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  2. kroken

    AI Traffic with X-Plane

    I will check it, many thanks!
  3. Chapstick

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    Not helpful at all, bud.
  4. Michael Moe

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Thanks , computer are a mystery sometimes , all FPS is back today ? ๐Ÿ˜Œ not a clue why but who cares. Still need to have P3D HDR brightness at 1.30 because i want to make VC darker with EF HDR . If i go to outside view its way to dark otherwise with 1.0. I set EF HDR exposurekey to 0.300. Maybe there is more to it Michael Moe
  5. Cant speak for X-plane but with the amazing (and free) AIG AI Manager for P3D I really see no need for a payware like Traffic Global and especially given its fairly poor quality. I purchased and asked for a refund and never looked back.
  6. I think w6kd pretty well summed up the effects of such an upgrade.
  7. Nyxx


    Hi Jim, After installing all my airports last night the last thing I installed was MSE. As that..I think It was Spain south was the start of this " new scenery" window coming up every time I opened P3D. I loaded one MSE area at a time and closed opened P3D after install. I sat there looking at the screen with my fingers crossed lol. All went well I now have all my MSE PR in. The only thing that P3D did was it messed the order up but then it said it was out of sequence and rebuilt itself and all is in perfect order. No " new scenery" window. This time and since even with SCAL/Navarda/Spain active load time are under 30 seconds so am not going to de-activate anything. Still not done a flight.
  8. I have CH pedals. Whenever I have this problem I always manage to cure it by taking them apart and cleaning the pots.
  9. I usually add one payware title a month to either P3D or Xplane, but I've been enjoying Xplane11 so much lately that I am moving my momentum in add-ons to that sim. P3DV4 is alright, but I just feel I see better things when I fly in Xplane11, each aircraft that I buy feels like I expect it would, and even though Xplane11 does not have seasons, it just "looks" to me like what I see when I fly in real life, at any altitude, and whether it is default scenery or photo scenery I fly over, it just looks fine. RealityXP works in it, like it does in the P3D world, and I like that presence of information and flight planning, that makes this hobby and my learning how to fly different from one day to the next. I will keep P3DV4, the Lockheed Vega I have flown this past week is amazing to fly, as are many other add ons I have there. But my preference is about two thirds Xplane11, and one third P3DV4, maybe because Laminar is the Little Engine that could, if you know that children's story, Laminar kept our hobby alive during the void when Microsoft dropped the MSFS series and before Lockheed Martin saved our memories for us, which I owe them greatly for, because of all the add ons I was able to freely move from MSFS to P3DV4, saving me a small fortune. Since I am in forced retirement from a terrible car accident, I was almost ready to return to the workforce, then I got run over by an errant driver who did not stop or care about a pedestrian in a crosswalk, I am flying these sims several hours a day, just so I have some connection to the life I almost lost and distraction from the horrendous, remembered pain. Like Frodo in Lord of the Rings who was stabbed by a Morgul Blade, I will always remember being hurt. But for me, Xplane11, and P3DV4, are my Gray Havens to enjoy, thanks to the courage of those like Jim Young and Tom who have kept our forums up for so long, for free, just because they love what we loved. John
  10. Phantom88

    All hail the Queen!

  11. DDU and reinstall. Sadly I had already done that.
  12. vortex681

    Windows 10 1903 released

    Remember that it's always better to wait for a big update to be offered, rather than pressing the "Check for updates" button (Microsoft's advice). But, equally there's no disadvantage to running the latest version either, so why not?
  13. Hi I just attempted to purchase the new "Greek islands" training program and chose the Greek Islands option on the appropriate page, which showed the programs I had already purchased. When the payment went through Paypal, it showed on their email as Amsterdam. As I had already bought Amsterdam some time ago, it was impossible to chose that option anyway. So something is screwed up on your website. I have now paid $11.99 for the Greek Islands but it is obviously not showing it as Purchased as somehow it thinks I was buying Amsterdam. Could you please advise how this can be sorted. Keith
  14. rjfry

    Why Windows 10?

