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  2. Sethos1988

    Will there be a P3D 4.6 or more Hotfixes this year?

    You are asking for lottery numbers here, nobody can tell you.
  3. Sethos1988

    What's going on with REX?

    Yeah I've seen it. I know what the product does and can do, I was even very positive about it pre-release if you check my profile. However, tweaking on the fly is already available without dropping $33, thanks to the new Reload Shaders functions in 4.5 (plus you have access to a whole heap more settings with other software), so that to me is less interesting. The big ticket item was automation mode, that I figured was going to be a lot more impactful than it really is. The one comparison video I've seen done is incredibly lackluster and doesn't sell the product well at all. It's a neat little demonstration but lacks in execution, at least for its price point. And looking at the staggering amount of problems people have, it's not really a "set and forget" piece of software either. Luckily the function is now exposed to every developer and we might see competition ramp up, plus see some actual top notch usage of the function. Matt has already talked about it for PTA v3.
  4. edpatino

    What's going on with REX?

    Uninstalled after using it for just one month once I discovered it caused lots of trouble. A waste of time (and money) in my case. Cheers, Ed
  5. Arthur42417

    Will there be a P3D 4.6 or more Hotfixes this year?

    i'm asking about future releases/updates not 4.5
  6. pete_auau

    What's going on with REX?
  7. MattDavies

    Matt’s PTA preset

    Were you supposed to attach a screenshot or something? I don't see anything. If you're loading default shaders from "ages ago", they wont be compatible with the latest version of Prepar3D. Just use the client.msi to reinstall the client module (uninstall it first via programs & features).
  8. MattDavies

    PTA update

    Yeah, it's a bug - the logic of how it shows the update pop up is a bit weird. Once the rewrite is done, long gone will be the days of problems like this. The best way to check the latest version is here:
  9. what about 4.5 that just came out
  10. pilecan

    787 Qualitywings

    After installed 4.5 I updated the shaders the last version of Envshade who is suppose to be compatible with last version of p3d. I dont understand what you mean when you say " previous version of the shader mod software." For now I delete the shaders and install them of Envshade after restore. Texture problem sill there...
  11. At least it's sorted 🙂
  12. SunDevil56

    New Palma de Mallorca from Justsim ?

    Looks good, I may have to pick this up...🙂 If you have GSX L2 it shouldn't be hard to replace these jetways (are they CTRL+J or static..?) with GSX jetways, which in the long run will probably look better than the dev's SODE jetways anyway, they usually do, at least that's been my experience.
  13. Phantom88

    Random Screenshots

  14. Phantom88

    Red Metal

    **Old School Cool**
  15. Yes I use the VC only. gb.
  16. Sethos1988

    What's going on with REX?

    Environment Force as a whole just seems like a bit of a problem child for REX at the moment. It seems like they are giving it a lot of attention, a lot of resources and it just appears like it's issue upon issue, question upon question. The thread here on Avsim has grown to 28 pages and it's nothing but a glorified support thread. Barely a single decent review, set of screenshot or (comparison) videos to actually show it off. Then again, also seems like a novelty product that is hard to actually justify, bit smoke and mirrors as it doesn't really come across that well in screenshots or videos, yet some people praise it as the new big thing.
  17. SunDevil56

    Speed trees

    Definitely an improved look, nice work...👍
  18. Try to run it in Windows safe mode. If that succeeds you have a virusscan/firewall problem.
  19. LH340fan

    Which FSDT cargo hub?

    Thanks to all of you for the precious info you gave me on this topic. After several tests, and discovering some quarks and issues with both sceneries I could correct (dyn. lighting for KMEM for instance) I decided to finally go with KMEM. It may not be as feature-filled as KSDF with the weird conveyor system but it offers IMO more routes; specially to PANC i already have and which is BTW a nice airport and several intl airports like ZBAA or even south american hubs. FPS are fine for me, even with the PMDG T7, which is nice to know. Let's hope we do get a "more realistic" MD-11 someday for V4 or even V5. Now I just need to wait for the money to come at the end of the month, and i'll be happy flying from and to this scenery. In fact, one flight that particularly made me choose this hub is the KATL-KMEM with the maddog x. With so few routes to KSDF as pax and a bit more from KMEM with delta it should be considered. quick review pros/cons of kmem PROS: -nice mesh -nice buildings and textures (not too plain but not cartoony) -a well done gsx config -good FPS (on my potato) -a price that doesn't seem so high for scenery -TONS of routes with Fedex CONS: -dynamic lighting issue (no ground reverb of teh lights at night) but there's a INIbuids fix for it -lack of "ultimate" tech / no rain ground effects, no PBR or such tech -some people seem to get bad fps, not my case though, even if when having all lights on with the maddog it does get somewhat ugh.
  20. Wennerholm

    Greece arpt.

    Support answer from 29Palms: "Hi, due to ongoing constructions at the real airport (after the overtaking by Fraport) we haven't updated Skiathos yet. Constructions include the new apron and the runway extension".
  21. Phantom88

    DCS: F/A-18C

    ***mini**update**new carrier**news** "This is a work-in-progress test of the new carrier radio communications in regards to CASE I recovery in non-carrier qualification (CQ) conditions. Three approaches are made with differnet number of aircraft in flight and weather conditions.Not-OK approaches where made to test different LSO responses.Although this is demonstrated for the Hornet, voice-over lines have been recorded to account for all US carrier aircraft types.Implementation of Case II and Case III is also in progress."
  22. Installed the hotfix and no surprise, FPS did not change at all (where they were below my 30FPS limit without the hotfix) and the sim is still totally smooth. Did again not check the core0 load, but as long as everything is smooth, I could not care less about the actual load of my processor cores...
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