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  2. Well, to be a nitpick, your 'build' will be stable regardless of your hardware. Rather if you want to avoid bottle necks you will want to have balanced hardware. That said, your priority with P3D is CPU and your testing appears to back this up. The 6GB VRAM on your 1060 may end up being a little tight, but this entirely depends on settings such as the max distance at which textures should be loaded or retained. You cna set this lower in order to free up VRAM. But, this means you will more often get 'blacking out' of objects once you rotate your view. But, to be hones,t my 8GB 1070 only goes over 6GB in areas such as NYC, where I have tons of custom scenery (DD's NYC city and airports). Another areas where VRMA is used alot is photorealistic sceneries. If you aren't suing such sceneries too much, you cna probably get away with 6GB VRAM just fine. You're correct that the Noctua is pretty big. I made sure to get a case that fits it. I think any Z370 should work fine with the 9700k if your flashed the BIOS to a version that supports it! Check that first...
  3. Well, I already ordered mine and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow. Depending when it arrives I might put it in tomorrow. i agree, it seems very scary... Let' see. Once I put it in and everything works I'll come back and let you know how big of an improvement it actually was.
  4. Coqui297

    1st Flight

    Thanks, figured it out,
  5. Dave_YVR

    New airports in ultimate traffic live

    UTL is missing an incredible amount of liveries as well as aircraft types. While you can add them in yourself, it requires A LOT of work and you still end up with no traffic at the many newer airports that aren't included with FSX/P3d. With AIG's AI manager you can bulk install hundreds of airlines including all models and liveries right away and there are new ones being released and updated all the time. The quality is unmatched by any of the payware AI options, it's not even close.
  6. Giovanna

    CARENADO A42 500 Series For P3D/FSX

    If only Carenado raised the bar just a bit on system's depth, they'd soon become top players. They go to so much trouble implementing on their planes silly FMS systems instead of developing a robust one and then they look lazy skipping cockpit functionality, avoiding one button click here and one more there as if that would save substantially on development costs. For God sake, charge $5 bucks extra on each plane and deliver a quality product!!
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  8. tigerhuey

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    Beautiful! Excellent Work! Thx!!! Here is my tweaked SODE XMLs and Cross-Runway AFCAD: Enjoy! -Tiger
  9. Bigt

    New airports in ultimate traffic live

    Does that involve a lot of tinkering? One of the things I like about UTL is the simplicity of starting the sim and having reasonably accurate AI at the airports.
  10. flyingjafo

    Virtualcol 50% Sale

    The A220 is not on sale at all.... bummer!
  11. VSP4264

    Carenado ATR42-500 Announced

    Carenado make eye-cand airplanes, with accurate visual, but no deep systems, good for people just want "ctrl+E" and flying. My sad with Carenado is the repaint-unfriendly textures and the price.
  12. e415 float and Skids models released, many other models updated:
  13. Boeing or not going

    Having a weird intermittent problem with takeoffs.

    What happens when mesh slider is still at 1m but you disable this file?
  14. briansommers

    Carenado's best bizjet?

    Yep. I’m going with the S550 for now. Later I’ll get into the hawker
  15. SledDriver

    Big 2 second stutter on final approach to airport

    Are you doing this with the sliders in options, or a setting in the Prepar3d.cfg file?
  16. Anyone knows of a ATR42-500 PFPX profile? So we can start planning these birds as well 😉
  17. Nyxx

    QW787 Tomato Shade Issue

    Your welcome and welcome to these great forums.
  18. ryanbatcund

    Yakovlev Yak-18T

    Yeah I downloaded this...a nice piece of freeware!
  19. fredofenua

    1st Flight

    Have a look here :
  20. Yesterday
  21. George8295

    QW787 Tomato Shade Issue

    I was gonna say how great the aircraft looked anyway without it! Thanks David
  22. I could not care less where the thing is posted...I am just pleased I saw it! The thoughts, 'No, can't be, it looks too amazing,' are but a few that I had. Looking forward to seeing/hearing more about this, even if XP11 is my number 2 sim. Thanks for posting. Greg
  23. Hi everyone, after some time using P3D I have decided to look into the audio options in order to separate some of the sounds in a more realistic way. However, the only options available are the four volumes (Engine, Cockpit, Environment, Voice) with no way to separate any of the first three outputs from each other. The Idea is to obtain the engines sound coming from the main speakers (with bass Sub) and the cabin sound from a more modest output situated the above overhead panel so to emulate the cockpit ambiance. Again in the audio mixer, one can only isolate Voice Capture (mostly not used as we tend to rely on FS2crew and external ATC) "Voice Playback" and "Primary Playback" this last one being where all the internal and external sounds seem to be directed to (the device can be chosen) but never into separate ways. Is there anything else that can be done for this separation or does it mean software mods?
  24. Nyxx

    QW787 Tomato Shade Issue

    George, you don’t need or want one as the QW is now PBR. Its a stunning looking aircraft. Just make sure to have reflections turned on in P3D Enjoy.
  25. When I call the FA I hear her answer but I don't see an options list. I have re-loaded FS2Crew to no avail. What could be wrong ?? Glenn Hutchinson
  26. George8295

    QW787 Tomato Shade Issue

    Hey guys Just having an issue with Tomato shade. I cant seem to select the profile in Reflection Maker for the QW787. I keep getting the message "The selected profile was not saved for the currently selected aircraft model" Using P3d 4.5 and have also updated the QW787 and tomato shade.
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