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  2. I only saw you post now, so a bit late, but a good guide for seeing how much improvement you get from upgrading cards is Most if not all Flightsim software is CPU bound rather than GPU.
  3. france89

    xEnviro 1.10 in Beta

    New timelapse video was uploaded, looking quite great i think!
  4. Jethro

    Why Windows 10?

    I'm guessing it was the hopefulness of Win10 with DirectX12, Win7 does not support DX12. Myself stuck in time with FSX DX9c (No DX10 preview or DX10 Fixer) on Win7 64 Pro - DX11 native with a GTX770 Graphics card. I just can't like anything about Win10 even though it is installed on my back up machine (Laptop), the start menu and file explorer really bug me, along with app related program implementation, and the broken updates which have occurred more than once since W10 inception. Dang I hate the inconvenient W10 update process. I have held out on Win10 for many reasons, though I may inevitably be biting the Win10 bullet for my FS machine come Jan 2020 when Win7 support ceases.
  5. Ray Proudfoot

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    @av8r13, it's baffling why you should have so many problems. As it was a point update I only updated the client, not the whole package. I didn't delete my prepar3d.cfg or make any other changes except deleting the contents of the shaders folder. I performed a slewing test (before and after the update) over Central London westward to Heathrow which takes 6 minutes and I take the min, max and average fps from the fsuipc5.log. That makes it objective, not subjective. No change in fps at all. A 20% improvement in loading times for a chosen scenario. Full details here. As others have suggested try reinstalling just the 4.4 client.
  6. GEKtheReaper

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    @Lorby_SI Crazy idea man. You created a wonderfull flashlight tool i can't live without anymore. What about a Sunglas tool to overcome the bright cockpits or the bloom issue????? 😁 Could create it with a orange, brownish, green tint and even with a small watermark like Ray-Ben and stuff. PS: I know this is off topic but the idea just came to me after writing above post and told me: What the hell...I could patent that (unfortunately I'm not Lorby). Should be read as a small joke aside.
  7. Fall_guy

    P3Dv4.5 and PMDG 777 Crashes

    Hi there, Thanks for your time helping out. The story so far, UN-installed everything (and I mean everything) Checked all windows 10 is up to date, including the NEW update. 1) Installed P3dv4.5 (complete with hotfix) + installed FSUIPC and controllers + SPADnext. …………………………….. Checked P3D with various default aircraft, ALL works great. 2) Downloaded and Installed PMDG 777 + ALL updates: …………………………………………….. Checked P3D and PMDG 777, ALL works great. So to conclude, as stated above it is NOT a PMDG issue, or P3Dv4.5 issue. ……………… I will report back ONCE I re-install the many Addons I've accumulated, and Identify the problem Addon. Regards John
  8. Jude Bradley

    Why Windows 10?

    A big factor is if you ever wish to use VR, then Windows 10 is preferred.
  9. Ray Proudfoot

    Honeycomb Yoke and Throttle news

    Your profile doesn't say where in the world you are but here in the UK I'm keeping a close eye on Fulcrum based in Lancashire, England. Chris demonstrated a 3D version at the Cosford Flight Sim show last October and I was very impressed with it. See here for more info. Pricing has to be determined but looks to be in the £400-500 bracket which is a lot less than the Yoko. Hall-effect sensors throughout. He has brought his pre-production version to a monthly flight sim meeting and it's looking good. He visits these forums under the name of @tutmeister if you want to contact him.
  10. I shall PM you my email address when it is released. Did you say it was??? 😄
  11. Today
  12. 0Artur0

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Looks are subjective, sure, but as you said: That's why I like ENVSHADE and that's why I expected Auto mode to do somethnig along those lines. Off topic: well, now I'm worried. Only me? word not allowed. Ok, I made this post with IE just to see if the problem persists. I'm usually using Chrome though. Mods, any ideas?
  13. Is there a link to this info? I am extremely pleased to hear this and it can't come soon enough!
  14. GEKtheReaper

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    @0Artur0 Off Topic: Yea...something is wrong with quoting but seams to be related only to your posts since I only get trouble quoting you....weird... On Topic: Looks is hardly objective 😉 (or do we all like the same tipe of women?). It can start with a badly calibrated monitor where colors are washed out up to....whatever
  15. GEKtheReaper

