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  2. Hi Martin- The cooler is the V2 edition ....which leads me into wanting to curse the kid that "helped" me out at the store. See, when I walked in I wanted the Corsair 500d because I was all but certain I could get most any water cooler THAT I WANTED into the case with the APEX board. As noted in a previous post, he talked me out of the 500d and into the Corsair 300r and assured me that everything would fit. Wrong!!! The V2 does not fit in the 300r -the fan butts up against the ram. Anyway, I love the case! I love the board! And love the cooler 1st h2o cooler, and I'm going to keep it (I made it fit). ...And ...btw, I'm up and running with Win7 pro! I used an old sandy bridge spin up drive with Win7 already on it as a test bed. Other than having to connect the dots (tracking down drivers) the installation was smooth and is running liked I hoped it would. The early non tuned benchmark and performance returns are really encouraging.
  4. Just happend to have found this interesting site
  5. Friends, If you're experiencing a CTD, please use AppCrashView and provide the results here in the forum. Please also include your full system specs and the sim you are using. It would also be very helpful if we knew what (if anything) you had pressed to make P3D freeze up, go into a processing loop, or CTD. Sometimes this isn't easy to know. When providing the AppCrashViewData it is not necessary (or desired) that you copy and provide all of the data. Simply double click on the P3D CTD line then take a screen shot of the pop up screen. If you're not able to provide this screen shot then you can copy the crash data in the lower window just down to the last of the "Sig" lines. Example: Version=1 EventType=CLR20r3 EventTime=131637957509742511 ReportType=2 Consent=1 UploadTime=131637957545488718 ReportStatus=268435456 ReportIdentifier=c0f71bdf-ff6f-4ccf-a9d2-01947993ac91 Wow64Host=34404 AppSessionGuid=000014d8-0001-00a9-5bad-0e5b06acd301 TargetAppId=W:0006217ad1e6baafaf43535461cb55371abd00000000!0000921ce44d98f6c686ef53f6d67110947d344560c0!VATSpy.exe TargetAppVer=2010//03//09:03:55:22!0!VATSpy.exe BootId=4294967295 TargetAsId=1672 UserImpactVector=272 Response.BucketId=c870361b08dab4c74849c61b4bddd6bb Response.BucketTable=5 Response.LegacyBucketId=129563232907 Response.type=4 Sig[0].Name=Problem Signature 01 Sig[0].Value=vatspy.exe Sig[1].Name=Problem Signature 02 Sig[1].Value=1.0.3719.41261 Sig[2].Name=Problem Signature 03 Sig[2].Value=4b95c6aa Sig[3].Name=Problem Signature 04 Sig[3].Value=System.Windows.Forms Sig[4].Name=Problem Signature 05 Sig[4].Value= Sig[5].Name=Problem Signature 06 Sig[5].Value=59a72438 Sig[6].Name=Problem Signature 07 Sig[6].Value=1456 Sig[7].Name=Problem Signature 08 Sig[7].Value=5d Sig[8].Name=Problem Signature 09 Sig[8].Value=System.InvalidOperationException The last 2 lines are the last "Sig" lines. Data beneath this line is not important for P3D and related/addon modules. Many thanks.
  6. Haze tweak not working. PTA ver. 2.61, P3D ver. 4.2, clear install
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  8. Thanks Jean-Luc. A couple quick flights and all seems perfect!
  9. Yes, P3Dv4.1, just two short flights but A/P GPS NAV mode tracking was great, then switched to VLOC and A/P APR for the ILS approach and everything was perfect. Even the ForeFlight Track Vector issue I had reported as reappearing in 2.3.9 now seems fixed.
  10. Hi, I have P3dv4.2 installed. I have PTA 2.61 installed. After applying any preset I get errors in the log. Never had this issue with 2.60.
  11. Apologize. Failed to note this was xplane. Ignore my post above. xplane is not in my realm of experience.
  12. .. I'm in VR mode, so no need for key Strokes, just looking down between and under the seat ,easy to locate the Selector on Carenado Version of the B58, but nowhere to be found on the LR Stock ...weird no ???? ..anyway I will double check next time I'll jump into the seat Cheers Yair
  13. Ive been getting random CTDs as well. Mine have been towards the end of a flight when i bring up the FMC popup. Sometimes when i input something into the FMC the game will freeze then CTD, and when i check the event log there is nothing. It has happened 2-3 times and im doing more testing to see if i can reproduce, hence i didn't create a topic just yet for it
  14. I have the same CPU and GPU as your setup, and P3Dv4 runs very well on my system. I'm using high autogen settings with dynamic lighting active, and I achieved that by having two AA profiles depending on the time of day I'm flying. During the day I run 4xSSAA, and dusk and night flights I go with 2xMSAA. I also use nVidia Inspector for 2xSSGS and set my frame limit at 27 fps. You really can utilize all that LM included, just adjust your settings to meet the demands.
