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  2. DrzewieckiDesign

    Drzewiecki releases Chicago Airports X

    I agree, this might actually be added as an optional content. The 28C ILS issue is related to the default navaids library and can be quick fixed by putting this file: into: FS\scenery\0302\scenery . We need to investigate the actual conditions when the problem occurs (it neither occurs for all user nor this occured during our beta tests).
  3. A bit puzzled as I downloaded latest Zibo version and the vast majority of switches are under co-pilot control, at least with latest MCE for X-Plane. There are a couple that need attention, but overall it's working. I assume you didn't manually copy the dlls to their location in X-Plane folder. Make sure you have the 64 Bit dlls in \MCE dlls\^4 Bit\ folder, otherwise X-Plane 11 won't see them (if you mistakenly put 32 bit dlls).
  4. soerennielsen

    PMDG747-8 TAKE OFF

    Negative Bertie If I was, it would be marked under my username as Commercial Member. The pilot logo is just that.
  5. awf

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    True David preferred combo now is ASP4+SF+EF the PTA and TS presets I have seen are far to dark and not real life 😉 Maybe they like it that way that's a different story.... Advantage I have now with a flying son to have enough examples of how it looks during a different time a year/day from the cockpit 😉 and also recall from my own real life cockpit experiences 🙂
  6. GSalden

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    @JoeFackel On my image you are looking on top of the clouds and on your image you are looking at the bottom of the clouds ....
  7. Rasterfahnder

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Nice shot. Amazing, can please post zulutime, date and location. Because the light travels thru the atmosphere. That same atmosphere "colours" the light. The sun always emits in the same spectrum. 😉
  8. theophile

    Repaint Requests

    Would anyone be interested in doing a Bangkok Air repaint?
  9. JoeFackel

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    But how can the back of the clouds be orange lighted when the light comes from the front?
  10. theophile

    ATR 42 Bug List

    I agree on the beacon issue
  11. GSalden

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Clouds dark with a low sun .. ? On my setup it looks like :
  12. It is not ORBX but demanding scenery in general. I observe CTD occasionally when I change autogen, scenery, and loadings distance all at once. When I change one after the other it does not happen. I've been told it is kinda protection from buffer overflow. But I'm not sure and others may know more about it.
  13. Simmer

    SimConnect: Control CDU

    Interesting: If I manually press the same sequence from inside of the cockpit (Menu, R5, L3, L2), then I can send the command sequence again via SimConnect. So it looks like if the CDU buttons get "stuck" in their "1" position and that I have to "reset" them from inside of the cockpit. Do I have to send something like a "release" command so that the keys are released? But I cannot send a zero for every command, because "EVT_CDU_R_MENU", Value = 1 // press? "EVT_CDU_R_MENU", Value = 0 // release? "EVT_CDU_R_R5", Value = 1 // press? "EVT_CDU_R_R5", Value = 0 // release? "EVT_CDU_R_L3", Value = 1 // press? "EVT_CDU_R_L3", Value = 0 // release? "EVT_CDU_R_L2", Value = 1 // press? "EVT_CDU_R_L2", Value = 0 // release? leads to "MENU pressed, MENU released" -> "FS ACTIONS pressed, FS ACTIONS released" -> "GROUND CONNECTIONS pressed, AIR START UNIT = 0 (!!!)".
  14. djbully

    Can my laptop run P3D

    If it were me, I would buy an internal ssd 1tb Samsung 870. Replace the 5400rpm hdd, they are slow as hell! You’d have to re-install windows, but it would be worth the effort. Usually laptops come pre installed with a load of bloatware, so you can also get rid of that by doing a proper re-install. My 2pence.
  15. Today
  16. Ahh the days (years) with AI traffic issues... we'll all remember them fondly, soon, when this will finally be resolved. I don't think this will still be problematic at the end of this year. Either WT3, this one here, or something else. Traffic will come.
  17. It's not possible, no. However, there is no reason why you shouldn't get all city lights at night when using orthos. Are your Autogen overlays in place and working? They hold all the lights. At night, there should be no visible difference compared to standard scenery. I understand you come from P3D where of course these things don't really work that well, but if you install orthos correctly in X-Plane, this shouldn't be an issue. For perfect results, make sure to install the extended night lights:
  18. pedrotrindade

    Hi from Italy

    Welcome aboard Andrea!
  19. Hi all, I've just seen that I don't have any lights on this aircraft, the only one I have is taxi and panel, If I check outside the plane I can see light spot on the wings but even when I switch on the lights it stays off Any idea ? Thanks
  20. Ricardo41

    Ruud Faber's FScene.... on sale for $20. Does the product still offer a significant upgrade today, considering it's over 15 years old?
  21. this new rift still don't use usb-c plug 😞
  22. Nyxx

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    After finishing a compleat new install last night I just did a take off in the default Maule to have a quick look. What I noticed that I've not seen before, the sun was lowish in the sky in front of me and all the broke clouds in front of me were dark! I took off and did a 180 turn and wow! now I was looking at the clouds facing the sun, they were bright white with the glow of the sun. Looked amazing. A year on PTA and a few months on TS, not seen lighting like that before. It seems a scene is not going to give you that photoshop contrast/saturated looks that can and does look amazing. But instead, gives a more subtle feel not trying to blow you away kind of feel. Basically more real lifelike. All with no profiles or tweaking. This time I've not even changed one thing in EF, not one within mini UI. The main menu you have to set up, but that's a one-off thing. Am sure HiFi might bring something new out this year, a new PTA all gives us choices to suit our own needs. The other thing I noticed last night with no TS was how amazing the PBR PMDG-8 looked like with low sunlight on it, it really was a WOW and even the old PMDG NG had really nice reflections, no idea but it did not look that good in 4.4 with or without TS. It's nice to start completely afresh even if its a pain to do. But if it lasts me till v5 its worth it. Looking ahead FSL will release PBR with there A321 and that also will come to the 319-320 making imo TS redundant. The new PTA I might well use to tweak the VC and nothing else, we will see.
  23. Jude Bradley

    Time to load Prepar3D v4

    It used to be a hallmark of the Dublin scenery that we are both so fond of. I haven't checked since 4.5 update.
  24. panty

    Hi from Italy

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, but I'm an old simmer because I started using Flight Simulator on a Commodore 64! I'm really glad to be here! Andrea Gritti
  25. bleekemolen

    LVar overview DC6

    On request I've updated the Doodle-link to the LVAR-list: Peter
  26. france89

    xEnviro 1.10 in Beta

    There will be performance hit. From what i saw and what they tell in the video too, they reduced cloud details a bit to keep performance up. This is something normal for such technology tho, if you check other sims using such tech you will see that the clouds look more or less similar in definition: Il2 Sturmovik, TrueSky, Outerra etc etc
  27. Jude Bradley

    Taxi2gate VHHH for p3dv4

    Yes, that should work for you.
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