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  2. 188AHC

    Piper Aztec PA23-250 (Help Needed)

    If a local flight school doesn't have one, post a note explaining your project and what you need on the FBOs bulletin board,
  3. **Superb** I Concur...VR is a Game Changer for the PC Flight Sim Genre.
  4. BrianW

    Piper Aztec PA23-250 (Help Needed)

    I'm not sure where you're located, but if you're in the U.S. you could take a look at the registered aircraft in your area. If any of them look like a flight school pay them a visit and see if they'll let you take measurements.
  5. jimcarrel

    Aerosoft Aspen extended 1.2 Winter Scenery

    Maybe I really am crazy like they say, I see no problem. Areas that are mostly rocky can have melted snow, things look correct to me. Have you noticed that the non- snow areas are not squarish. they conform to the flow of the rock. Sorry, if that answer does not align with your concern.
  6. killthespam

    Windows 10 1903 released

    Is this that version they are talking about with performance improvements?
  7. I advise give this Bundle a total miss. Just back from a friend's whom I foolishly coaxed into buying it as I already have the much superior FSL version. Faults? Where do I start? First the MCDU would not accept a PFPX-created flightplan as it did not recognise LSZH(not in database,eh?). Only after updating the Airac Cycle it worked. Then the checklists got stuck at the Start Pushback point despite opting for a GSX pushback and there was no way to disable or bypass it. But the worst case was when despite having the A/THR on and A/P, at 5000ft this particular developer's Airbus A320 just kept pitching up and losing airspeed. At that point ,after hours wasted, me and my friend just gave up! Time for the virtual dustbin. This developer's Airbus is beaten hands down by the FSL product, sorry to say.
  8. CAA

    PMDG MD11 P3D V4

    I have it in P3D V4 right now. It spawns in and the model loads but no systems or controls work
  9. NBouc

    I don;t see ground workers anymore

    Paul, I believe the ground people you are referring to are scenery specific. In the case of Fly Tampa Montreal, there is a tick box in Montreal's option for "Animated People (Ramp)" which puts animated people at the gates as you described. I don't have FSDT KJFK scenery so I don't know if it has the same type of option. If not, that explains why you don't see any at FSDT KJFK.
  10. airernie

    More AI Traffic

    Click on the Download: here link under the One Click Installer (OCI) message. OCI only works with P3D4, but the application itself with work for manual installs with FSX/P3Dv3, etc. There is no manual that I'm aware of, but I admit I didn't look. It's fairly intuitive if you play with it long enough, although there were points of frustration. You'll have to download some aircraft to a simobject folder from the link I listed above. I use a separate one titled 'AI Aircraft' to make it easy to manage. If you go that route, you'll need to insure that you add it to your list of SimObjectPaths in FSX.cfg. Some airlines have all of the repaints available, some only partial and you have to do some substitution. Some aircraft give you the option for a payware or freeware AI aircraft. Some aircraft offer both a FS9 and FSX model. Since the FSX version sometimes requires you merge a alpha.bmp file into the texture I mostly stuck with the FS9 version. At some point I'll update to the FSX model, but for now the FS9 model works fine. It's more of a pain at the beginning because you need to add a lot of aircraft, but gets easier as you build your library. I would start with Porter Airlines to get a basic feel. It only uses on aircraft and both textures are provided. I should add that although AIM includes the ability to compile, I sometimes found it easier to use AIFP to compile.
  11. bobbyjack

    More AI Traffic

    Or download AI Flight Planner from the library. Use it to modify existing flight plans, or even more fun, write your own. Put traffic where you want it. Not where you don't need it. It's fun and easy. Back when I was more into FSX I built new airports all around the country and used AIFP to send planes to them.
  12. Thanks, I am trying to install the QualityWings 757 the same way, using a method Oliv/Lorby noted. I didn't think to use a dummy Prepar3D.exe in the install location. D:\AIRCRAFT\QW757 -- but your post will make me try again.
  13. jabloomf1230

    Windows 10 1903 released

    Thanks for the correction but even if one downloads today's patch to 1809, the 1903 update is voluntary. Microsoft learned its lesson last October. They figure if you break it you buy it. From what I can see there doesn't seem to be anything in 1903 that makes a voluntary update worthwhile to me.
  14. Mace

    Which FSDT cargo hub?

