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  2. filou

    Robin @Barton

    Amazing reality shots !
  3. olivermitch99

    New build for P3D

    Okay, thankyou to all who have replied! To conclude: the 8700K will perform better than the 7700K in P3D without overclock, despite it's lower speed? Cheers! Oliver Mitchell
  4. New to X Plane all my joysticks work but saitek trim wheel is working. trim wheel are other people having this issue. thanks
  5. Lorby_SI

    need help with my addon.xml file

    This method enables you to have several different simulator flavors side-by-side with only one single sim installation. Every(!) type of content can be kept separately and referenced with add-on.xml files. An example: you could use three different ground texture replacement products side-by-side, each being referenced by a different XML file. So by activating one and deactivating the other two you can just switch between the three different ground texture sets. No files have ever to be copied into your simulator directory, worst case overwriting others and ultimately being lost when a reinstall becomes necessary. Btw. confusion: maybe it helps (for scenery) if you keep telling yourself that those XML files are nothing more than a couple of additional scenery.cfgs. Because that really is all that they are. Best regards
  6. No worries, UTL is great as it stands and I would recommend you to get at this stage. Traffic Global is still in too early release to be recommended in my personal opinion. If you fly only online then BVAI is the best you can get! Regards, Simbol
  7. Thanks for letting all of us know about his situation. Hopefully everything works out for the developer.
  8. Lorby_SI

    need help with my addon.xml file

    Hello Aaron, to save you from all this I have created the free P4AO addon organizer, mentioned above. It will create the XML files for you. The addon.xml files have the same purpose and work exactly like the cfg files, they just have a different format. The simulator doesn't have hard coded content folders any more, in C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d V.. there have been .cfg files for every type of content since at least V3, some of them even earlier. The XMLs are just the logical extension, to keep the user away from the cfgs. Best regards
  9. captain420

    Rex Skyforce 3d confusion

    So the textures in REX Skyforce 3D are just clouds, or sky related textures only? Do they replace the textures from REX Texture Direct+Soft Clouds package? I know those included more than just sky and cloud textures but also airport, water, land, lightning and much more. I'm getting confused with all these overlapping add-ons. Do I keep my REX Texture Direct+SC or get rid of it completely if I'm going to be using the textures from REX Skyforce 3D?
  10. captain420

    need help with my addon.xml file

    I didn't know you can have a single add-on.xml for multiple sceneries or addons. I thought each one had to have its own. This method is confusing and I need to wrap my head around it to get a better understanding of how it works. Could someone post an example add-on.xml that combines multiple addons or sceneries. I would like to see how it's formatted.
  11. J van E

    Rex Skyforce 3d confusion

    I myself prefer AS with REX SkyForce clouds. Take note that you can't use the dynamic texture loading feature of AS+ASCA when you use REX SkyForce, so the textures you load before starting a flight (or the once you loaded months ago: you do not have to load new textures every time) are the once that are being used and that's it until you manually load new textures. I myself prefer the look of the SF clouds over the dynamic clouds of ASCA though: never quite liked the look of the ASCA clouds and never really noticed an obvious difference with the dynamic texture changes. As with every texture addon it's a very personal choice. Neither is better: they are all good and all a bit different. However, 95% of the users here will agree that the AS weather engine is a lot better than the SF one...! Check out a few possible combinations of these addons here:
  12. Jude Bradley

    Can I update from P3D 4.1 > 4.3?

    Can't see why not.
  13. Chock

    Just Flight v Aerosoft DC-8

    I'd say go with the Aerosoft one personally, although the JF DC-8 is nice visually, it's an FPS hog and it has several niggling issues which need sorting too, so like many, I don't even have it installed,Shame really, as it is a nice model. Same goes for their L-1011, they either need to sort that out too, or someone else should have a go at making a decent one. To be fair to JF, they do make a lot of stuff and most of their other airliners and GA aeroplanes are worth a look, but in this case, go with the Aerosoft one..
  14. F737NG

    Are there any 787 profiles for PFPX/TOPCAT?

    Profiles under 'Aircraft Types' on
  15. The UTL developer is absent at the moment, from what I have gathered he is going through some very hard times due to personal circumstances, if what I heard is true he deserves the required space and have my sympathies. Hopefully everything will turn out ok and he will return soon. Best Regards, Simbol
  16. monica6211

    Trees from XP11

    I have been using BashIT-TreesWest xTreme Trees East and West, which is new payware, and I'm very happy with it. I'm using Ortho ZL17 for all of the US, and this works perfectly with it. I've checked out quite a few areas and have not seen trees in stadiums or building, and even the roads are clear of trees. Brian did an amazing job with these packages to make sure the trees are where they are supposed to be. And for only $10 for each package, it is definitely worth the money in my opinion. These two packages give you complete coverage of the entire US including Alaska and Hawaii, and is so simple to install. He even offers a free demo, so you can check it out before you buy. I bought East at SimMarket, but West here at the Org store. The demo is available here at the Org free downloads area.
  17. Keep checking the Aerosoft web site. Until someone actually creates a profile for the QW787 I'm afraid you're out of luck. As Major_Bloodnok said, Simbrief is your only other option.
  18. Lorby_SI

