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  2. casv

    XP Org store big sale

    This link I suppose?
  3. I'm seeing 532 items on special at the XP org store
  4. This is a nice one hour or so flight between a good pair of cities, with scenery transitioning from Texas farmland to high desert, then to the Valley of the Sun. John
  5. MartinRex007

    Thoughts on Brunner CLS-E NG Yoke?

    You would have to buy this copy of PC Pilot, however the Brunner website has a summary of her findings?
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  7. somiller

    Drzewiecki releases Chicago Airports X

    Get "City", it REALLY adds to the immersion when approaching over Lake Michigan. Personally I think DD Chicago City and Airports perform better than stock P3D Chicago area with no addons.
  8. Hi all, I though everything was going well with my gns530 from RXP but I found a problem :) Here's the situation, Yesterday I loaded a fly, took off and then set a "direct to" in the GNS, I pushed the cdi button to switch to GPS mode and then hit the NAV button on my autopilot, right from there my plane started to turn right and kept flying in circle instead of tracking the magenta course on the gps.... So I tried something else, loaded a flight plan in P3D, I poped on the runway and was able to see my flightplan ready in the GNS, from there hitting the nav button work well and the plane follow correctly the GNS So my first guess is that the simulator is following the default GPS of p3d instead of reality XP ??? PS: I use the realsimgear GNS 530 hardware and Saitek multi panel Any clue ?
  9. somiller

    Advice on improving perf

    One thing I would check is resource use by PSXseecontraffic, and RealTraffic. Open Task Manager to see what CPU usage is for each. In my experience they both use negligeable CPU, like .1% - 2% or 3%, so I'm guessing the performance hit you're seeing is simply the aircraft models being rendered by P3D. What AI models are you using? I've had very good luck with AIG OCI, which also installs flight plan .bgl's, but I have my aircraft traffic settings in P3D set to 0% so P3D doesn't use those .bgl's to move traffic around. FLAI is another set of AI that's pretty efficient, and also includes some GA models. Kind Regards,
  10. Just unpack the rar file and place the preset in the main PTA folder.
  11. Paraffin

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Best wishes, and stay positive to fight the good fight! I've known friends who have come out the other side in good shape.
  12. ashleyjames

    Taxi2gate VHHH for p3dv4

    Great, thanks for the reply bigt. I'll try that when I'm home.. Ash
  13. fppilot

    Configuration Menu

    You can manually edit the file based on settings detailed in the User Manual.
  14. LesOReilly

    GTN 750/650 in action (videos only)

    Seems like this Topic could use some Love 🙂 I have done a bunch of videos where the RXP 750 and 530 are in them but not really the focus. I decided to start a little series on them specifically and will do a few different Flights. In the second episode in this series (playlist) is the actual flight 🙂 the first was how to get it all configured and setup into an external panel (I use the RealSimGear GTN 750). This one showed me that I really do need to get back to flying the TBM or the Phenom 300 and use the BertMod for those......Just finished installing it in the TBM and must say it is fun to fly it again 🙂 Here we are flying it in the V35B which I have to say......I think there is something wrong with the flight dynamics in this thing...the A36 is great this thing is a bear!!!!
  15. Bigt

    Taxi2gate VHHH for p3dv4

    I simply ran the installer, picked the closest P3D version (I think it was 2 or 3) and changed the install path to my main P3DV4 folder. Once I installed it there, I opened P3D and added the the two scenery components manually within P3D. Make sure VHHH is on top of VHHH-Terrain or whatever the second component is called.
  16. theophile

    Fuel Crossfeed

    Hi, Does anyone know how to operate the fuel crossfeed on this aeroplane.Putting the crossfeed valve to open and shutting one of the fuel pumps does not seem to have any effect. If you use the hotel mode prior to startup,you get a fuel inbalance and it would be nice to equalize fuel tanks during cruise flight.
  17. N1125Y

    Arduino Mega 2560 Newbie

    perfect tnx u so much
  18. theophile

    Fuel Crossfeed

    Hey, Overall I am very satisfied with this new Carenado addon.So far I have flown 4 flights with it and she performs quite adequately.I do have a question:does anyone know how to make the weather radar appear on the HSI? I do have Active Sky active but I receive no returns.(I put the WX radar switch in the cockpit to on);But I see no returns on any of the possible HSI screens.Glad for any answer!
  19. How do you access the review ?????
  20. JasonPC

    Drzewiecki Design releases Chicago!

    No problem I can see, works well. Just don't install KMDW when you run the installer.
  21. Wise87

    Drzewiecki Design releases Chicago!

    Is anyone using the city scenery with Fly Tampa Midway? Just wondering if there are any conflicts.
  22. Hello all, I am trying to save a flight, cold and dark with the Zibo mod 737-900U When I set it up I am ensuring that everything is off and configured as follows in the overhead panel. however the following items are never saved as i want them saved. 1. Standby Power is off and unguarded. Saved state. On startup this is closed and guarded. 2. Bus Transfer off and unguarded. Saved state. On startup this is closed and guarded as in 1. 3. Cab Util and IFE/Pass Seats both off. Saved state. On startup both are on. 4. Eng Start set in Both. Saved state. On startup this is in the Ign R position. 5.Left and Right Recirc fans are off. Saved state. On startup these are both in Auto. 6. Isolation valve is closed. Saved state. On startup valve is open 7. Left and right engine Bleeds are off. Saved State. On start up both are On In flight Config screen "start with engines running" is unticked Can anybody tell me why these are all changed and how I can actually save this config which is what I believe a cold and dark cockpit should be configured. Any help appreciated. Regards to all Tony Chilcott
  23. Jeffg817

    Can my laptop run P3D

    Thank you for your reply,I plan on buying a external SSD drive this week and see if that works. JeffG
  24. It should work fine. Just make sure that the lenses are never exposed to direct sunlight. The basic's tutorial mentions this:
  25. Wise87

    Drzewiecki releases Chicago Airports X

    Me and another pilot just finished a flight from ATL to ORDnin the MD-88 and everything worked great. The scenery is very frame rate friendly and looks great. Deciding if I want to purchase the city next for a nice view on the arrival.
  26. TravelRunner404

    Advice on improving perf

    I loaded up PSX for the first time today. Paid for my live traffic subscription as well. I like this better then the invasiveness of UTLlive. Everything worked great but I too noticed a decent performance hit that I hadn’t fully expected. I sit on the runway at KAPA at 50 FPS and drop to 39-40 with PSX on. KDEN is about 25 NM north so I had about 40 live planes and 2 parked at KAPA so I know it’s a little dense but I thought the performance was negligible (4-5 at most) bc the AI isn’t actually using sim resources for movement. Any performance tips would be great!
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