    FSDT's KMEM is awesome and a duly fitting home for Fedex in my virtual world :) The hangar with the flag, and the tower, are pretty amazing features. I have had that scenery for about a year and I still have not gone through everything with the avatar. Plus I think Memphis has some neat approaches. Often if coming in from the north, or less commonly the west, you get a nice view of downtown and the pyramid and other buildings. It's not "too much" Umberto. It is showing what can be done in the sim.
  15. Today
  16. Nyxx


    What with Jim Windows, because this started two days after a windows7 update. How can I fix it? I've just spent two night re-installing P3D 4.5. Any help would be great Jim. BTW I ran that /scan system thing and it said all file were fine! David.
  17. Second that, ActiveSky XP and X-Vision are a great combo.
  18. jodeci

    Drzewiecki releases Chicago Airports X

    Just received a response to my ticket. Download link is now available.
  19. I've noticed that every time P3D closed in the "view reliable history" I get a KERNELBASE.dll "crash". 4.4 So that and another crash that comes out of no were. Time to start again and update to 4.5.... I have spent two-night re-installing everything checking the report after every single addon, install one addon, open P3D, close P3D view to see any reports. Nothing until I installed GSXL2 and there it was back! Too late here for me to work on it, but I know 100% it was not there until installing GSXL2. Thoughts?
  20. fakeflyer737

    Drzewiecki releases Chicago Airports X

    Tomorrow there version will be out of date lol:)
  21. xxd09

    Rex updates

    Got all my Rex updates in place Falcon 50 and Learjet flying again with compete avionics I cannot load P3D 4.5 Hotfix so staying with 45 for the foreseeable A happy bunny! xxd09
  22. Hi! I brought yesterday "Aspen extended" Version 1.2 from Aerosoft vor P3D V4.5 (with Hotfix) When I set Aspen with the confg tool to Winter texture and the date to 01.02.2018 I find around Aspen these strange green textures, they do not look like winter scenery. I think I saw some YouTube Videos about "Aspen extended" wich did not had this issue. "Aspen extended" is on top of the Scenery library. I am using: P3D V4.5 (with Hotfix) UTX USA V2 GEX (Ground Environment) FSGlobal Next Generation by Pilots ORBX NA Areas (like South and North California, but this area around Aspen is not covered by them) I tried to deactivate UTX USA V2 but there ist no difference. Any Idea what could be the reason or a solution to solve it? Greatings Erik Here are 2 Images with "Aspen extended" activated _01.jpg?dl=0 _02.jpg?dl=0 and here with "Aspen extended" and UTX USA V2 de-activated, so just P3DV4.5 scenery _03.jpg?dl=0
  23. glider1

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    So far am enjoying EF it does a little more interesting things than static shaders do. Critical first step after purchasing is to adjust saturation levels for sky,terrain and object independently before enabling auto mode. Saturation levels are very "personal" settings. Once they are dialed in, auto works good. Have two questions: Anyone seen cloud morphing happening with active sky weather engine? I haven't yet. Where can I find out what variables auto mode changes and which it leaves alone? The manual doesn't say. Thanks
  24. Alan_A

    Bob Scott's Promotion

    Congratulations, Bob - grateful for your contributions over the years and for your leadership now.
  25. xxd09

    P3D 4.5 Hotfix

    All Updates from Rex installed Still cannot get P3D 4.4 Hotfix to install but Everything else now works! Any suggestions as what to do ? Am I stuck in P3D 4.5 for the foreseeable? Not really a problem cos as I say everything else seems to work xxd09 xxd09
  26. regis9

    The best traffic and ATC combo?

    You’re welcome, it will work great with AIG (what i use) or any other bgl based AI traffic.
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