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  2. BrucoGianluco05

    P3D freezes on Home screen

    Scuse me I think I had to put this in the CTF forum
  3. strange_deja_vu

    Simconnect fles for P3Dv4.5

    Hi all, I need below files (I mean the content) for P3Dv4.5 in order to use 2 PCs. I have them already for FSX but as far as I heard , P3Dv4.5 needs other ones/content to operate. I'd appreciate if you can share these files * Simconnect.xml * Simconnect.cfg * Simconnect.ini Thanks in advance, Br, Hakan
  4. For the horizontal stabiliser try increasing the elevator trim effectiveness in the aircraft cfg.
  5. Hello, I've recently started experiencing a problem where the MD-11 stays offset from the NAV path to the right. I looked up the issue here and as per all the other suggestions ran Flight1's Registry Repair Tool, which should fix the issue. I flew a long haul from Frankfurt to Los Angeles - for the first 2 hours of the flight, the aircraft was perfectly on course. Through the polar and second half of the flight, though, it started to deviate off center to the right. Keep in mind, this was after I ran the Registry Repair Tool. Another thing I noticed is that it tended to first turn right despite a left turn on the NAV path and then correct itself - but it still ended up off center after these turns. One change I did make, however, was to replace the default FSX magdec.bgl with a new one suggested by Steve's DX10 Fixer after starting to use FSX in DX10 preview. I'm not sure if putting the original magdec.bgl would help, because all my other PMDG aircraft (747 v3, 777 and NGX) fly their LNAV paths perfectly. FSX SE, DX10 Preview Mode enabled Some other addons I run that might be relevant: Active Sky 2016 Active Sky Cloud Art ENVTEX Edit: I downloaded the updated magdec file from, if anyone knows the exact one I'm talking about. Thank You!
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  7. itsjase

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    That's interesting. turning on vsync in P3D or using NVI is exactly the same as using RTSS for me. No cpu usage drop. Only way I can get it to drop is by doing Sled's trick
  8. jjgp101

    .PTP files

    Thanks Captain Kevin, I had not seen the manual..... Regards J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  9. Aeronildo

    Sound Rendering ver. 4.4

    This issue is still there though the P3Dv4.5 changelog says it is fixed. @dbw1 you can find the cfg here: C:\Users\"your name"\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 . You need to add the code in Prepar3D.cfg.
  10. Noel

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    I told myself I'd never waste time again fiddling w/ settings as I had reached the promised land of PERFECTLY SMOOTH, macro and micro stutter-free video performance about 2y ago now on my 6 y/o 3930K. This thread had me testing out multiple possible scenarios using Sled's discovery. In non-HT mode his method is remarkable. I set up the same flight in the Phenom out of FTX KPSP in FTX SoCal. I followed Sled's trick and indeed all six cores were way lower in their % utilization, and fairly balanced. What was bizarre was seeing 6 cores hovering around 30-45% each. Typically in that scenario for my normal HT enabled config the main thread will be around 80% and texture loaders vary w/ load while taxiing and flying. I decided to combine Sled's setup with 30Hz monitor vsync. Video quality was quite good, especially considering the low average CPU utilization. Flat out remarkable--the low CPU use. Much lower temps as mentioned previously. quality WAS NOT at all PERFECTLY SMOOTH! Oh, it was pretty good for sure...until you really looked. So i surmised, what if I can resume HT enabled, and do the Sled trick, AND do a hybrid approach again using monitor at 30Hz, vsynced. I thought wow I might be able to get PERFECT SMOOTHNESS once again, but with much lower heat generated and w/ sufficient frame performance. Yeah! I tried, by following what i thought was the same routine of turning off and on P3D's unmasked load, but it would not do the balanced amongst 12 LPs as it well did w/ 6 PP's no matter what I tried! I don't believe whatever causes this balanced appearance happens w/ HT on. What I saw was 6 fairly balanced LPs, and 6 very unbalanced LPs, in fact some were at 0%. In any case, resuming my proven setup restored perfectly smooth video. For ages, since the release of FSX and then P3D, I thought I had decent video quality. But this method now, very simply put: HT enabled, AM of 4084 for six core, VSYNC to 30Hz screen always delivers perfection in video performance as long as we can maintain 30fps. This is why I will definitely purchase an I9-9900K which supports HT instead of the 9700K which does not. Bert, have you done what I'm talking about? Sled: get your display refresh and 30Hz and enjoy that awesome 8700K :o)
  11. pvupilot

