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  2. In ModelConverterX, on the second line just to the right of the green back/forward arrows is an icon for the scenery objects editor. Click on that, it opens a list of the objects in the bgl, and allows you to add or remove objects. Remove the jetway objects in the editor, then export it back out as an FSX bgl file. Regards
  3. flynman33

    Moving to an SSD

    I will keep the scenery files in tact and see if I can map them successfully throught the scenery library. I am though going to delete my 3rd party aircraft and reinstall them to the new ssd. I gather I will need to keep my C/Program Files/LM/P3d folder and not delete it until I know what I can do.
  4. JasonPC

    Drzewiecki releases Chicago Airports X

    There is a compatibility option for this in the installer. I went ahead and bought this and so far frame rate is good. I think at KORD it might actually be better than default.
  5. vgbaron

    Moving to an SSD

    Your best bet is to uninstall P3D from the C drive and reinstall to E; Depending on how your addon scenery was installed you should have no real issues just mapping in the scenery library. It really depends on the scenery, if they have registry entries that point to the old location, you'd have to modify those. Maybe a simple reinstall. I'd say try it without reinstalling your addon scenery first but knowing that if it doesn't work you will have to reinstall. Vic
  6. Hi Guys, Just to let you know that a version of PSXseeconTraffic (live traffic in FSX/P3D) that runs under Windows7 or higher is available at my website (so no longer Windows 10 only). Nico Kaan
  7. dels

    Configuration Menu

    Is there any other way of accessing the Configuration Panel apart from using Shift and the mouse? Del
  8. Hello fellow simmers, I would like to know how to remove an object from a bgl file. I'm trying to remove some static jetways from an airport to configure new jetways with gsx2. I've identified the object in the bgl but can't find a way to disable it using modelconverter x. If someone could help I would be very grateful. Thanks Carlos I'm using MS Fsx with sp2
  9. w6kd

    Registry issue

    OK then...good thing to know. I don't have enough hours in my day to run experiments on every assertion that looks potentially questionable, but thanks for taking the extra step to prove this works. I have it added to my book of tricks now. Cheers
  10. Jim Young

    4.5 CTD's

    That is supposedly number 1 on the list of fixes for crashes in P3D (and FSX).
  11. I did not expect any change. I would not know how to tackle your problem. It runs fine on hundreds of computers, but unfortunately not on yours ... But why, I have no idea... My program has been developed with Microsoft Visual Studio C++, so one does not expect any problems for a program to start on a MS OS.
  12. much closer than it used to be, it improved significantly compared to the release version and stability is much better now as well. Cant remember last time it crashed my sim
  13. Debowing

    Repaint Requests

    Oman Air perhaps?
  14. It works / looks correct when Vector is disabled. So I was hoping I could manually disable the specific elevation / terrain files of Vector that affect this specific airport, like you sometimes have to with various airports when clashing with OrbX regions / Vector.
  15. Reader

    Registry issue

    One way to test if something you doubt is true or not is to try it. Not so hard, check the P3D registry entry first: Then rename the root folder and run the same exe file again: All doubt now dispelled and no one's assertions questioned.
  16. Woozie

    What happen to AirDailyX?

    welcome! He just recently came back after his new job didnt turn out as expected. I kinda missed him too, air daily-x became useless the moment he left. Glad to see his scenery preview streams returning, i based many purchase decisions on his previews
  17. Zimmerbz

    Drzewiecki releases Chicago Airports X

    I bought this yesterday along with Chicago City X. I did a flight from MSP-ORD in the FSLabs 320. All I can say is wow. Very well done. Finally a good quality ORD that was very and rendition of the city that was very good to me in terms of performance. I don't look at frames but can say with storms around it was very smooth. I actually landed on 28C and didn't notice an issue with the ILS. What are you referring to? My only minor "complaint" is that when parked at the gate (I was in the B concourse), the windows are very transparent to where you just see emptiness through the terminal to the other side without any people. I don't know what you could do to change that as adding "people" would probably be a waste of a resource. In all, this is VERY good!
  18. Jim Young


    Believe me, your issue is definitely not P3D.
  19. Too me it simply looks like the terrain mesh resolution is not fine enough to render what a river, levee, flood plain combination would look like. I don't think this is a problem but that is just my opinion.
  20. GCBraun

    xEnviro 1.10 in Beta

    It seems not to be VR compatible. Count me out.
  21. Not quite, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying it.
  22. Pugilist2

    All hail the Queen!

    Beautiful shots of the Queen!
  23. Wise87

    What happen to AirDailyX?

    Thanks Lars
  24. Woozie

    What happen to AirDailyX?
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