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  2. Hello Pilots, I've been working on a Jurassic Park scenery for FSX/P3D simulators. Here's a video demo. Enjoy... Thanks, John
  3. That's almost certainly true, but I didn't think that any actual tests of the 2080 Super had been released yet.
  4. ryanbatcund

    Looking for a G/A AC with an RMI to fly ARC DME

    The legacy in v4 is still my most flown addon. I've configured dual RXP GTN 750's in mine.
  5. ryanbatcund

    Looking for a G/A AC with an RMI to fly ARC DME

    Can you do that with all that glass David? Haha!
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  7. Speedbird21

    What's your day job?

    So you're the one who keeps leaving it up next to the garage door!! 😂
  8. NZ255

    From Boeing to Bus?

    Can you’d a ‘ride along’ before choosing?
  9. birdguy

    From Boeing to Bus?

    I am awed by the power and work that went into flight simulators from the very beginning to what we have now. And no doubt some of them are used by serious flight students. In fact I was watching an episode of Ice Pilots the other day and they use one for training. But for every flight simmer I personally know, and there are several, it is pastime. It's a game. A very enjoyable game. An addictive game for some. Aa far as complexity goes for PMDG or FSL I play other computer games that have degrees of complexity. Chess and Scrabble. I can make them as easy or difficult as I choose. For me it is a pleasant pastime and a reminder of days gone by. But it no way does it put me back into the cockpit of a real airplane. Noel
  10. Chris F.

    What's your day job?

    everyone here has such a cool job lol I'm just your normal FedEx Express driver you all like to curse at when your package isn't at your front door 😅
  11. Holdit

    Top Gun 2 Maverick - Official Trailer

    Curse that one up-vote limit...
  12. Yep, think of Scotland, the country currently threatened with being dragged kicking and screaming out of the E.U. by those idiots in Westminster. Talk about sleepwalking our way towards potential economic ruin! However, I still remain hopeful that sanity will eventually prevail before it’s too late. Regards, Mike
  13. Purchased and installed the XP11 Falcon FA50 EX. Love the aircraft, but was curious on why I do not hear any GPWS. I also have dndesign Challenger CL30, which is also a great aircraft, but it DOES have GPWS. Is there an option on the Falcon to use this? Thanks, Rob
  14. BMW969

    MegaSceneryEarth v.3 purple textures

    Install P3D again to another SSD. Clean, no add-ons, HDR on All perfectly!
  15. kingm56

    Captain Sim 777 (new version)

    To be fair, this review is 4 years old. Since this review, CS has released two significant updates to bring the current version to 1.8. I wouldn't compare it up to PMDG; however, it doesn't represent bad value. All the major systems are simulated and work well. My only gripe is the physics seem a little 'loose' to me, especially on approach. Still, it's a fine aircraft and flies well. I'd recommend you wait until Capt Sim has their annual sale and pick it up for $10; of course, that typically doesn't happen until December.
  16. LHookins

    July 11th development update

    Exactly. An internal SDK had to exist before any content could be created, even content created internally by Microsoft. What we didn't know initially was if the SDK would be released outside Microsoft. The "supporting 3rd Party Content Development" means the SDK would be available to developers and "Community Content creation" means the SDK will be released to the public. Hook
  17. shivers9

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Like every one else I hope the Sean gets things sorted in his life. I liked his DA-62 so much that it really has me turned off to all the other GA stuff for P3D. I do wish someone could give us some update of what to expect in the future.
  18. ganter

    July 11th development update

    Now that is what I call an astute observation of the facts. Well done Mr dtrjones.
  19. Uh, I think he's in the UK. 😄 Hook
  20. Binford

    Pitch Trim Setting

    No Ideas? Seems to be an issue just on my side as nobody else seems to have it. Greetings Michael
  21. DaveCT2003

    Majestic Q400 V-speed calculator

    You can also use the following: Best wishes!
  22. Which OAT did you have when this happened? The PM will leave the Flaps at 1 when OAT is above 30° which is SOP on most Airlines to avoid Bleed Duct overheating. Greetings Michael
  23. jon b

    From Boeing to Bus?

    It’s quite an interesting thread this. I’m battling with this Airbus or Boeing question a lot just at the moment. After flying it for nearly 23 years my beloved real world machine, the magnificent 747 is up for retirement shortly so I’m presented with a choice. Stick with Boeing and go on the 787 with a 200 mile motorway drive before and after a flight at a distant base , or switch to the Airbus A330/A350 and stay where I am with a 30 mile drive through countryside. I must admit the Airbus does look sort of fresh and appealing certainly from an ergonomics point of view. Its funny as I have the QW 787 and I find I can just fire that up and go without having read the manual. I’ve also invested in the FSL 320, JAR design A330 and FF A350 but I just sit and stare at those confused, I suppose I should try reading their manuals that might help 🙂 The Airbus vs Boeing debate rages on in real world flying also , I’ve heard of at least one drunken bar fight years ago between Boeing and Airbus pilots started by a my aeroplane is better than yours routine. My airline operates both types and there is always inter fleet banter.When we had A340-300s the standing joke was that they were powered by 4 hairdryers due to their rather small, (in comparison to the 747 )engines. Our 747 fleet manager for many years was a Fantastic, really nice guy, called George. He once told me the story that when we placed an order for the new A340-600 he received a taunting email from the Airbus fleet manager with a photo of the much larger RR engines hanging on the wing with just the words “ Big aren’t they” to which George quickly replied “ very nice.....are they dual voltage?’
  24. Flic1

    Packs off for TO

    Hi Bryan - I am also unable to get the PM to turn the packs off. I have Packs Off Before TO Checklist set to 'OFF' and also have Packs OFF in departure page. During the line up flow he does say 'packs off' but does not actually turn them off. Thanks for any help! Eric
  25. I see Current version: XP11: 1.6 (June 4th 2019) is there a recent version above this ?
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