  17. "Don't fix what ain't broke" I probably should have listened to that. I was running an i5-8600k, and it ran P3Dv4 quite happily. However, at areas like NYC and LA, it would struggle bigtime. And so I decided to upgrade to an i7-9700k. I popped it in this afternoon. THis was a little painful but otherwise not particularly hard. Turning on the computer gave me some sort of error related to a USB connection; I've had this sometimes on startup or shutdown, but the computer otherwise works fine. At any rate, restarting the computer booted just fine, both into BIOS and Windows 10. I decided to leave all BIOS settings at their default, and did some Prime95, which went by fine. Turbo boost set itself to 4.6GHz on all cores. Temps got alittle high in the small FFT test, but the results seemed reasonable compared to the 8600k, as the 9700k has two more cores. Then I decided to take to the skies in NYC. To my sadness, the FPS were pretty much exactly the same. Didn't seem I gained even one extra frame. I then decided to try EHAM in the PMDG 747. I use FT's EHAM and Orbx TE NL. This combination was a struggle for the 8600k, but it was generally okay. With the 9700k stuff started happening that I'd never seen before. Setting up for takeoff and taxiing everything is fine. Core0 is at 100%, and all the others are dwindling around 15%, as is usually thw case. However, as I takeoff and climb out, the overall CPU usage becomes very high. Core0 is at 100%, as expected, but a couple others are suddenly in the 80% range, sometimes going up to 100%. Eventually, when I switch views, some 5 of the 8 cores are at 100%, and the fuselage is missing half its skin, the wings are black. Ground textures are not being loaded anymore, it seems. I decided to take the default flight for a spin and see what's going on there. Despite the lack of any detailed addons, I see the same activity of the cores: Core0 and several others are at 100% or close to it. The FPS stay locked at 30FPS, though, and I do not get the graphical anomalies I see over Amsterdam. In summary, this is quite a bad regression and I'm not sure what might be causing it. I have half a heart to pop the 8600k back in and send the 9700k back to Amazon, but before I do that it'd be nice if somebody ahs any idea what might be going on? I gotta say, I vaguely remember some forum members describing similar issues, but I can't for the life of me remember who they were or where they posted. A search turned up nothing. Only thing I tried so far is delete the Prepar3D.cfg file and have P3D rebuild it. Also not using any affinity mask, process lasso etc. I currently only have an OC at 4.6GHz. Temps etc appear fine.
  18. 46Pilot

    Slow to Climb?

    Power Levers: - Ground Idle (GI) - to be used only on ground, for taxi purposes. - Flight Idle (FI) - once airborne, you cannot go lower than this position - it is blocked anyway by the idle gate and is prohibited to override this protection. - Notch - Normal position of the PL at takeoff. - Ramp - This position is to be used in some abnormal situations (e.g. go around) - Wall - To be used only in emergency - to obtain the maximum possible power from the engines - (to get away from a severe windshear situation or imminent EGPWS scenario). Condition Levers: - Fuel Shutoff (Fuel SO) - Engines are stopped, no fuel delivered to the engines, even with started engaged. - Feather (FTR) - after starter engaged, between 10% and 19% NH (depending on the residual ITT), you move the CL from Fuel SO to FTR. The engine is started, but the propeller blades are feathered, so you will have no thrust from the engine. Only DC power and air to condition the cabin - This is the case when you use the Hotel Mode, the engine is started, but due to engagement of the propeller brake, the propeller is not spinning. NOTE: 1. This is possible only for No. 2 engine. If you don't have prop brake installed / unserviceable, or will start No.1 engine, you will still have DC electrical power and Air to cool / warm the cabin, but the propeller with spin at low RPM. 2. When you shutdown the engines, you have to put the CL in FTR position for at least 20 seconds or NP below 15%, to allow the engine to reduce the RPMs and for the blades to feather, before shuting down the engine no.1, or before engaging the prop brake, to avoid burning the brake. - AUTO - The engine will increase the RPM to nominal RPM and the electronic systems (PEC - Propeller Electronic Control / EEC - Engine Electronic Control) will take of the rest. - 100 OVRD (Override) - The NP (propeller rotation) will be at 100%. This is to be set in some situations like, for example, a severe icing conditions, stall recovery etc. Power Management Rotary Selector (PWR MGT): - Take Off (TO) - Maximum Continuous Thrust (MCT) - Climb (CLB) - Cruise (CRZ) After start, for taxi, you will have CL in AUTO, PL in Ground Idle, PWR MGT rotary selector on TO. For takeoff, you advance the PL to the Notch position and leave them there. (PL Notch - CL AUTO - PWR MGT TO). After takeoff, at acceleration altitude, all you have to do is to increase the airspeed and select PWR MGT to CLB position, leaving the PL in the notch and CL on AUTO. For the ATR 42, climb speed is 160 kts, and for ATR 72 is 170 kts. At cruise, you only set the PWR MGT to CRZ and that's all. For fuel saving purposes, or if the engines are a little bit worn out, you can reduce the power levers from the notch position a little bit, either to set the fuel flow to 300 kg/engine, or to lower the ITT. Normally, the ATR burns aprox. 700 kg of fuel in total in the first hour of flight and 600 afterwards. If the engine parameters are all good, once you advance the PL to the notch at the start of takeoff roll, until top of descend, you don't have to get them out of the notch. When you start the descend, you will have to retard them to avoid overspeed scenario. Usually, in descend, if no turbulence encountered or ATC restrictions, the IAS is 230-235 kts or 10 kts below VMO/MMO limit (hatched white and red needle), if it's lower than 235 kts. The only thing you have to touch to control the engine power is the PWR MGT rotary selector, according to the flight phases.
  19. newtie

    New airports in ultimate traffic live

    I had a few bumps when I first started using AIM OCI but those have been resolved. I used to use UTL and then made the jump. Excellent program with excellent support along the way. It couldn't be easier to use, trust me. Requires no tweaking or anything of that nature; the app controls all of it. They really need to charge for this 😎 Cheers, Mark
  20. Nyxx

    QW787 Tomato Shade Issue

    I don’t know James does PBR not work at nighttime on the QW?
  21. Russian invasion? But the perfect plane for those woods.
  22. here is one that has been out for a while.
  23. abranpuko

    hello, a new idea...thanks!

    thanks for your answer! i hope someday, all planes, little and bigger, can have their transponder always ON until arrived at gate. i will not switch off ground traffic, i love to feel that plane is real and is moving NOW, at the same time im moving in my PC. thanks again! holds abraham.
  24. oscarbcn78

    Tiles / Squares on ground

    Reinstalled again correctly and problem solved! Thanks!!
  25. RichieFly

    Short of Breath maybe?

    I'm sure I'm taking this the wrong way (not you, Mr. Poster) but offensive initials not allowed is wrong with people? I'm sure this guy would get ever more views if he nailed his feet to the floor and recited how hard it is to run when your feet are nailed to the floor. Yes, Mr Einstein. You can expect that air pressure decreases with altitude. And, golly-gee, it sure is cold up there. I'm sorry, but I am completely worn out by exibitionism.
  26. HaraldG

    Yakovlev Yak-18T

    No doubt what is the nicest plane in the row at #2... And the sound...!
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