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  2. I am right before getting into VR, i dont know if to choose HP reverb or the Rift S, what you guys think? my main use is P3D, airliners jets like pmdg, need acceptable gauge reading .. Thanks.
  3. GEKtheReaper

    The correct ORDER of apps

    Update: The mentioned topic got an official statement from REX "OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Environment Force must be FULLY be started before Prepar3D is opened. Also, Prepar3D should be FULLY closed before Environment Force is closed."
  4. byork

    Black Window Menu

    Hi Chris, I looked up your Order History. You don't own the P3D V4 version of FS2Crew 777. You tried to install the FSX version into P3D V4. It won't work. 32 bit code does not work in a 64 bit environment. These work in P3D V4:
  5. Hi Yang, Your guess is correct, the screenshots show XP11. I use xVision and there are many presets available that can change the colour and brightness, I think the one I was using there is called Vivid. Cheers, Jerome
  6. No Bert, I don’t use it.
  7. ErichB

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    If your doctors are hopeful, then there is a good chance. All the best for a recovery and thanks for all you have done here. See you soon.
  8. Any suggestions how to turn on the EFB. Whenever i load at the stand the EFB is turned off. I have tried using the power button on the top corner, checked on the FMC and it is assigned, i have a current Navgraph subscription, but for some reason like i said when i load the airceaft at the stand the EFZb is turned off and i cannot get it to turn on.
  9. Victoroos

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Be strong, good luck, and thank you already for everything!
  10. Today
  11. Depends on the Vsync setting..
  12. cchiozza

    Black Window Menu

    All of the Window Menu are black?? They are in the list but when I display them they are black. P3d4.5
  13. What do you think?
  14. tktheo93

    Ifly 737NG 30% off

    You just made my day full with joy! Awsome Awsome! Yeah!
  15. Wobbie

    changing fsx to p3d4

    If I may... P3D MUST be regarded as a totally separate program to FSX, (2 different vendors) BUT yes, there might be some compatibility between the two, so some add-ons might work. It's almost like saying that if you had bought something for FS2004, can you get a reworked updated version for free for FSX.
  16. w6kd

    GTN 750 on a Tablet?

    What about impact to frame rates on the primary display? Every time I have tried one of these secondary device solutions it has had a serious impact on frame rates on the primary display, sometimes halving them. I keep hoping something like this will come along without that complication. Regards
  17. mdreyer

    EDRM-Repaints on the ATR42

    Thank you so much Marius for all your hard work with these and your other Carenado repaints. Not an easy under-taking! Cheers, Murray
  18. jcomm

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Jim, what can I say / write other than that I Sincerely Wish you the Best recovery from this situation, which I am sure a person like you will know how to deal with, after all. My most Positive Thoughts are with you Jim !
  19. Psybear

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Thanks Jim, for all you've done for us and know that we are pulling for you.
  20. GEKtheReaper

    The correct ORDER of apps

    Which seems to be an issue with the last update of EF and as Federico mentioned "Please report back if any issues".... but newertheless a nice catch. I've installed just yesterday P3D4.5.12 (clean) and the latest EF v. 0517. I did do some flying (did like the new EF btw!!!) but as I recall, I started ASP4 and EF before P3D. I will try to start it in a different order to see what I get and report back. PS: Tim from REX just replied to my topic aswell stating that EF should be started first. @spilok @Christopher Low There are some new findings regarding this. Apearantly you get an error message if you don't start EF before P3D.
  21. Pete Dowson is the guy I'd ask...he's the only person i know running P3D on a triple projector setup. Regards
  22. GSalden

    New Palma de Mallorca from Justsim ?

    Let us now what you think of Mallorca If you decide to purchase it..
  23. JRMurray

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Thank you for your service, Jim. Best wishes.
  24. evaamo

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Wish you a speedy recovery, Jim. Thank you for all that you've done here in Avsim. Keep the faith! -E
  25. b1bmsgt

    AIG Wrong planes at different terminals?

    How? I can't find any reference to this feature in LNM... Can you help a fellow simaholic? Russ
  26. A scenic joyride culminating in an overhead approach to a full stop Enjoy! Untitled-1 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-2 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-3 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-4 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-5 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-7 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-8 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-9 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-11 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-13 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-14 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-15 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-17 by ryan b, on Flickr
  27. pete_auau

    The correct ORDER of apps

    seems that u need to start ef fully before sim, looks like timest added to your post in rex as well
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