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    I think we were talking here mostly about ENVSHADE (but yes, I stated "all other shader mods"). I've identified a big no. of users who would like to see a life and real environment WITHOUT tuning x+1 parameters. I expect EF to deliver that! And I want to fly not to spend 1/2 Year to tweak the sim how I would imagine it to look good to me. I'm no meteorologist no'r a pilot no'r whatsoever. I look outside, fire up my sim (with real weather and so on) and expect to get the same image and feeling that I saw outside. I would like experts to take care of that for me and afterwards, if I realy want a more vibrant look, then I get on with tweaking. I also suspect that the Expressinons you have mentioned, don't realy bring the same dynamic environment that EF does (i wrote I suspect which is not mandatory to be). I will try to make a short excursion in SF3D and ASCA discussions. We all know that ASCA injects all of it's textures on the fly in the sim (with appropiate settings). Now how many users would be able to tell the difference if ASCA's dynamic mode is used or just one of it's themes? I for myself could not because all the themes include all cloud types (and as I mentioned, I'm no meteorologist). Another example is SF3D before EF. How many disscusions were there about the dynamics of ASCA compared to SF3D? Again, how many users could have told you the difference if all SF3D themes would be used or just variations of ONE? So my entire idea of EF in Automation mode is a living environment as accurate as possible to what I see outside. And by the love of God if I fly towards the sun I want to have such bloom that I need to put my sunglases on to fly ;) <-- this was a joke
  16. 0Artur0

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Why is this initial tweaking necessary? Because you don't like what REX set as initial settings or because if you don't you get the default P3D look? Off topic: Does anybody know why are the things I quote all messed up with line brakes and some random numbers?
  17. simbol

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    Something is odd in your environment, verify if you have disabled hardware acceleration via registry key. If you have it disabled, then enable it again, this is necessary for 4.5.12 to work at high performance. And for the record we need more information to understand why you are having problems, which includes your full system specs, etc. Regards Simbol
  18. lownslo

    Frames drop when GPU copy to shared memory

    QFT (emphasis mine). And a link to RTSS: Greg
  19. It may not be particular to this build, I cant file a plan at all from CYYQ to CYRT with this build, the previous 2.6 or
  20. I've tried this build and I cant file a flight plan, I can validate it but I cannot file. Nothing happens when I hit FILE.
  21. Benjamin J

    Drzewiecki to work on Tokyo City/Airports

    What an awesome idea! My Tokyo is looking fairly good with Samscene’s Tokyo, but a product of the caliber of DD will certainly make it look excellent
  22. GSalden

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    You are incorrect . With PTA and TS you can use expressions which are Dynamic tweaks. So your Environment changes depending on weather , sun stength , time of day , altitude etc. That exists for over 2 years now ...
  23. kand

    REX Sky Force technical update 2.2 available

    Thanks Tim, I stand corrected. However I always have the SF models installed in the sim as I think they give the best variation. If I use SF textures greater than 512 (AS4 wx) I suffer large FPS hits in some heavy wx scenarios. Pausing the sim and switching over to ASCA (which some textures dont look as good) and the FPS get restored? I have tried the DXT5 512 SF textures and this problem goes away, but I dont like the blocky square look that low res textures in general provide when up close. I am certain others have reported same, and why would the advice be to use lowest resolution when high res are provided anyway?
  24. kurtb

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    4.5 hotfix the greatest and the latest- you must be kidding if you say it's "very disappointing"
  25. Jay 737

    Piper Aztec PA23-250 (Help Needed)

    Thanks guys It's probably a dumb question but what's "FBO" ? Also, I forgot to mention, I live in the UK. Is there any kind of register where I could find and contact the owner himself? Jay
  26. Iceman2

    GSX update on the way

    What an amazing developer. Good feed back and good support. Puts them at the top with the “GREAT”developers.
  27. Wobbie

    New FS9 scenery

    Hi Roger,Thanks for all your scenery add-ons. I'm using a lot of your airfields in my Alaska only install, & they really liven up the scenery.Dont be disheartened, with the lack of downloads, it's certainly not due to disinterest.Simming is different things to different folk, & as your airfields for Alaska are obviously unique, they are a little bit niche to some of us.We all realise that interest in FS2004 is very much slowing down, but there are many of us that still use it, for various reasons, and, even though we mostly do not show our appreciation, we do value the support that developers such as yourself still give us.Yes, boredom is an enemy(!), Sometimes we just need a bit of a coffee break or 2, Hopefully, this is temporary, & I'm sure that I speak for the many 'silent types' here, when I say that we hope to see you soon.All the best regards,RobinCape Town, South Africa.
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