    You also have to bear in mind that future hardware will be optimised for the latest OS, and just like W XP finding drivers will become more difficult, Microsoft are rolling out a May W10 update that will move some W10 versions beyond end of service so that they continue getting support.
  15. Wobbie

    Why Windows 10?

    Indeed.. That says it all.
  16. I have noticed something odd with some Carenado aircraft in XP11. When flying the Cessna Citation II I am getting a warning sound which I can't get rid of without restarting the flight. While trying to narrow down and discover what this alarm may be for I have discovered that none of the .wav files in the Cessna Citation II sound folder and subfolders are playing when using Windows Media Player, however almost every other .wav file does play with that program. It seems to be playing, and there is no error message, but there is no sound when playing any .wav file associated with the Citation II or the S340 (XP11 versions). The Citation II seems to have an issue with a few warning sounds in that once they are started they can't be stopped. For example the too low flaps warning can only be stopped by deploying the flaps and then retracting them again, rather than just increasing altitude. Same issue with the gear warning. I do not know what is causing the warning sound I was searching for, but it seems to be caused by erratic, slow, high AOA flying,as I let the aircraft slip into this a few times while messing around with the GPS and other controls. The only way I could silence this alarm that started was to restart the flight.
  17. vortex681

    Why Windows 10?

    The Start menu can be made to resemble Win 7 with very little effort - the tiled, App Store section can be permanently disabled. I'm not sure what you mean by the "app related program implementation". It seems no different to me than it was in Win 7. I've never noticed any issues with File Explorer - what is it that you dislike? The updates have certainly been a problem for some people but the majority, like me, seem to have mostly been unaffected. I think that part of the problem has been as a consequence of people pressing the "Check for updates" button which always gives you all of the available updates, even if they're not fully compatible with your system - Microsoft has always advised waiting for updates to be offered, unprompted. Also, limiting the updates to just essential/security updates (easy to implement) rather than including drivers also seems to avoid many problems. I had to use Win 7 recently on my backup PC to retrieve a few files and it now seems so clunky and dated by comparrison. I could certainly not go back to Win 7 now.
  18. westman

    REX Sky Force technical update 2.2 available

    agree, i run EF , SF 2048 clouds , AS, PTA RD1.8 , on 4K with 4SSAA it hold 30fps ( vsync unlimited 30HZ in NCP) fly 777 and FSL 320 the only difference i see 512 vs 2048 the gpu usage is sligtly higher in heavy wx senarios
  19. Today
  20. france89

    xEnviro 1.10 in Beta

    You don't know what was going on in Corfรน at the time of the recording, since this is real time weather ๐Ÿ™‚
  21. GSalden

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    With PTA you had to set values , save the preset and then Apply. Then (re)start P3Dv4 to see the result, With EF you can move sliders and see results right away. Automated mode is like using expressions but EF uses its own layer above the default shader . P3Dv4.5 now has a Reload Shaders feature : after save with PTA/TS you press Apply and then reload Shaders in P3Dv4.5 . Immediately you will see your changes. PTAv3 is on its way and that one will show the mods in realtime in P3Dv4.5. That is also very welcome for preset makers like me ... See also :
  22. Dave someone just posted on your post (fsdt) with a possible fix to your issue
  23. jcomm

    xEnviro 1.10 in Beta

    Convective clouds continue to be missed ๐Ÿ˜• Not even some well developed cumulus congestus...
  24. Yes, if you're sure that that's all you'll want to use it for as far as gaming is concerned. It's highly unlikely that you'd be getting more than 60 FPS in P3D (other than just very briefly) so anything better than a 60Hz monitor would be wasted in that case.
  25. as I said as long it crashes on exit doesn't really matter really yea I went with a new pc early last year after I decided to switch to p3d I decided to go for a new pc, and off course win10 comes with it, don't know why some users are against it. Should have gone to win 10 long time ago , good luck in your next build
  26. Nyxx

    REX Sky Force technical update 2.2 available

    If I can keep my locked 24 fps pegged at 24 anywhere in anything then with your PC not even drawing a VC like Peter says you have a problem at your end sadly.
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