    Out of nowhere... DXGI-ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG crash

    I know this is a long shot but I had this problem no matter what driver and it happened after 4.4 update (not sure if coincidence). I read somewhere that these new video cards these days are heavy and can lose good connection if they are just hanging into the slot with no support. I reseated my card and ever since, it’s been ok. There was also a .net update version I was missing that I had updated the same day too though so I’m not 100% which (or if either) truly fixed it.
  12. For GTN users.. LSAZ is the same as LSGR.
  13. westman

    CPU or GPU upgrade?

    GPU , i have one 1800X that run fair in P3D tested with 1060 1070 1080Ti as you know P3D can be very CPU bound but even very hard on the GPU No reason for you to uppgrade cpu Mobo when AMD realease ther new cpus you only need the cpu and faster mems.
  14. I'd also be interested in being able to update this too
  15. av8r13

    maddog problem

    pedwards, did you update to the new version before going to 4.5? the reason i ask is i think it has something to do with the new ACARS light/button on the same panel. i didnt have this problem until i updated to the "4.5" version of maddog. i believe this is when they added in this new feature which has effected the old light knobs on the same panel
  16. I could have sworn I answered this question here.........just noticed that I hadn't. Maybe I started and never finished......Anyways I use the Flight1 GTN. However, there are some users that have confirmed the RXP works with the CJ2 mod too. I can't believe I forgot to include the reference to the original paint. This livery is a custom version of HB-VRV done by Pascal Kuffer (available in the Avsim library).
  17. Bert Pieke

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    As I stated above, the CPU usage does NOT drop when I use RTSS Scanline X/2, but it DOES drop if I turn on Vsync in P3D. BTW, CPU usage also drops if I lock fps in NVI at 30... In all three cases, fps end up at roughly 30 fps. In summary, if I wanted lower CPU usage, there are at least two ways to accomplish that.. but my goal is smooth flight, and RTSS is the leading contender as far as I can tell.
  18. Rogen

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    Vsyncing @ 30 Hz will reduce load, fairly signiticantly for the GPU, not so significantly for the CPU and that's just because of the way the ESP engine works. It's all because a 30Hz vsync = 30 FPS (in P3D it's a wobbly 30 FPS though) and it's less work for the GPU to maintain 30 FPS than 60 FPS. RTSS use is described pretty well in the linked thread. Hopefully LM will be able to improve FPS performance in coming versions athough P3D is quite a bit ahead of where FSX was. I took a flight from 11S in FSX-SE just to see waht it was like, OOM in no time and low FPS (although in FSX they would be considered OK) made me realise how far P3D has come, but then again so have the othere sims improved. Cheers
  19. dbw1

    Sound Rendering ver. 4.4

    Where do I find the cfg that has the sound section? Many thanks. dave
  20. itsjase

    P3D multicore usage anomoly

    I believe that should give identical results because P3D isn't true fullscreen. Do you also notice one core at 100% even when your frames are locked at 30?
  21. jt8d9a

    SDLP to SSUM

    Thanks! Both airports are freeware at the Org...
  22. pueblov

    LorbyFlashlight no run

    good afternoon I have a problem install LorbyFlashlight in prepard 4.5 but when I double click LorbyFlashlight.exe the program is not executed can help me
  23. All I'm getting serious frame drops in the single digits when its dusk or dawn & when looking towards the sun with clouds. I'm using Matts preset. When I turn the opposite direction the frames recover to normal. I've disabled the cloud extended size and cloud depth tweaks with no difference. Any thoughts? I didn't have this issue before the new update. Thanks
  24. Riah069


    Or just run the aerosoft updater. Or not as i just did. Need to download the full installer 🙂
  25. If Steve's link doesn't work, try this route to the same download link HERE. --M
  26. pedwards

    maddog problem

    I also have this issue. Still on 4.4.
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