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  2. DellyPilot

    What features would you like to see in P3Dv5?

    I believe the vector data (cvx) is compressed but I could be way off the mark. I read this in another thread. Absolutely, but this sometimes requires changing the engine architecture and data formats. As I noted some point previously there are times where I fly across a complex region and my 8 core 9900K has maxed out every core at 100%. GPU is 50-60% As I don't develop P3D and they won't give us even a the smallest nugget of architecture detail I can only guess wildly at why this might be happening. You raise the idea of lookahead, I agree and have suggested this too, but I think it could be easier than you might think. I've raised my thoughts with LM (and here). In summary the terrain loading logic appears to rudimentary: [main thread] collect resources to render scene record point of aircraft every x seconds check if point is y points from an unloaded terrain square queue load of vector/terrain texture on terrain cores/threads autogen on additional core/threads [x terrain threads]: Process. Load textures/vectors into Video/RAM, decompress textures/vectors. It is obviously more complex but it something like this, problem is this doesnt account for direction of travel/view doesn't cull loads if loading isn't keeping up You can check this by stressing the engine bump up various values in the config (TEXTURE_SIZE_ESP) such that you are nearing the limit of VRAM turn off V-SYNC slew at 500kts across ORBX/complex scenery As the view turns into a blurry mush, pause and look behind you, the scenery is dutifully loading away 10/20/30 miles behind you cell by cell. Utterly pointless, 8 cores maxed out at 5GHZ drawing 200watts to render scenery behind me for 10minutes! Trillions of wasted FLOPS. I cannot set P3D to graphical levels it can just handle because when I fly more than 15 miles from starting point the engine starts overstressing the CPU. Catch 22. You are forced to fly around at 50% fidelity so that the engine doesn't fall over. I believe this could be improved with additional checks like: prioritise terrain loads closest to the AC in the queue prioritise terrain loads with a viewport bearing closer to 0degrees cull terrain loads > than X points distance (where x is a constant, strangely this doesn't seem to exist or it is huge) pause terrain loads where viewport bearing > than 180degrees + queued terrain loads exist where viewport bearing <180degrees I assume its more complex but this is the general issue I see with terrain/blurries even with the fastest PC you can get. There is another aspect to this around V-SYNC and video RAM but I have waffled on enough and sorry for all the bullet points 😂
  3. mcdonoughdr

    GSX update on the way

    Any chance of a surprise Friday release?
  4. I did not copy over manually. When I load in MCE i still get the error saying i'm missing dll files, but my copilot is this there and some commands work like gear and flaps. What does not work is giving headings, altitude, radio freq and such. I will give it another try with manually coping over 64 bit files. Do i need to have the 32 bit folder?
  5. lownslo

    Turbulent Designs Terra Flora

    Another here who owns both ORBX and TD trees. They play well together, and depending upon where you're flying in the world can be very much alike or very different. Either way they look great together all the time! I like the color differences and tree variations of Terra Flora a bit more, but I'm glad to own both. Good point! I rarely climb into the Class A, but when I do it is indeed difficult to tell the difference. For some tube fliers add-on trees may be a low priority add-on. Good luck, Greg
  6. Sethos1988

    Turbulent Designs Terra Flora

    Didn't know that. How would you go about getting the optimal setup with that, while also making sure TF becomes the preferred choice? I have TF installed now, assuming if I head into FTX Central and install the OrbX trees, it would just override TF? or is TF part of the TD_Libraries addon entry, thus when that is loaded near the top, it always takes precedence over OrbX trees?
  7. GSalden

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    Here I run it after P3D has been loaded. For all addons I use batch files, but FFTF Dynamic I run manually.
  8. TopGun33

    Turbulent Designs Terra Flora

    Hi! I use them and I love them. They make for really nice landscape in the Rockies or in the Sierra Nevada. I use the Orbx trees also, which are compatible with Terra flora. Orbx recommends installing their trees if you own some of their sceneries even if you have Terra flora.
  9. jabloomf1230

    VOXATC over Network

    You cannot run VOXATC over a network other than having the AI aircraft server executable on a remote PC.
  10. Rasterfahnder

    Turbulent Designs Terra Flora

    If you can afford it, go for it. I used ORBX trees before but the TerraFlora ones are even better. They perform so well that you can ramp up your slider one notch. And that alone was worth the price for me. I would not fly with out them. And you pay once but trees in this quality and with realistic heights are a must for me. I enjoy them very much and can recommend them. They are pricy though but worth it. Best trees ever.
  11. jabloomf1230

    How to request a specific runway?