    need help with my addon.xml file

    Another important note: don't create an add-on.xml for every single content (scenery, aircraft, whatever) that you want to add. You can add multiple AddonComponents of any category to the same add-on.xml. So it is advisable to organize them a little bit. For example, one add-on.xml for each continent or country that you have addons for, one add-on.xml for each aircraft developer etc. Whatever you feel comfortable with, just keep the number of XML files low (so you don't lose track of them - and keep the sheer number of lookup paths to a sensible minimum). Best regards
  19. captain420

    need help with my addon.xml file

    Thanks for the clarification.
  20. 1) yes it does but, p3d/fsx still has to draw the planes manage the atc etc, so there is still a FPS hit, just less than normal traffic. 2) developer has posted that there were some issues with updates, but says there will be more updates. I have not seen any updates since I purchased it. Im also interested in just flights offering, not sure how it compares to utl.
  21. JoeDiamond

    IRS reset

    No turn is short enough that you would need to do a fast alignment. You are better off just doing a full alignment every flight.
  22. Amazing aircraft, Thank You Aerobask! What an amazing free gift.
  23. dva238

    CPDLC explained

    Printing should be an option. Some people don't have extra Ipads around or don't have the computing resources to have their computer handle everything. I use a Kindle for flight plans and a iPad for charts. Hoppie's system would be more useful if the interface was able to use the PMDG CDUs instead of a separate CDU on another computer.
  24. Hi community, i have experienced some performance issues the last days. Maybe you can give me a hint or two if those are real issues or just fine. I did a complete system reset last week (got the new Samsung 970 Evo M.2). After that I installed P3D v4.2, checked if everything runs smooth, no issues there. Installed ORBX stuff - checked again. ActiveSky + ASCA + Envtex + Envshade -> everything looks good so far. Last but not least I installed the PMDG and QW stuff - so fine so good. After a few hours of flying I started to tweak my settings, just as they were pre system reset. The point is - now the frames are worse? The only things I have changed are the M.2 SSD and Envtex/Envshade with ASCA instead of REX Skyforce 3D and Tomatoshade. My Hardware: CPU: i7-6700k @ 4.7 Ghz (1.36V) - Corsair H100i v2 -> max. 67°C after 15 minutes stress test MB: Asus ROG Z170 Ranger VIII RAM: 32 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX @2400 Mhz C14 GPU: MSI GTX 1080Ti Gaming X (overclocked +75 Mhz Core/+500 Mhz Memory) 1TB Samsung 970 Evo M.2 (Windows + P3D), 500GB Samsung 850 Evo, 500GB Crucial MX200 SSD Windows 10 Home 64 Bit Monitors: Asus ROG 24" 240Hz 1080p (FPS games), Ilyama 27" 144Hz 1440p (P3D), LG 34" 21:9 Cinema Display (EFB, PFPX,..), LG 27" 1080p (Browser,..) My Software: P3D v4.2 ORBX Global (Europe + NA), Vector, Trees HD, Nightlight config AS P3D4, ASCA, Rex SoftClouds, Envtex + Envshade, FSFX Immersion PMDG 737,777,747 (Base + Exp) QW 787 Some airport scenery (AS EDDF/LSZH, T2G EDDM, ORBX ESSA, JS ELLX, FT EHAM/LOWW, FSDT KJFK v2,... Navigraph Charts Desktop App Chaseplane My Settings: I get ~19-21 FPS when departing FSDT KJFK v2 at night. ~18 FPS when arriving into ORBX ESSA at . Both times no heavy weather conditions, just cloudy. I know my CPU could be better (struggling if I should go for the 8700k or wait for its successor) but (correct me if im wrong) all in all my setup should be able to pull solid numbers around 30 fps with my settings? 2 weeks ago I had no performance issues at all. I got at least 26 fps with the same settings. Are Envshade/Envtex and ASCA that more performance hungry than Skyforce 3D and Tomatoshade? Gspi
  25. Lorby_SI

    need help with my addon.xml file

    Hi, as per the specification, scenery is added as a "scenery area" - just like it has always been added to the scenery.cfg. That means, the correct path to add is the top folder that includes \scenery and \texture - this is added as the AddonComponent category "Scenery". The AddonComponent of category "Texture" should only be used if you want those textures to be available globally - this is best used for texture replacements, like FScene, FTXGlobal or Rex textures. If you would split the scenery area in two, and add \scenery and \texture as separate AddonComponents, you could get into trouble with the textures overwriting others that have the same name. The simulator doesn't know and doesn't care that you think that those two belong together. Effects: this is only necessary if you keep your effects in a separate folder. If you have already copied them into the P3D Effects folder, having an additional AddonComponent for them is completely superfluous . They are already referenced by the effects.cfg file. Generally speaking, you don't have to move around the scenery, effects, whatever files at all. You can just create the addon.xml file and point it at the directories where your sceneries (aircraft, objects, texture replacements....) are already present for P3D V3. A bit of advice: don't try writing those XML files manually. Use a tool for that. Best regards
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