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  2. Christopher Low

    1 Pilot *only* in the cockpit ?...

    If airlines want to save money, then I suggest that they increase ticket prices, and stop misleading people into thinking that flying around the world is a dirt cheap exercise.
  3. tamsini

    sf tech update rex

    Yes that was my bad.
  4. GEKtheReaper

    sf tech update rex

    @cyyzrwy24 meant that the topic is about SF (SKY FORCE) and you guys talk about lights which obviously is EF (ENVIRONMENT FORCE)...
  5. Cruachan

    Vertx DA62 immediate problems

    Hi Eric, The Vertx DA62 installer is using the new system whereby LM are recommending Addons are installed outside the P3D root folder. This has many benefits not least being ease of upgrading the P3D core software. During the installation take a moment to check the default path chosen by the DA62 installer and you will see that it is directing the installer to the Documents folder on your C drive. This may seem odd but is in fact correct. I suggest you let the installer proceed to completion without attempting to make any changes. Regards, Mike
  6. lencarne

    Google earth

    Took a look at Google Earth the other day. This 3D scenery is so impressive it begs the question if it is possible to simply hook a simulator into it. Surely its been asked before but I find no threads at all...
  7. pedrotrindade

    PMDG MD11 P3D V4

    What do you expected?
  8. Torsen

    Flysimware next project 2019

    I would say a Cessna 414 Cheers T.
  9. Hi, I've sent you a PM but I'm still wondering how this could still happen when the mention "For X-Plane" and "For Prepar3d/FltSim" are displayed at least in all these locations prior purchasing: In the web page where there is the 'Download' button. In the e-commerce installer 'Read Me' popup window, in the text header, which displays when you run it. In the e-commerce installer side bar graphics. In the e-commerce installer window title bar. Please explain us what we've missed?
  10. The UI is one way of doing it. The other way is to "assert them to FO". You: Our v one is XXX FO: confirm V one XXX You: affirmative or yes Do the same for vr and V2 After that he'll be in synch
  11. GEKtheReaper

    Affinity calculator

    Every windows calculator will do the same thing for you. You just need to go to programmer mode, select BIN (binary) and type in a 1 or 0 for the cores you want to enable disable. The AF No will be displayed under DEC (decimal). Note: the cores will be entered backwards in the BIN (Core 1 is the last digit, core n the first). e.g.: For a Qad core with 8 threads you will enter 01 01 01 01 to get all main cores running. The last 01 pair stands for the first core and the first thread
  12. GEKtheReaper

    Pilots FS Global U NG and ORBX LOWI mesh thingie

    @ChrisDa wow mate, absolutely great. Will give it a try.
  13. willy647

    Affinity calculator

    I noticed that a lot of people have difficulty finding the correct affinity code. I have made a little (portable) app which calculates the codes for you. You simply mark the cores you want to use and it will generate the appropriate figures. It will generate the decimal code for use in the config file and the hex code for those who use batch files with the /affinity option. Free to use and share. Download here :
  14. GSalden

    What features would you like to see in P3Dv5?

    “ Santa , plse gimme 2 cores for the main thread and I’ll be a good boy ..” 🎅
  15. Olivier_Moens

    Carenado Turbo Commander Mod v6.0

    Hi Bill, I was so frustrated I could not use your new update using FSx SE that I upgraded my sim to Prepared v4. 😊 After two days and ten attempts I finally get it downloaded thanks to my crappy connection. Eventually everything is working. And I must say you have done an amazing job here😲. I did only two short test flights so far, and thus had not enough time to go in deep of everything. But as you asked for feedback, here we go. I will try to follow a flow logic, starting from cold and dark. Some of my remarks will concern Carenado misinterpretation. -Oxygen valve do not need battery to be operational. It is just a pressure regulator. If the oxy bottle in the back of the plane is open and there is O2 in it, you will have pressure as soon as you turn the knob ( the more you open it, the more pressure you get -Cabin altitude cannot be adjusted on ground anymore, even with autopressurization option turned off. -PAR/SER switch is actually a 2 position switch not 3. Ground power is online when connected with the switch in the PAR position. - annuciator panel test: NTS lights are not part of the test and should not be lit when performing the test. On the other hand, the gear horn will sound If the test is performed on ground. -door opens even with door lock on. -landing lights extension switch is a 3 position switch, -retract-off-extend, not two as Carenado did. Also the panel screw on the top right of the switch cluster is actually a blue light, not a screw. The light is lit when landing lights are not retracted. -NTS switch info tooltip is inverted (left for right). Talking about NTS, I saw you eventually succeeded in separating the light status from the switch position. That’s great. But now why not implement the NTS test as it is IRL and not have it like a kind of automatic you have implemented now.? In real life, you have to push and maintain the switch to test NTS (springloaded switch). In the sim it is not possible to maintain the switch in position during whole startup process, but it could be nice to choose to perform the test or not and have it linked to the switch position. Also, above 50%rpm, whether the NTS switch position, the NTS lights should be Off. (Works only in flight for now.) -Nice work on the hydraulic gauge, igniter sound, and electrical system and Ammeters. Just amp is decreasing a bit to our fast after engine for what I know, but I would let like this, as many simmers may not have the patience... -EGT still rising to fast on startup. -Ac volt warning light seems to be linked to INV AND Radio 1 switches. As far as I know, Ac distribution should not be concerned by radio 1 switch. -Amazing work on propeller locks. 👍. Now you can perform the over speed regulator check. Just one thing, when props are in the locks, there should be virtually no trust, thus almost no torque, even with PL and condition levers full forward. For now, torque meters show 700 hp. -RH igniter light doesn’t work in override position, and the LH goes off after take off. These lights should stay on as long as override is selected. -Anti ice prop/gen switch is spring loaded to « prop » position. -AP106. Not much time to test. There is two arrows on the Ap panel, on the right of the Engage- disengage switch. In the real Ap, these arrows are backlighted in a yellowish white, and once Ap is engaged, the upper one turns green. This is the only cue the Ap is engaged. -IAS mode seems to be struggling more than before. Ap Pitch wheel working in the wrong direction in IAS mode, although correct in pitch mode. -Removing all FD modes should hide the FD v shape in the attitude indicator. Carenado crappy trick doesn’t work anymore (twice on go around), and I couldn’t find a way to remove FD indicator. -Yes, there is a prop braking effect with Tp 331. But the one you implemented is a way too much. This is not a Turbo Porter.😂 The braking action depends much about Rpm, witch is not the case for now. In final, you will have to add power to keep speed when increasing rpm to 100%. To answer a question regarding low power settings and NTS operation. When power levers are at idle position, it will prevent the NTS to engage. This is why, when you loose an engine in flight, you cannot retard the PL until you have the prop feathered. -The gear horn cannot be silenced. The switch is not working. -When activating an emergency engine cutoff switch on ground, the startup sound is audible until the engine switch is turned off. So this is what I ve found so far. There is probably some stuff you won’t be able to fix, but you’ve done so much miracle so far that I tend to believe that nothing is impossible😉. Thank you for turning this usual Carenado fast-food stuff into a real airplane.
  16. Airline2Sim