  15. This airplane was a fairly early Carenado release and has had its share of mods and updates over the years. I decided to take a look and found a lot of potential in this older simulation. Here is a summary. 1. The mod emulates the 335 HP RAM Series VI. It includes RAM MP gauges, Tachometers, and of course, the eye-popping RAM performance. 2. The pressurization is fixed. It now initializes at field elevation + approx. 500 feet instead of 24,000 feet. 3. The Hall Reduced Thrust Detection system has been reworked to operate in accordance with its patent (Company is now defunct and I haven't been able to find any documentation other than the patent, which is included). The Carenado version didn't address the intent of the system. 4. The panel has been reworked to use either the F1 GTN 650s or the default Carenado GNS 430s. Adjustments to night lighting on both panels. New ADF for both panels. New Digital Transponder for the GTN panel. 5. MAJOR changes to weight and balance. I don't really know how the thing flew with the default setup. Both the CG and the CoL was well behind the wing. Along with that came some pretty serious changes to the FDE. Minor changes to contact points. 6. Reworked King KFC-200 Autopilot to conform with its operating manual (included). Yaw Damper switch added to Autopilot pop-up. 7. Integration for the REX/MILVIZ WxAdvantage Radar 8. Default sound file reworked to operate with constant speed props. Additional sound file I cobbled together included, also. 9. The normal optional throttle and prop matching algorithm. 10. SHADIN fuel flow gauge now works with both engines. Requirements: 1. The mod will require FSUIPC 2. The major changes to the aircraft.cfg and .air files precludes this mod from living in the same folder with the default Carenado C340. Instructions will include building an entire new airplane folder. 3. The mod was built and tested with P3Dv4.1, F1 GTN Complete, and the default Carenado GNS430. It may work otherwise, I just haven't tested it. I hope to finish up this weekend. Those of you already on the mailing list will receive the mod by email. If you want to try it out, PM me an email address with your request. Happy Flying!
  16. I bought and installed WAMA into PP3d V4.2 today. I think I have followed all the set up instructions, but I cant get the app to work. When I select "I want to fly this aircraft", the sim loads the situation, and places me behind the aircraft. The "enter" and "leave" buttons are dead I Fly A2A aircrafts exclusively. I also use Ezdoc with TrackIr 5, Activesky for PP3d v4. and FSUIPC The OS is Windows 10 pro. I would like to show a screen grab, but I cant figure how to work with attachments here. Thanks in advance.
  17. Could you check this manually by going into where you would uninstall programs, Add or Remove Programs on Windows 10, and click on P3D to see what version it shows?
  18. The aircraft is experiencing crash to desktop for no apparent reason.Sitting on the ground or in mid flight. Not having any issues with any other 3rd party payware. Running high end system w/ P3Dv4.2 This vehicle seams very unstable. Also if I expand or reduce from full screen it crashes immediately. Any idea why this is happening ? Also getting a map fail error on the MFD often. Would appreciate a solution.
  19. Is this it? (the download will start immediately once you click the link, it's from the Avsim library fyi)
  20. I don't think so, as in order for you to be able to move them would be to have them popup in a 2d panel, which would make the displays go black. Sorry about that!
  21. Have you tried just using the function keys and see if that works? Upon touchdown, I usually hold F1 while pressing F2 to idle the power and activate the reversers. If this works then you'll know it is a hardware calibration issue.
  22. Hey Gerald, I don't see why they wouldn't be. I would highly recommend migrating to v4 though, the advantages over FSX are impressive and you'll find everything is just smoother, and there's the fact that the memory limit of a 32-bit environment is no longer present. Hope this helps!
  23. I don't believe so unfortunately, could be wrong since I personally have never used 2d panels.
  24. Is this it? This link is from the Avsim library and will start to download when you click on it. Hope this helps!
  25. I have the same issue, except the nosewheel just turns side to side really fast. Haven't found a fix yet, but I'm pretty sure it's related to GSX as they are the ones who designed the pushback system. Maybe you could try asking on FSDT's forums?
  26. I second the opinions of others above, v4 will run just fine on your system. I would, personally, hold off on any new potential GPU purchase until Nvidia reveals what they have up their sleeves in terms of new GPUs sometime in April or May. At the very least if you don't want to get the next generation GPUs from them, the 1080Ti will rapidly plummet in price once they've been out for a couple of months, You should be able to snag one for around $350 once everything's stabilized from the new release. Your 970 should hold you over until then :)
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