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  2. OK, I think I understand -- thank you. Al
  3. DaveCT2003

    The best traffic and ATC combo?

    I'm thoroughly enjoying flying with PSXseeconTraffic, and Lorby has a nice one as well (Lorby Live Traffic). Aircraft you see are their real world counterparts, flying the actual routes including SIDs and STARs. Liveries are courtesy of FLAI (which are outstanding). I also fly on VATSIM. There are a few things in development to improve all this, but i wouldn't look for any of the to mature to Beta Stages for a couple of years (please don't ask, I can't say anything else). Best wishes!
  4. Bergslagen

    Outside scenery is "shaking"

    I still have still a problem and some help would be appreciated.
  5. RXP

    GTN Flight Plan Import Process ?

    Hi, if you've created the FPLN folder the first time when the GTN was already loaded up and running, it wouldn't have had the chance to know about this. The GTN scans and detects the presence (or absence) of this folder only during launch. Any change after this requires rebooting the device for it to discover the changes. I'm not sure whether it also requires rebooting the device when you add or delete a flight plan file or if the GTN re-scans the folder content.
  6. I agree that FSDT is very good. Maybe it just needs some PBR to update it a tad. I am not aware of another developer with an LAX? It's funny, in general I can get better FPS with this add-on over using the default LAX? Granted... have to tone down settings a tad (like AI), but way more detail than default.
  7. JasonPC

    What's going on with REX?

    From what I understand the beta code message is basically because they pulled the update at the last minute due to problems (surprise, surprise). Apparently rather than pull the update completely from the server, they just put a beta password to prevent the file from being downloaded.
  8. The manual says: Connect HSI/OBS (input) Select if the device uses the HSI OBS Selector for input when in OBS mode Only if the device is connected to HSI. Connect VOR#/OBS (input) Select if the device uses the VOR OBS Selector for input when in OBS mode Only if the device isn’t connected to HSI. So what is this about? 1) 'input': this is a setting for a signal which connects something from the panel to the GTN/GNS V2. 2) when in OBS mode: this applies only when the GTN/GNS V2 is in OBS mode. 3) is/isn't connect to HSI: there is only 1 input signal for the OBS therefore either you connect the GTN to the HSI and you'll get the HSI OBS input, or, you connect the GTN to the VOR and you'll get the VOR OBS input.
  9. fs1

    What's going on with REX?

    Ok let me speak to Reed and I will assure an answer and a solution to you guys, if that’s fine with you.
  10. charliearon

    MJahn C47 Missing air file

    Believe it or not, I still had the "Fixes" readme file in the aircraft folder. This is what it fixes: 1. Multiplayer capable exterior models with adjustments to props, chocks, and steps. (Chocks are now linked to the "spoiler" variable. If you have a control key assigned to spoiler, you can handle the chocks via that key. Steps now deploy/retract automatically with the operation of door #1.) 2. Exterior animated windscreen wipers. (Note that if you turn the wipers on in the VC and then switch to spot view, the wiper sound will continue. In this case you can use Monitor > Misc to make them run without any sound.) 3. Improved hardware mixture lever support. (All detents including Idle Cutoff selectable. Take care not to select ICOF unintentionally, as this will shut down your engines.) 4. "Checklist completed" soundbite now plays when completing a checklist page. 5. Overhead paratrooper switches corrected. 6. Altitude gauge pressure indicator corrected. 7. RMI/ADF needles to park horizontally when battery or avionics are OFF. 8. COM/NAV radios tunable with battery off. (Rotary knobs operate mechanically.) 9. Blinking red transponder light when turned ON.
  11. Rasterfahnder

    What's going on with REX?

    Congratulation Sir. Just quick update on the situation. At the moment REX is on a bad luck streak. SF injects textures but not the structures. And now SF seems to have an update, but users getting the message "enter beta code" (technical issue already reported and acknowldegd by support). Brace your self for some salty comments. Thats just the nature of social media, it is diffrent from a real conversation. It is quick and easy to complain and the tone can get a bit harsh. On the other hand comments arent as bad intended as they might show. That is just a phenomenon of social media. My experience: Never take it personal but always serious.
  12. Clutch Cargo

    The best traffic and ATC combo?

    I second the use for AIG! 😉
  13. Michael Moe

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Does this indicate that only default clouds is present at the moment? Thanks Michael Moe
  14. To clarify: some developers expect the VOR1 related simvars and the HSI related simvars to be the same because there is only one NAV1 source. However there is a distinct set of VOR1 and HSI related SDK variables for a reason. Therefore, whenever they mix the two sets in the same gauge you have to configure the GTN/GNS V2 to 'override' the sets the gauge are using.
  15. Gandalf

    The best traffic and ATC combo?

    Hi I would definitely second AIG for traffic, but in my opinion there unfortunately isn’t really a good ATC programme that does all that is required. Regards G
  16. Nice video. Needs sound. No sound until the end and that was some music. More realistic with sound.
  17. Thank you for the feedback Bert! Here is also the link to another discussion with more details about future P3D updates for reference. I've taken this opportunity to 'recommend' my own post with details about how this works internally:
  18. airernie

    Approach to landing.

    Here are a couple of images that illustrate the problem that I'm having. The first is KJAX-KMIA- HILEY7, ILS27. The second KLEX-KATL-CHPPR1, ILS27R In both case the turn to approach is rounded and by the time I hit the final approach point (HENDN or YOUYU) I am too far above the suggested altitude. HENDN is particularity a problem because the next step is GS1700 and the FMC doesn't descend the aircraft fast enough to hit it.
  19. RXP

    How much it costs?

    @MaxTurso yes you're correct with the total price, a bargain most will tell you on this forum too!
  20. Dave_YVR

    The best traffic and ATC combo?

    UTL is the best traffic program that you can currently throw money at to get marginal AI, but it's nowhere near to what you can have with AIG's AIM for free.
  21. RXP

    How much it costs?

    Which applies as well for panels with mixed device types, for example: GTN 750 #1 + GNS 430 #2
  22. Bert Pieke

    P3D v4.x updates and RXP updates

    It can go over top.
  23. Bert Pieke

    P3DV4.5. Hotfix update time? (released)

    Thanks, update installed and working!
  24. MaxTurso

    How much it costs?

    ok, now it's all ok. Thanks
  25. Unless you use 2D pop-ups then don't use them. Unless you want to loss 1/2 your FPS.
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