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    AIG Wrong planes at different terminals?

    maybe its a ba flight, they seem to fly to the wrong airports.. have a look in dusseldorf maybe they might be there. ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. 0Artur0

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Anybody using EF with ENVSHADE? Does EF noticeably improve the scene when using it together with it? I have HDR set up as per ENVSHADE manual. Did you have to change any settings to make them work together? I'm only interested in Auto mode, that's also the reason I'm using ENVSHADE.
  4. and for the small number of people that had the issue with 4.5 (without hotfix) of stuttering/proformance issies this has been fixed. Just did a quick curcuit and no problems. Happy days.
  5. Christopher Low

    AIG Wrong planes at different terminals?

    If the airport is full, then you may see a cargo plane at a passenger terminal if there are no free cargo spots available.The other alternative is that the UPS Cargo plane in question iis assigned to park at GATES in addition to CARGO RAMPS. As for the American Airlines planes parking at Terminal C.....this will be either because those gate parking spots also have the American Airlines (AAL) code assigned to them, or because (again) the airport is full, and those gates are the only free ones available.
  6. Nyxx


    I've spent the last two night re-installing P3D with the new 4.5. I really hope its an addon because if its a window corrupt file or something I have no idea what to do. I ran the black window with the command to scan for faults and it says all was fine. I've re-installed the sim, Orbx global/OLC/libs than airports one by one. Tonight am re-installing ASP4 for a fresh install then SF then EF, I will then add my PR areas. Then finally after that, I can install aircraft. FSL update just came out so I will probably just install that for the time being as that's 90% of what I fly. If I get this crash then.....I will be in a dark place.
  7. ZKOKQ

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Try setting your P3D HDR to 1,0 1.0 1.0 as recommended by Rex. Use REX HDR and see if you like it
  8. No, Peter but I will, I've spoken to Ed (OP) like him I don't get the crash in flight it's when you close P3D down.
  9. Michael Moe

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    So regarding HDR , my cockpit is way to bright now with P3D HDR = On . What are you using ? Thanks Michael Moe
  10. xxd09

    4.5 hot fix is out

    I have the problem the other way round All 4.5 Hotfix updates loaded including the new Rex ones available yesterday-Active Sky,Flight 1 GTN etc All good-everything works including MV WX Radar BUT P3D4.5 Hotfix ( Client only) will not install I had no problems with 4.5 so sticking with it and AMA happy bunny xxd09
  11. Ray Proudfoot

    What features would you like to see in P3Dv5?

    Do you know how much memory can be utilised by a 64-bit program? Up to 8Tb. I very much doubt we'll get anywhere near that limit in the next 30 years let alone in the next 11.
  12. fltbuff71

    FMC in 777 Freeware

    Thank You I realized I had not copied the 2 items from modules into modules, AND placed the needed code into the dll.xml to launch the FMC etc which made the input cursor flashing and data input accepted on the BendixKing Honeywell FMC Thanks again Nice documentation !
  13. no this one is the big boys airbus, the one that doesnt fall out the sky. best wishes to all
  14. You can indeed - but I just run PTA as of old - outside EF, then leave it alone. I just couldn't get my head around the EF/PTA integration. Quite often, after tweaking lots of things in EF, my view gets all bleached out (as if HDR/bloom gets maxed out) and no amount of resetting values in EF restores the palette. This may be because I'm also running PTA - but I can't conceive of *not* running with PTA-tweaked shaders, as I don't often run EF. Adam.
  15. Today
  16. Ryan Arthur

    Carenado Saab 340 nav/gps switching

    I'll try it again tonight if I get time, but from what I could tell, nothing on the DCP was functional and I couldn't change any of the modes on the EHSI.
  17. I have tried repeatedly to install the RXP GTN 750 to P3D4.5 under Windows 10, and no Add-ons option is appearing after Help in the menu bar for me to configure RealityXP. I have tried the Contact Us option on RXP's page, but there seems no way to contact support directly with this issue. Can anyone help? I have tried googling the issue, this problems seems to have appeared in FSX and P3D2.x and prior for some users. I'd like to get this to work, I have RXP installed for XPlane11 with no such issues. John
  18. John_Cillis

    P3DV4.x RealityXP help

    Hi, I have Windows10, P3D4.5 and have just purchased RealityXP After installation I have referenced the owners manual, and Add-Ons is not appearing after my Help Menu option, and I cannot configure RealityXP for any aircraft. It is showing as installed and I enabled it when installing it, but just no luck in getting it to work or appear. I am stumped, I installed RealityXP for Xplane11 with no issues whatsoever. Does anyone know what I can do? Has this happened to anyone? John
  19. Thanks Denny! Remove that veil that turned P3D and all sims in a neverending cloudy day (due to SDE) was one of my priorities. I remember to be in Athens with P3D in mid-summer, thinking that looked like it was going to rain despite there were no clouds. Iยดm happy to hear that is gone. Cheers Carlos
  20. Flysimware's Falcon 50 will be on the cover of PC PIlot Magazine next issue. And they have a review coming soon!
  21. france89

    Challenger 650 coming...

    That's great news! We got quite some business jets coming ๐Ÿ™‚
  22. Hi Marcus, Yes, I'm using Oculus Tray Tool. Had the supersampling set to 1.5 and ASW on. Using the non-beta Oculus software. Honestly, the night flying looked fine. No different from playing on a monitor -- blacks may not be as black as with OLED, but I didn't see a noticeable difference. I had some other questions from folks when I posted a version of this impression on, so I added those answers to the post and posted it on my dusty old blog. Link is here:
  23. I know you guys have been waiting to hear what our next project is. Without saying yet here are some very realistic images and video of the gear and flaps. VIDEO SAMPLE
  24. Flysimware has a new announcement. We are now moving forward with a professional texture Company. 3DReach plans to texture all of our future products and will be texturing some of our older products as well. We are going to start with the Cessana 441 and the MU2B.
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