    What airport? I'm assuming that it is a third party version and that you've checked out the runway settings with Airport Design Editor. Many 3rd party airports focus on eye candy and often the airport geometry is not exactly like the real world.
  12. Did that do the trick for you ?
  13. Been looking at this add on for a while... The tree types look really nice in the screenshots, and the cost seems quite reasonable, but i'm starting to think that if you don't do a lot of relatively "low and slow" VFR type flying, there really isn't a lot of benefit here. Disabling the "speed trees" in v4.5 was the best thing i've done recently to improve the look (and perhaps performance) in P3D, and if using this add on would get rid of the remaining default bright green trees, it might be worth it. I would be interested in hearing opinions on this, thanks.
  14. Bert Pieke

    4.5 hot fix is out

    Folks are never happy
  15. Dave_YVR

    Time to load Prepar3D v4

    Traffic bgl's don't increase the load times much at all (1100+ traffic bgls and the difference is within a couple of seconds compared no traffic bgl's). The biggest hit to load times from AI is the number of aircraft you have in your collection.
  16. Today
  17. bbuckley

    4.5 Hotfix - Very Disappointed

    OK, but why is that? I have a .bat that starts a number of programs (including FFTF) with an affinity, and I always run that .bat before P3D. Why is after better?
  18. John_Cillis

    Amarillo TX - Phoenix AZ

    My own Orthos, my hard drive is at the limit, my orthos in Xplane11 extend from west Texas northwest into southern Oregon, and include all of Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, California, much of Utah, and the Southern Part of Oregon including Crater Lake, pretty much encompassing where I have traveled the most, my scenery also includes all of the Hawaiian Islands. John
  19. Sethos1988

    MA RealTurb North America

    It looks interesting but definitely need an actual competent review to pull the trigger. Could easily just be a snake-oil addon that artificially jacks up some turbulence sliders to unrealistic amounts.
  20. DellyPilot

    What features would you like to see in P3Dv5?

    Only kidding, mine neither.. although its never safe to make predictions about compute improvements this kind of RAM doesn't seem likely. 4TB of RAM is a simply massive amount (please don't laugh if you are reading this in 2100). There are 3 big reasons 1. Law of diminishing returns. We aren't very far from enough memory now to display a highly complex FS scene at 4K with approaching the fidelity of the eye. Yes it can get better but storing more and more textures is not really the limiting factor now. My video card can address 11GB of RAM. Doubling this would not drastically improve the quality of the scene. Do we need to load the O2 in 4k textures from 15miles away? No. We need better software/parallel computing/raytracing and raw RAM/texture rasterising speed. 2. Cloud graphical computing. Compute power is moving to the cloud, why having everyone with a 1000TB graphics card and only using it 0.5% of the time when we can run just when we need it. Like it or hate it the cloud platform subscription model is on the way 3. Video RAM. A 64BIT system can in theory store 4TB in both RAM and System RAM. That means in reality you can have 8TB of program memory loaded.
  21. GSalden

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    I already have in this thread . Static values in P3D Shaders mean fixed values. Expressions mean dynamically changing values depending on : time of day , precipitation level ( how much If there is any ) , terrain saturation/brightness depending on weather and altitude , reflection/refraction/saruration/brightness of watersurface depending on sunstrength , weather and angle ( from were you look downwards ) , bloom strength depending on time of day etc . See :
  22. Garry Scanlan


    Please ignore menu bar comment. all is well. honestly, i booted P3D 5 times before posting. apologies.
  23. robs

    VOXATC over Network

    Apparently it should be networkable now but I can't get it to work!
  24. The jump from 1080p to 4k is huge...not sure a single PC setup will work with today's technology without sacrificing something. Cut your FPS by 3x a single projector setup. Will that be acceptable? Each view will reduce fps. Now, that's the calculation for 1080p views...I'm guessing the impact may be more for 4k views.
  25. Rasterfahnder

    MA RealTurb North America

    @threegreen Thanks for the notification. I think I give it a try.
  26. You could probably get away with 3 at 1080p. That is what my setup is. Running 8700k at 5ghz with 2 1080ti cards. 4k resolution is too much for one machine and 3 projectors. You'll need to invest some $$$ and look into wideview and a multi computer setup to make it acceptable. It gets expensive quick. Triple the hardware, and triple some of the software too depending on their EULA.
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