    Contact - Whatsapp doesn't work

    Gents - apologies but we released the Greek islands program and then went straight into the recording of our Airbus program so I’ve had very little time. Please drop me an email at ben (at) and I’ll straighten out your requests.
  17. Jude Bradley

    1 Pilot *only* in the cockpit ?...

    Not going to happen. Not after the Germanwings incident.
  18. Today
  19. Ricardo41

    Runway Lights = Blurry Blobby Mess

    No, I'm using a 21:9 Widescreen monitor
  20. I got a reply, disappointing. It's not GSX? basically! I don't understand how it would be anything else since it only occurs ones GSX is installed. Implying it's W7. Un-install GSXv2 problem goes away, install problem back.
  21. I recently bought ActiveSky, which makes flying in all kinds of weather a new challenge. Cloud shadows would certainly add a lot of realism. Thanks for the tip! Regards, Paul
  22. Ryan Arthur

    Carenado Saab 340 nav/gps switching

    Thanks Peter I'll have a look for that.
  23. ChrisDa

    Pilots FS Global U NG and ORBX LOWI mesh thingie

    I found this formula a little time back to calculate the bgl file to disable. I put it into an Excel spread sheet to quickly find multiple cells. Remember, the number "0" is used as a separator between the Lat / Long calculated numbers. The Matterhorn summit is at E007° 39.5’ (= 7.65833°), N45° 58.6’ (= 45.97667°). Inserting these values to our formula leads to: XX = truncate ( (7.65833+180) / 3.75) = truncate ( 50.04 ) = 50 YY = truncate ( (90-45.97667) / 2.8125) = truncate ( 15.65 ) = 15 So the Matterhorn summit is contained in the FS Global file DX050015.BGL. Just take care that western longitudes and southern latitudes are represented by negative values for longitude respective latitude. The FS Global files are distributed in directories covering one continent or area each. The bgl above is DX[seperator]50[separator]15.bgl You will need Google Earth to get the Lat / Long of the middle of the airport or where ever you need to correct. You will have to convert Degrees / Minutes / Seconds to Degrees Decimal. There is a web page that will do it for you down to 8 decimal places. This works for me with Pilots - FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation FTX. Chris
  24. paulyg123

    Drzewiecki releases Chicago Airports X

    I have the new Chicago X by Drz.. it is awesome. And has amazing details of many buildings. There is really no performance hits on your computer. Runs something. My only criticism is the buildings are so detailed, but there is no details on the streets. Looks like a major city with dirt roads. But it is a masterpiece Anyone know which KMDW is netter? Flytampa or Drzewiecki? Both are powerhouses in the scenery addons For the Chicago Airports which I did not get yet = I have Flytampa KMDW. I would like to keep FT KMDW for now. Is there a way not to install Drzeweicki KMDW with Chicago Airports?
  25. MattDavies

    Cannot Apply Preset

    You haven't extracted PTA into a folder, you're trying to run it from a zip. Extract it into it's own folder, then run it as admin (right click > run as administrator).
  26. paulyg123

    I don;t see ground workers anymore

    Ok thanks for that reply. I couldn’t explain the randomness of it.
  27. GEKtheReaper

    Pilots FS Global U NG and ORBX LOWI mesh thingie

    Correct! There are basicaly 2 mesh products offered from Pilots: Global and Ultimate. Global has no bathymetry and is a bit low res. LOWI was based on Global 2010 and Global 2018 is a small update of that version thus "no" issues with LOWI. Ultimate includes bathymetry and is high res (accurate to 1m) that's why it "fights" LOWI's mesh in some areas. Explanation of the "no" in above sentence: Reviews did detect floating buildings on the final turn to RWY 08 and small terrain popping also with the Global mesh. The post I linked above does show a comment from Pilot's regarding the issue and the files that need to be disabled. I'm looking for the same fix but for the Ultimate mesh.
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